GROUPS of people from Rubaga Constituency have raided the home of their MP Aloysius Mukasa commonly known as ‘Taata Lubaga’ demanding to be given food before they die of hunger.
Led by a one Damali Nansubuga from Ndeeba, Nsiike II Zone, these people claimed they had lost hope in Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja’s Covid-19 relief package of 100,000/= (One hundred thousand shillings),  now they want their MP to bail them out.
“Our MP, you are now our last resort. Hunger is killing us. Our businesses were locked down by the government and we have waited in vain for Prime Minister Nabbanja’s money. Our children are crying, we can no longer feed them. You are our voice in Parliament, please find a way of giving us food or we will surely die.” Said Nansubuga as hundreds of youth mostly bodaboda riders and taxi drivers who have spent almost a month without working cheered her on.
Notably among those who raided MP Mukasa’s home were reknown NRM, FDC, DP and NUP supporters.
In fact, a one Kaggwa who is a bodaboda rider at Kabuusu stage was heard saying, “We have not come here for a political rally. I don’t subscribe to the opposition. You all know me I am NRM 311. Hon. Mukasa is an MP for us all. I hear he is a generous man, he is our hope, we want food.”
Many of these people were speaking ill about government’s pledge to give the vulnerable people 100,000/= for food, a promise they have failed to fullfil.
By press time, voices were still coming from different parts of those districts that government had promised to send the 100,000/= for the vunerable poor saying it lied.
Addressing a group of Lubaga people who raided his home, Hon. Mukasa sympathised with them and vowed to raise this as a matter of National Importance in Parliament for the Prime minister to bring lists of who ever received 100,000/=
A tough speaking Hon. Mukasa said, “We all saw Prime Minister Nabbanja happily launching giving out the Covid-19 relief of 100,000/= Since then, press is reporting how the vulnerable people are getting this money but in the actual sense, this is not true.”
“As your MP, I will ask the Speaker of Parliament to cause Rt. Hon. Prime Minister to present before Parliament lists of all beneficiaries. There must be something fishy. How come our people have missed on this list yet they registered? Who are those vulnerable people receiving this money? Some one must explain this circus.” Vowed NUP legislator Hon. Mukasa.
A no nonsense Mukasa said the House can’t fold hands when people they represent we’re promised air yet the money was released.
Meanwhile, on giving them food, Mukasa, a reknown MP who has a benovalent heart assured his people that he will do everything possible to lobby for them what to eat.
“I won’t represent dead people in Parliament. I want all of you alive and healthy. It’s my duty to make legislation for you but also, to lobby for my constituents. You know me, I used to stand with you in every situation before I contested for MP, I will still stand with you come rain, come sunshine. I will never change.” Said Hon. Mukasa.
We are told, there after, MP Mukasa privately engaged the group leaders and that is when their people left his Najjanankumbi home, of course with a smile.
In last year’s Covid-19 lockdown, Aloysius Mukasa, then aspiring MP Rubaga South fed thousands of hungry Lubaga people. This time again, they have run to him after government failed to deliver on its pledge.
For starters, if you have seen the recent news covers highlighting the unspeakable conditions in which thousands of children, youth and mothers of Rubaga South in Kampala Uganda’s Capital, survive especially during the Covid-19 pandemic you will with no doubt be as horrified. 
Before the pandemic, many of these families were already struggling to pay for rent, food, and other basics. 
Now with the growing number of businesses laying off low-wage employees, these families find themselves with zero income and a lot of uncertainty about when relief will arrive.
Rubaga South Constituency is located in Lubaga, the most densely populated Municipality with over 1.3 Million people. It has suffering and starving children, youth and pregnant mothers.
Children and youth in Lubaga South are facing an unimaginable tragedy, as  Covid 19,hunger, disease, homelessness, acute poverty, unemployment and starvation ravage them.
Over 450, 000 innocent girls and boys sleep on empty stomachs and thousands of children are malnourished, they don’t even have energy to cry. Can you imagine such a situation in the heart of the city.


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