IT was this News Website which carried an investigative story unmasking a one Julius Katongole who approached many of you asking for financial assistance to reach out to starving families of NUP political prisoners, but instead ate this money and enjoyed your sweat  with juicy women around Kampala! 
Now, Kamwokya based National Unity Platform bosses have picked interest in the matter and want thorough investigations in an operation to weed out such Conmen from the party. 
A heartless Katongole, didn’t only pocket  money for political prisoners, but even money that was allegedly sent to facilitate the struggle!
We are reliably informed, NUP bosses were shocked to learn that Katongole didn’t spare party principal Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi.
He is said to have solicited money lying to supporters that he was taking it to the Party president to help facilitate the struggle against ruling Government. 
This money wasn’t delivered to either Hon. Kyagulanyi or any one at NUP headquaters.
What we have just gathered is that Nakawa West MP Joel Ssenyonyi who doubles as Party spokesman has been directed to immediatey intervene and warn Katongole to stop using the party name to con NUP supporters both in Uganda and the Diaspora, lying that he is going to reach out to starving NUP members and their families. 
“Let our supporters especially in the Diaspora be alerted not to deal with this conman Julius Katongole. Who ever does it, does so at his or her own risk, Katongole does not represent NUP Party and we have never authorised him to solicit money for any of our members. He is doing all this to taint the good name of our party something we condemn in the strongest terms.” NUP top bosses told Spokesman Ssenyonyi.
This comes at a time when NUP political prisoners who Court martial recently released on bail from Kitalya Government prison are continuing to mount pressure on the Party to handle Julius Katongole who used their suffering in the Prison to  extract money from party supporters lying that he was going to use it to reach out to their starving families something he did not do.
Led by Bobi Wine’s blue eyed boy commonly known as ‘Sky Soljah Uganda’, NUP heroes want Katongole to vomit millions he collected from NUP supporters to help families of political prisoners and also to face party disciplinary committee.
Through his face book post on his page, Sky Soljah said Julius Katongole is a conman who shouldn’t be trusted by any one, for he ate money that was intended to be for the families of political prisoners.
Sky Soljah was on June 14th 2021 released on bail by Court Martial chaired by Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti alongside Bobi’s body guard Eddy Ssebufu alias Eddie Mutwe, Ali Bukeni also known as Nubian Li, producer Daniel Brenny Oyerwot alias Dan Magic and 14 others. They had spent about six months on remand following their arrest in December last year in Kalangala where they had accompanied the National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Mr Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, on a campaign trail. Sky says, Julius Katongole approached NUP supporters and asked for financial contribution to, “Help us and our starving families which money he got from our generous friends but he instead pocketed it.” Katongole is also accused of eating money he collected on behalf of journalist Ashraf Kasirye. We are told he has been promising  air to family members that he will deliver the money, to date. “We gave up on him, he is a liar. Who ever sent money through Katongole to Ashraf Kasirye just know, that money got lost on the way.” Said a family member.

On receiving directives from party bosses, a tough speaking Ssenyonyi called Katongole on phone, asking him why he cons NUP supporters of their money hiding in  helping starving families of NUP political prisoners.
“Tell me Katongole, when did the party authorise you to solicit money from our supporters using the party name? Which families of political prisoner have you ever reached out to? You must report to my office immediately and you are also directed to stop henceforth these conning tendencies. Please stand warned.” NUP Spokesman Ssenyonyi while questioning Julius Katongole.
According to our source who was around Ssenyonyi’s office at the time he called Katongole, the angry party Spokesman said any NUP member who obtains money by false pretence from party suporters and friends will be dealt with.
He singled out Katongole saying they have received a number of complaints about him on issues of conning people.

For starters, Katongole’ parents had  a dream that their son will be a Catholic priest. They took him to the Seminary but his misbehaviour couldn’t be torelated. He was expelled.
It is believed, this is the network he uses to extract money from the diaspora for the cause of the struggle but he doesn’t deliver to the beneficiaries. 
“I know Katongole, he is good at masquerading. Very capable of doing all crap, he can do the least expected if he wants money.” Said a close person to Katongole.

The whistleblower Sky Soljah Uganda has today morning assured this news website that him and other political prisoners whose names Katongole used to extract money from supporters in Diaspora, want Katongole exposed.
“I am calling spade a spade not a big spoon. We are looking for justice from within our Party. Katongole was on social media collecting money in our names while we were rotting in Kitalya Prison. He pocketed all money collected.” Sky Soljah said in a new missive.
He said after NUP supporters asked them on their release whether their families received money sent to them through Katongole, he looked for him to know about it but the guy playing hide and seek.
“In this struggle, we are not looking for riches but it hurts when someone uses your name and the situation you are in to amass wealth. Truth will set me free. Katongole is a conman, he must be exposed.” Said Sky Soljah.
We are told, investigations into this matter are ongoing and will keep you updated.


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