NEWLY appointed shadow cabinet minister in charge of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Hon. Abubaker Kawalya has warned Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja on her planned move to send money to the ‘selected’ vulnerable poor saying it will be fougt.
The Rubaga North MP says, her move is unconstitutional, not backed by any law and it is discriminatory.
He wants government to urgently think about better ways to cater for all the hungry especially people to Kampala whose businesses were closed yet statistics show that most of them earn from hand to mouth. He says Nabbanja should not to just hand-pick those to send relief as she is planing to do.
Kawalya said, it’s time for the government to give back to the taxpayers so that hunger doesn’t kill them as they are locked up in their homes.
In a letter dated June 23rd 2021 which is copied to both the Leader of Opposition and Opposition Chiefwhip, MP Kawalya insisted, all Ugandans are equal, they all need Government bail out amidst such tough times so Prime minister should quickly think about this but not to be selective.
In reference to what Rt. Hon. Nabbanja said on Tuesday June 22nd June 2021, upon assuming Office as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda about how government relief following the 11 + 42 days COVID-19 lockdown will only be extended to what she classified as the “vulnerable poor”, using mobile money transactions, Kawalya said the Prime minister is at the bad side of the law.
The two paged letter reads, “Whereas the initiative of extending relief to our people is plausible, it is of paramount importance to further be mindful of Chapter Four of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, expressly, Article 21, which guarantees equality and freedom of all Ugandans against any form of discrimination.”
Kawalya who served as Speaker of KCCA before Lubaga North people massively elected him their MP has asked PM Nabbanja to internalise Article 21 (1) of the Constitution before preaching her unconstitutional gospel because at the end of the day she will be made to pay for her sins.
Article 21 (1) states that; “All persons are equal before and under the Law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respect and shall enjoy equal protection of the Law’. 
It is on this note that Hon. Kawalya reminded PM Nabbanja how under the Law, Ugandans are already classified into the aforementioned political, economic, social and cultural aspects, hence, “There is no legal basis whatsoever to purport to discriminate the same under the guise of vulnerable poor.”

Looking at Kampala both as the commercial and Capital City of the Country, the 42-days lockdown Kawalya said has a direct impact on the livelihood of the people in all the 9 constituencies making up Kampala.
These are; Rubaga North, Rubaga South, Kampala Central, Makindye East, Makindye West, Kawempe North, Kawempe South, Nakawa East and Nakawa West constituencies.
Kawalya asked Nabbanja to treat all people equally, they all need relief, so any act of discrimination he vowed to fight it.
Citing governments of South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada and others, Kawalya said they extend relief to all people in the Capital Cities. 
He has also called on Government to considers taking charge of rent for the Kampala Business Community in this period, on top of other incentives if the businesses are to be saved.

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