LUKWAGO: Appointed not elected FDC VP Buganda region


THOSE who thought Lord mayor Erias Lukwago won through a free and fair contest to be declared the FDC vice President in charge of Buganda region, you will be shocked after reading this exclusive story!
Dr. Kizza Besigye, the supreme leader of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party allegedly used his ultimate veto powers and directed that FDC Party President Eng. Patrick Amuriat declares Erias Lukwago the winner, yet Lord mayor had finished third in all the three fronts; two elections and the Kibuuka Mukalazi selected committee findings!
In the two different elections, Party leadership elected former Makindye East legislator Ibrahim Biribawa Kasozi to takeover from Owek. Joyce Juliet Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo who defected to the ruling NRM. In these elections, John Kikonyogo, the deputy Party spokesman finished second. Lukwago who got only 1 vote (from Doreen Nyanjura), finished third.
On learning that his blue eyed man has been strongly rejected by FDC NEC, a tough speaking Besigye is said to have dictated that Lukwago must be enthroned the FDC Vice President Buganda region, although Ibrahim Kasozi was the rightful winner in the free and fair elections.
Kasozi, a young man has sacrificed all to mobilize, financially support and work for this blue Party.
In this exclusive story, we expound on this inside story, why Dr. Besigye favoured Lukwago, his game plan, is Lukwago’s appointment null and void according to the FDC constitution? and where does this all leave FDC Party! Please read on!

When President Museveni fished iron lady Owek. Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo from FDC and appointed her State Minister in charge of Information, the party started identifying better candidates to carry on the Vice President Buganda mantle.
For starters, Ssebuggwawo’s defection to NRM government wasn’t a shocker to FDC top guns, they were perfectly briefed about the deal and okayed her to go and work with President Museveni.
Those who remember Museveni’s speech the day Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah was elected Speaker of the 11th Parliament, Mr. Museveni openly hinted about his deal with FDC Party. A few days later, he appointed Ssebuggwawo, then FDC’s Buganda strong piller, his minister.
When the likes of Lukwago came out to attack Ssebuggwawo, she revealed how they were all consulted about the Museveni’s deal and okayed it. You will all remember, for Besigye, he did not attack Ssebuggwawo for even a single minute because to him, this wasn’t news.
In fact, Besigye’s driver, one Asuman Ssemakula led a team of FDC youth to go to Ssebuggwawo’s home and congratulate her for falling into things.
If you want to start a war with these FDC youth, dare talk anything bad about Ssebuggwawo crossing to NRM. Many are still feeding from her hand!

On searching for Ssebuggwawo’s replacement, top party leaders approached Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi and asked him to carry on the mantle.
Kasozi a reknown top mobilizer and filthy rich politician who has no problem with funding party activities, at first didn’t give them a clear response.
He said, he can’t reject any assignment to serve his party but asked for time to consult. The party bosses gave him only five days to to give them a positive response.
On why they had identified Ibrahim Kasozi, party bosses said the status of FDC in Buganda needed a committed young man like Kasozi, who is selfless, approachable and non-discriminatory. He knows party structures and has wider knowledge about FDC.
From his youthful years, Ibrahim has been an FDC member and has done all for this party. He was once Dr. Kizza Besigye’s PA and he sometimes got involved in a fatal accident while on duty and got a fracture. He has never supported any other party apart from FDC.

In the 10th Parliament, FDC entrusted him with the COSASE committee chairmanship, a position her served with one heart to the satisfaction not only of FDC leaders but even the government.
His Committee left a land mark at Parliament. You don’t know how many billions of tax payers money, incorruptible Kasozi saved!
Fast forward, the party wanted this brain to lead in Buganda region for FDC to regain it’s lost glory.
Until 2021 elections, FDC was a darling in Buganda but the coming of Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s National Unity platform (NUP), relagated FDC to the third seat! Because the party wanted to bounce back, it zeroed on money magnet Ibrahim Kasozi.
After thorough consultations, Hon. Kasozi got back to party bosses with a positive response.

Meanwhile, while top party leaders were shopping for Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi, rumours were making rounds how Dr. Besigye and deputy Lord mayor Doreen Nyanjura had endorsed Ssalongo Erias Lukwago.
No one knows why Besigye went for a new comer like Erias Lukwago, who by then had not even celebrated his first birthday in FDC.
Lukwago isn’t known to be into political party politics, he has been contesting and winning as an independent until the recent election.
There is a school of thought that Lukwago is bigger than FDC, he can win with or without this Najjanankumbi based political party. He isn’t expected to have time for FDC activities and he isn’t a mobilizer. FDC can’t bank on Lukwago to regain it’s glory.
However, Besigye did not front Lukwago to rebuild FDC, there is a political game plan that is still being calculated.
We will come back to this later!

Before polls, the party selected a committee which was headed by Mr. Kibuuka Mukalazi to hold consultations. This committee went around Buganda districts which included Mukono, Kayunga and others. Their report showed that the young man Ibrahim Kasozi was a favourite.
Dr. KB was not convinced by Kibuuka Mukalazi’s committee findings.
The party organized an election and it was won by Ibrahim Kasozi (who did not campaign for even a single day).
Kasozi got 9 votes and Lukwago got only one vote from Doreen Nyanjura.
Excuses were given and another election was organized. This time, other members took part. Still Lukwago got 1 vote, John Kikonyogo 2 votes and Ibrahim Kasozi won with 12 votes.
This is when Dr. Besigye allegedly rejected election results of his party and went for Lukwago.

The directive was given through the committee which sat at Calender guest house in Makindye and Eng. Amuriat announced Lukwago his Vice President in Buganda.
It should go on record that NO election was organized and won by Lukwago. He was beaten in all elections.

What is Dr. Besigye’s game plan and why is Lukwago’s appointment good news for President Museveni. This is coming in Part II of the story and we will look into what FDC constitution intepretation about filling position of a NEC member who has resigned or died.

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