NUP youth where Nabukenya was burried


BAKER SSEJJENGO , the newly elected Chairman Buganda Youth Council (BYC), has opened up on the on-going killings and has demanded for a report from government on all murdered youths.
He says, as youth leaders in Buganda, history will judge them as traitors if they just fold hands and keep quiet about the injustices and continued murder of youths without doing anything.
For starters,  Buganda Youth Council is the Buganda Kingdom youth Parliament. It has representatives from all the Eighteen Counties making up Buganda Kingdom.

Ssejjengo and BYC members were on tour to the three Buganda counties making up greater Mpigi. These include; Mawokota, Butambala and Gomba.
On reaching the home of late Godfrey Mugerwa Maliba, the founder of Kabaka Mwennyango Association who was killed years back, Chairman Ssejjengo extended his heartfelt condolences to Maliba’s mother and assured her how his leadership will not relent until Government brings to book Maliba’s killers.
This is a group of enthusiatic bodaboda youth who escort Kabaka Mutebi whenever he  tours his Kingdom.  Maliba, who was their leader, was killed along Masaka Road during 2016 General elections.
No one knows who killed this peaceful Kabaka’s subject and what the motive was.
Ssejjengo said, since Maliba’s murder, no report has been released. 
“It’s absurd that fellow youth like Maliba are being murdered every day that passes by  under very unclear circumstances. We have not received reports on such murders. As Buganda Youth Council,  we think it’s enough. We demand that government releases the report and those implicated be prosecuted. We want to know Maliba’s killers.”
Maliba’s mother narrated to Buganda Youth Council members how she is living a very tough life after the killing of her son.
“I am struggling with Maliba’s children. We need justice.” Said late Maliba’s mother.
Buganda Youth leaders condemned the excessive force used by security during the presidential campaigns.
They said, this has ended into death, un necessary arrests and miming of innocent civilians.
They want security officers to professionally execute their duties and the undisciplined officers be held responsible for their acts.
Chairman Ssejjengo called upon the youth wherever he went to be peaceful, work hard and always pay attention to Kingdom officials most especially, to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga. 
“Be supportive to Buganda Kingdom and give extra love to our Kabaka.” Said BYC boss. 
Ssejjengo took over from Paddy Kiganda Ssenkungu who had served for four years. When he was appointed by Kabaka to head Buganda Youth Council, Ssejjengo thanked His Majesty the Kabaka for giving them an opportunity to lead the youth in the Kingdom of Buganda.
On a function presided over by Premier Mayiga at Bulange Mengo, Ssejjengo said, “We thank the Kingdom’s Cabinet led by the Katikkiro Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga and our line Minister Owek. Ssekabembe Henry Kiberu for entrusting us with such a great responsibility. We appreciate the out going Executive of Buganda Youth Council led by Ssenkungu Paddy Kiganda for good service to the Kingdom.”
Committing himself to serve with one heart, Ssejjengo said, “We come in office with great experience earned right from our Secondary Schools were we started as members of Nkobazambogo/higher institutions of learning. The problems that the youth are facing in Buganda Kingdom and Uganda at large are not news to our ears.”
“Leadership is the key to the transformation of the world. Therefore, our main task will be to prepare good Leaders for Buganda, Uganda, Africa and the world at large.” Reasoned Mr. Baker Ssejjengo.
With his council, he promised to improve the participation of the youth in the Kingdom’s programs.
“We are presented with a task of organising youth into investment clubs in order to build their financial muscle, Awangaale Maasomoogi.” Said Ssejjengo.
He has a strong family background with strong attachments to Buganda Kingdom.
A very hardworking and approachable young man, he has been a leader in Nkobazambogo through his Primary, secondary and University education life.  When he graduated, he started serving the Kingdom in Buganda Land Board. He was once the Chairman BLB Nansana Branch.
In 2019, Baker Ssejjengo was elected the best employer of the year and he has since been promoted.

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