A group of Makindye youth visiting mayor Mulyanyama at his Makindye office. They vowed to protect his victory


MAKINDYE Municipality mayor His Worship Haji Ali Nganda Kasirye Mulyanyama who is contesting for the same seat on NUP ticket has blasted competitor Moses Kalungi aka Bill Gates for castigating him for having a positive working relationship with the Division Town Clerk and being in good books with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Technical wing.
In an exclusive interview with News Editor Media, the best ranked mayor in Kampala Mulyanyama has said, Kalungi is a faded politician who left no legacy when he was the Makindye mayor, calling him a day dreamer who thinks he can lie his way to Makindye mayorship.
Mayor Mulyanyama said, “Our people can’t make that mistake of returning Kalungi! He is a political failure who messed up everything when he got a chance as Makindye mayor. He committed unforgivable crimes against the people of Makindye, funds were misappropriated and his leadership is remembered for in-fights and incompetence. Four years and a half of my leadership, what we have done is all over on the walls for every one to see. Kalungi will pay for his sins come February 3rd 2021 election day.”
This comes after DP candidate Kalungi accusing Mayor Mulyanyama of handling Town Clerk with soft hands and failure to paint Municipality Headquarter building located in Makindye just a few meters from Makindye Military Barracks wherever him and his team goes to canvass for votes.
In his response, Mulyanyama has referred to Moses Kalungi as an extravagant man who instead of working on the division infrastructure and service delivery, diverted tax payers’ money to personal needs and made useless expenses.
“Have you ever asked yourself, why when he contested again in 2011 he was embarrassed by Makindye voters and finished 4th  behind winner Ian Clarke, NRM’s Biruma and former mayor Deogratius Kijjambu? He now thinks Makindye people have forgotten this soon about  his fruitless  leadership? No way!” Said a vocal Mulyanyama.

In this interview, Mulyanyama has taken us through his 5 years as Makindye Municipality top man. Roads and bridges have been constructed, water channels built, works on waste management, among others.
He has also talked about the unfinished work that has made him to return for what he calls his last term.
We asked him about why he defected from Democratic party to National Unity Platform, and these shocking secrets are a must read.

Read on;

Qn: Are you not worried that DP’s Moses Kalungi is going to oust you?
Mulyanyama: I took over Makindye mayorship from an a white man Dr. Ian Clarke who served from 2011 to 2016. By the time Makindye people went for a white man, they had got fed up of the that indiscipline that marred Kalungi’s leadership. For example, fighting during council meetings, undressing himself, he had made himself a laughing stock. That is how Dr, Ian Clarke was elected and Kalungi thrown out. An angry Kalungi cursed Makindye people for rejecting him and exiled himself to Kyadondo South to contest against MP Kigozi Ssajjalyabene but even there, he was shunned. You remember he tried Nansana Municipality against Hon. Wakayima Musoke. Voters in Nansana chased away Kalungi. And you think I can be moved because such a man is contesting against me? Come February polls, I am going to use a hammer to kill this mosquito! He took Makindye people for granted, abusing fellow leaders and totally doing nothing as the mayor. You all saw him in court when he was arrested a few months back, he embarrassed himself abusing the judge before cameras. He took a wrong decision to return, let him not say that we did not warn him.

Qn: Kalungi accuses you of not re-painting division headquarters building his leadership constructed? What do you have to say in your defence.
Mulyanyama: So he wanted me to spend tax payers’ money on less important issues? I thought any good leader would instead give priority to lifting the lives of tax payers and working on infrastructure like my leadership has proudly done? In fact wherever I go for campaigns, voters are asking who else is contesting against me. People think I shouldn’t be campaigning because from what I have done, acts are speaking louder. True his leadership constructed Municipality headquarters, and so? How do Makindye people benefit from it?

Qn: According to media reports, you said it was poorly built.
Mulyanyama: Yes. Look at it, see the offices, but do you know how much was spent on it? We are still asking about who eats money from masts owned by telephone network companies put up by the Kalungis on this buildings.

Qn: You mean ‘Bill gates’ Kalungi can pocket this peanuts from masts?
Mulyanyama: Bill gates ‘na munagani?’ And you also believe in such lies? Recently, Drake Lubega told you journalists that he doesn’t own any arcade in Kampala. He’s just a broker. Don’t you think Kalungi is another broker?

Qn: As if you want us to believe that you have no serious competitor in this mayoral race?
Mulyanyama: You have said it all! Those in the race are political jokers. They don’t deserve our time.

Qn: What if your votes are rigged?
Mulyanyama: Whose votes? I am an expert in vote protection. Let anyone dare!

Qn: How can you account for your leadership as Makindye mayor?
Mulyanyama: During my term, over 10 roads which were impassable have been tarmacked. By the time I took over, Katwe was impassable. Plus roads like Lukuli and Gaba. I wasted no time. In my capacity, I met then KCCA  Executive Director Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi and presented to her these roads. She told me, ‘we have money for these roads’ construction but we have no funds to compensate land owners where the roads pass. That is why we are not about to work on them.’ I told her, ‘If it’s about land lords, leave that to me’.

Qn: You had the money to compensate them?
Mulyanyama: Not that! In Uganda, I was the first mayor who started an idea of approaching land lords asking for land where roads were to pass. Everywhere I went, they deliberately agreed, gave me land for free, and that is how we have managed to tarmac roads in Makindye.

Qn: Now you have permission from the land lords?
Mulyanyama: Yes. Work started there and then. First was Kuleekaana road at Boston that road which connects Salaama Road toLukuli. Good people willingly extended their buildings, houses and fences. It was completed and launched.   
Second was Jjuuko road that starts from Prayer Palace Church Kibuye and stretches to Kevina – Nsambya. Thanks to Bishop Grivas Musisi who eased our work when he agreed to bring down part of Prayer Palace Church to pave way for this road. We didn’t give him any penny and none  to the hundreds of people where this road passes. It is also done.
World Bank in KIIDIP Phase II gave us Lukuli road. Contract was almost expiring because KCCA had no money to compensate land owners. I applied the same approach. Among the land owners were; Tooro King and Mrs. Jovia Saleh. They gave me a green light. Work commenced and the road is done.

Qn: Very good work Mayor!
Mulyanyama: Kirombe road, I went there with then ED Jennifer Musisi to supervise it. She met people using dirty water and even confiscated their Generator. Those days, an elected leader moving around with Jennifer Musisi many would see it as digging yourself a political grave. I didn’t mind. I wanted services for my people. She was the KCCA accounting officer. She was the right person to bring closer. Kirombe road was constructed, the rest is history.
Other roads includes; Ham road in Kawuku, Kiganda road (stretches from Jjuuko road to the fly over commonly known as katimba to Kiganda Zone), Kevina road (from katimba to Kikomera – Nsambya), Apassi road (from Kevina to Sharing Hall Nsambya) and Binaisa road.
Other roads constructed during my term of office are; Audi road that goes to Pastor Tom Ssembera Church, Ssendawula road, that road that stretches from Ham road to Kampala University and then Gaba. Land was given away by Rev. Fathers and sisters. We are very grateful. Church Road was also completed. Gaba bypass is under construction.

Qn: As if all roads in Makindye are in good condition?
Mulyanyama: No. We still have Salaama road that goes up to Kiruddu Hospital. It’s in a sorry state. I have already met and talked to Roads and Works minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala. He has referred the matter to KCCA Deputy ED Eng. Deo Luyimbazi. Supervision of this road is already done, work commences very soon.  
Kikubamutwe, Kakonge and Kabega road that goes via  Nsambya  Gogonya to Medical store will be worked upon in my next term. 
The bridge after Hon. Syda Bumba residence near Human Rights is under construction.

Qn: How have you handled the issue of drainage?
Mulyanyama: We have constructed many of them. At Clock Tower, we have built a drainage that connects to Nsambya Kevina at Dr. Sserwada’s place. Another drainage is at Salaama road. This one whenever it rained, would flood for days. Many residents had even run way from their homes because of floods. That problem was solved.
The Nakivubo Channel that goes via Bukasa was worked on. Am happy, flooding in Makindye  is now history.

Qn: A few days in office, you launched monthly community work. Is it still going on?
Mulyanyama: Yes it is. To improve the hygiene of our people, I started by spraying bed bugs in homes. I did it personally. On community work (Bulungibwansi), we partnered with Buganda Kingdom. Every month we carry out Bulungibwansi in a certain Parish.

Qn: The issue of waste management, has made you lose marks!
Mulyanyama:  Waste Management companies contracted by KCCA to do the work on its behalf don’t have capacity. As Makindye council, we resolved that some areas should not be pressed on the wall to pay for garbage collection because people in those areas are not in position to . We wrote to the minister addressing her on this matter. In our view, residents like in Munyonyo, Muyenga and Buziga would pay for waste but in other areas, KCCA should continue collecting garbage free of charge.
Areas like; Nabisaalu, Nkere, Kikubamutwe, Mukasanvu, Kosovo, Kuleekaana, Ttaawo Zone, Kiganda, and all slum areas. some one that sleeps on an empty stomach can’t raise money for garbage fees.

Qn: Does KCCA have means to collect garbage?
Mulyanyama: We don’t have enough garbage trucks but we can fuel the few trucks available. Our appeal to the President is that, like he fundraised for Covid-19 trucks, he could do the same for garbage trucks. In fact that is why  I launched Bulungibwansi to collect garbage for free from those who can’t pay to waste management companies.

Qn: Talk about the relationship with your councilors
Mulyanyama: Very healthy. I appointed my deputy and there was no resistance. I endorsed the Speaker and he passed. So to the deputy and ministers. We work as a team. Where we get disagreements, we quickly reconcile and move on. This is not common in other councils.

Qn: Any hardship about your day to day running of business in office?
Mulyanyama: Nothing at all. My staff are well trained, incorruptible and we are all here to serve every one. My signature is for free, I don’t change my phone contacts. Mulyanyama is a mayor for everyone.

Qn: During Covid1-19 lockdown, we saw you with Minister Peter Egwang distributing government food to every homestead in Makindye. How was that interpreted by fellow opposition leaders?
Mulyanyama: Does opposition mean I should leave my people to die of hunger? Thought this food was bought by tax payers’ money and other food donated by our leaders like Kabaka Mutebi? I had to be part of the distribution team and made sure, no one misses. This is the time my people needed me most. I used this chance to buy food using my money and give it out to different starving families.

Qn: NEMA threatened to evict over 10,000 people from Gaba and Kansanga. We saw you blocking the evictions. Mayor, you are against preserving of wetlands?
Mulyanyama: Can I mention big names who have constructed in wetlands and are protected by the government? Why should NEMA just wake up and throw away our poor people while protecting the rich? Where is fairness? Yes I stood on the side of my people and blocked the eviction. You don’t just come and throw away our people. We hired lawyers to fight NEMA eviction orders. Thank Allah, I recently heard President Museveni also siding with us.

Qn: Some say, you are a political opportunist. Why did you leave DP for  Hon. Kyagulanyi’s NUP Party?
Mulyanyama: In politics I have been a ball player. I have given political ball passes to many comrades while still in DP. It’s me who lit the matchbox that saw Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye retire from presidential race and clear way for Hon. Kyagulanyi. When my brother Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba hosted me on CBS radio, I said it out that Besigye’s time was done, now it’s Kyagulanyi. I was of course attacked by the likes of Harold Kaija, the good thing is, what I prophesied came to pass.
Before that, I led Hon. Kyagulanyi’s campaigns for Kyadondo East MP seat. On election day, I was in charge of Kiteezi, NRM’s stronghold. We secured Kyagulanyi’s win at almost 100%.
When he announced his intention to contest for president, I was with him. There is no where I would distance myself from this great leader of our time.
My former party DP didn’t want to embrace Hon. Kyagulanyi’s presidential ambition, so when he moved on to start a political party, we moved together.
Are you aware that I was the chairman of presidential candidate Kyagulanyi’s Nomination Team?  I am so grateful to him that he trusts me.

Qn: Your Worship, assuming you bounce back as Makindye Mayor in this month elections, where do you see yourself at the elapse of your second term?
Mulyanyama: I will not offer myself again for Makindye Mayorship. I am asking Makindye people to give me one more term. After, I will go for a higher office in local government.

Qn: Are you a sportsman? How come you sit on the board of KCCA FC?
Mulyanyama: I was appointed by the lord mayor during the leadership of Mr. Julius Kabugo. I am happy that the club has advanced during our leadership. It managed to lift two trophies and became a Ssalongo. It also managed to qualify in CAF groups. KCCA FC is now a darling club and has become indomitable in Uganda’s football.
About whether I am a sportsman, if I wasn’t, how would I be sent to KCCA FC board and help this club to make wonders?

Qn:  Is it true you started a football club in Makindye?  Are you officially venturing into sports?
Mulyanyama: Like I told you, I am a sportsman and I know, this game is of  benefit to many of our youth. We started Makindye United. This club is facilitated by Makindye people like Prof. Gordon Wavamunno, Businessman Hamis Kiggundu among others. We also have Makindye Weyonje netball team. My leadership has promoted sports. Thanks to Buganda Kingdom which has been so supportive.  

Qn: Makindye looks to have big names
Mulyanyama: In fact I refer to it as Texas of Amerika. Our residents include; among others; Rt. Hon. Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Deputy Jacob Oulanya, Prime Minister Dr. Rugunda,  His Eminence Emanuel Cardinal Wamala, Prince Kassim Nakibinge, Supreme Mufti Sheik Silman Kasule Ndirangwa, Omukama of Tooro, Kyabazinga, Prof. Gordon Wavamunno, Prof. Badru Kateregga and others.
We have the American Embassy, Common Wealthy Resort Hotel Munyonyo, a number of Universities and Katwe, the city of black people.

“Such a Municipality can’t be led by half baked leaders like Moses Kalungi.” Mayor Mulyanyama frankly told this news website


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