TODAY morning, the Born-Again Church in Uganda has been hit by the sad news of the passing of United Christian Centre (UCC) Kasubi senior Pastor, Bishop Stephen Senfuma, a great preacher that many are eulogising as a true servant of God. 
The reknown ‘Omuntu w’omunda’ pastor has succumbed to the deadly pandemic Covid-19! He has been the founder and owner of Inner man radio. 
Family sources say, Senfuma has been battling Corona virus now for more than two weeks at Nakasero Hospital. During this period, all intercessors country over were put on alert to intercede for this great preacher! God’s ways are totally different, in this case we can not appeal. He has chosen to take away his loyal servant.
In a message posted on Buganda Think Tank platform by Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) President Moses Mordecai Mulondo, he has written, “Oh no! My spiritual mentor is gone. Unlike many pastors of this generation who preach materialism, Senfuma has been a preacher of the true gospel of the cross that is anchored on repentance and holiness.”
“I started listening to his amazing sermons when I was in senior one. The first time he came to our church in Wobulenzi in 1997, our pastor Godfrey Muwanguzi Ssembatya confessed salvation again (Yaddamu okulokoka). We have lost a spiritual giant of the Inner man ministry.” Writes UPPA president.
Born in 1966, 55 years ago, Senfuma will be greatly remembered for preaching about persecutions the church is going to face from the anti-Christ soldiers when tribulation begins and demystifying the book of Daniel in the Bible.


He is one person who has always confessed not to fear death  because it is a form of transition from earthly to Heavenly life. He one time openly told his church members how he wanted God to take him before the Persecution of the church begins.
“Invite your friends to always be around in these services. A time will come, when I will no longer be here. Whether you like it or not. You worry about me and you do not worry about yourself….” Senfuma talking about his death. On another day he said, “Some of us admire death. It is the time I am anxiously waiting for in life. I will speak out that until I have my last breath. The Lord has erased away the fear of death from me. We wake up to pray with my wife, and I felt inside me that if there is an opportunity for me to go today, I would have desired that. And even at the end of this service, I desire to have my dinner in Heaven. Those who fear can not say a word concerning that. I love that moment. To get out of the fresh. But let me take heart, let me remain doing the work of my father. I want to warn you of this, if you want to use well your days, whatever you feel upon your heart and you must do it today, please do it so that you reduce the debt. Turn to your neighbour and tell me or her, death isn’t bad. And ask, when do you want it to happen? You will hear how they push it 120 years ahead.”
He has been among the top genuine preachers in this country who serve God with one heart. Senfuma started his ministry in Zengebe, Nakasongola district in the Luweero Triangle.
He got married to then MUK student Esther Favor Senfuma 14 years ago after the death of his first wife.

He one time talked about a curse he faced when all his sons were dying. 
“When I had gone to Rwanda for  ministry and i stepped unto the pulpit, i got a message that one of my children had passed away.” Said Senfuma during one of his popular radio programs on Inner man radio.
He felt like not preaching that day but a voice spoke to him to go ahead with preaching. He didn’t inform church.
But after preaching, he informed church about the death of his only remaining son. He didn’t return for burial, gave a go ahead to family to burry the boy for he was on a Godly mission. This shows how godly Senfuma has been.
Senfuma who was a boxer before getting saved, has led a very interesting life. He one time organised a crusade but a certain group of people came to disorganise it. He chose to go physical and boxed them. The attackers took off and Senfuma preached to the gathered people without any more disturbance. Many got saved that day.
About him getting saved, Senfuma had another interesting story. He was in his muzigo and heard a soft voice of a young girl preaching the gospel of salvation.
“I quickly opened my door to let the preacher in so that she speaks to me. But my intention was to rape this lady. Before I achieved my goal, the girl took off telling me how I should repent of my sins and get saved for Jesus loves me. Those words sank in my heart and  a few days later I confessed my sins and accepted salvation.” Senfuma told church.

He didn’t go far in his education.  He talked about a time he decided to go back and study but things in class were hard for him. God talked to him to get out of class, go and preach the Gospel.
He will be dearly missed by his family, fellow Pastors, inner man family and people of God.
Rest in Peace Pr. Senfuma.


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