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Pr. Fred Mwesigye


PASTOR Fred Mwesigye, a presidential candidate in the 2021 General elections has exclusively told this news Website how God, through a vision and prophecy, told him that President Yoweri Museveni’s time as Ugandan leader is up and that another person has been sent to lead Uganda into her greatest days.

Nominated on November 3rd 2020 to run for President as one of the 11 candidates in the race, Pr. Mwesigye, who is running as an Independent says he will be ushered in as the next President of Uganda.

In an interview with our reporter, Pr. Mwesigye said, “The theme of my government will be ‘love based on the fear of God’ and this will be achieved through working with all God-fearing people namely; Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, and Pentecostals, among others without discrimination or favor but recognizing individual merit, personal abilities and credibility.”

Below are excerpts:

Qn: Who is this man of God who has run out of church to battle against a Four Star General for president?

Mwesigye: I am a 39-year old male, Born-again Christian born and raised in Entebbe, in Uganda. I am the first of five children born to Mr. Justus Ndyanabangi (a retired Chef) and Miss Agnes Nabuuma both living in Entebbe. I come from a Christian family – my mother is Born-Again while my dad is an Anglican. I am married to Fausta Nansubuga Mwesigye (also born and raised in Entebbe) and we have five children. I also work with Caznic Enterprises Ltd. a clearing and forwarding company as the Deputy Director. I also deal in Real Estate.

Qn: Tell our readers about your education?

Mwesigye: I started my studies in Entebbe at St. Agnes Primary school, went to Kajjansi Progressive for my O level, St. Lawrence Creamland Campus for HSC before I joined Makerere University in 2004 where I offered a course in Bachelors in Information Technology. I, however, dropped out after the first year due to financial challenges we faced as a family.

Qn: Did you say, you dropped out of school because of financial constraints? Then from where did you get money to start Caznic company?

Mwesigye: I joined some friends who were not badly off financially. And on top of that, you can get a good deal, and if you have a well laid down plan, it will be easier for you to start off. So we already had a plan, all we needed was an opportunity of finding to settle. Of course there are challenges but we will always manage to go through.

Qn: Is it true you are a Pastor?

Mwesigye: Yes. I am a Pastor of House of God Church in Entebbe. But before that, I was the Associate Pastor at Church of God World Mission in Kamwokya where a servant of God, Solomon Mukonjo is the senior Pastor. I left this Church in peace three years ago to start another ministry. I am pursuing a degree in Theology and this is my second year at Kampala Christian College.

Qn: How and when did you get saved?

Mwesigye: I was in Primary Five. But before, I used to attend Church Sunday School at Entebbe Miracle Centre of Pastor Aron Mutebi. Actually, that is where I grew up from in Christ. I was a leader of Sunday School. Then later, I professed Christ.

Qn: Now about becoming a pastor?

Mwesigye: It was a call. After getting married in 2012, God led us to Bishop Solomon Mukonjo’s Church. While there, the Bishop ordained me. And from there, the Lord called me to start a ministry. The Bishop released me. That is how I started House of God Church. Bishop Mukonjo is the one of the people who encourages and supports my calling to join politics.

Qn: How will you serve two masters at church and presidency assuming you are elected?

Mwesigye: Not that all my time I am in Church. Ask yourself, how I have been managing the two, business and church. Similarly, if I am elected President, I will serve every one diligently.

Qn: You are pastoring a very young church. Don’t you think it needs more time as your fish more souls for Christ other than going to politics, a dirty game?

Mwesigye: But I have not left my Church. I am still a Pastor and will always be, whether elected President. People think when you are a pastor you only have to be at a pulpit. Whether you are in a church or outside a church, you remain a Pastor. You will always remain with the people. They will always come for counselling, consultation and prayers. If someone comes, seeking for the pastoral part, I will definitely offer that, if it’s the presidential part, I will do so accordingly. In fact our church is not a one man’s show. There are different people who minister with me. This is what I want to do even when I become the President. I must strengthen the institutions so that they can all be independent and empower fellow leaders. I am not a dictator that all powers are centered around me.

Qn: Did you consult your church or fellow Pastors before you joined the presidential race?

Mwesigye: No. I got a conviction and I will say this to you; God has given me a gift of interpreting dreams. Those dreams I ignore have cost me a lot. I have a spiritual conviction and that is a Godly conviction I had to bring the message that is spreading right now, the message of the era of love and fear of God.

Qn: So it’s God who sent you into this?

Mwesigye: Yes. I followed God’s directive. It’s the spiritual push. Normally when I venture into something, I first seek for spiritual support. Certain things, you don’t just assign yourself. Contesting for President is not an easy task; it requires a lot of effort, finances, etc. So after interpreting that dream, I had to consult.

Qn: Is this believable? Did your church accept it?

Mwesigye: God did not talk to me alone. His message came through visions, dreams and prophetically to different kinds of people. Like you meet someone who knows nothing about what you are planning to do and he tells you how you will contest for President!

Qn: Why would God send another leader, is he fed up of Mr. Museveni when his wife (a Born Again) says that he was also sent by God? Like God substituted Moses for Aron, do you want us also to believe that God is substituting President Museveni and you are coming in? Is God retiring Mr. Museveni?

Mwesigye: You see, each generation has its leaders. Any leader, his or her time comes to an end and another leader takes over. God is not a contradicting person. If he is sending someone, it means days of the incumbent are numbered. Let Mr. Museveni start packing, a new generation is going to take over, thus says the Lord.

God has good plans for this nation. But unless there is someone God relates with, Uganda will miss. This country has a place among nations which will be highly ranked among other nations of the world. It’s going to be a powerful nation, economically and in relation to God. So now for those things to come to pass, it requires a leader who is not ashamed of God, a leader who will listen to God’s guidance. He chose me for that assignment.

Qn: But you have never been a politician?

Mwesigye: True, but I have been a leader. I am coming as a leader, not necessarily a politician. James said, ‘Faith without action, is dead.’ By coming to contest for President, I am here for a Godly mission.

Qn: What is that you are happy with Mr. Museveni?

Mwesigye: He has stabilized the country. No internal wars, at least he has worked on security. The country is peaceful at a certain level. He was chosen to do that. I credit him for that. Apart from that, in other sectors he has failed. Go to our hospitals, they are all sick. We will start from where he has left the country.

Qn: A section of the public has a perception that the Balokole (Born Again) are President Museveni’s ‘worshippers’. You salute him for granting you opportunity to fellowship. So, without him you are ‘finished’. Do you see the same public take seriously your candidacy?

Mwesigye: They should trust it because when you look at my manifesto, there are things that contradict with what the current regime is doing. For example, look at the way the government is over spending. We have about 146 districts. In my government, they will be scrapped. Their reasoning that they want services to reach a common man lacks substance. Most of these districts are not serving the people. Actually, they are lacking funds. Their creation is just political. We are feeding a cow which we are not milking. I will bring the number down to 62 districts, same to the constituencies. Why have 500 MPs? What are they doing that a small number like 150 MPs can’t do? Where is the relevancy of Presidential Advisors? What are RDCs for? In my government, I will not allow spending on things which are unproductive.

Qn: But people demand for the creation of the new constituencies and districts. Will your presidency deny citizens that right? And don’t you think, by scrapping RDCs, presidential advisors, constituencies and districts, you will render hundreds unemployed?

Mwesigye: Haven’t you seen people opposing creation of new districts and constituencies? Anyway, I will divert that money into agriculture, industrialization and other ventures which will help to boost the economy and create hundreds of jobs. I will empower institutions so that I can be advised by heads of these institutions.  

Qn: Is this what your manifesto is looking at?

Mwesigye: Yes. We want to reduce government expenditure. My government will also look at fighting corruption. We have very good avenues and policies to fight corruption but implementation is the problem. This is what I have come to address. I want to see an independent IGG and police. Those prosecuted and convicted over corruption, will be punished without favor or fear.

Qn: How do you want the corrupt punished?

Mwesigye: We will not kill or cut off their hands. Our foundation is about love and fearing God. Those convicted, we will make sure they vomit tax payers’ money. We must reclaim the money eaten.

Qn: How are you addressing unemployment?

Mwesigye: Uganda is gifted with good weather and soils, favourable for agriculture. 70% of Ugandans earn directly or indirectly from agriculture. I will look at budget allocation from 3.5% to 15%. It is absurd that the current regime has not considered that agriculture employs about 11 million Ugandans. We will also increase the prices of agriculture products so that we can send more people into gardens. I will return cooperative societies and make sure farmers are helped. I want to bring back cooperative banks, cost sharing of agricultural machines and government will buy off the surplus. I don’t want to see farmers making losses at any single point. My government will put up agro industries that target value addition. My government will put up a special television channel for agriculture. Anything concerning Agriculture like you see ‘Nat Geo’ that showcases animals. With this, the problems of jobs will be solved. People will have value for their land. Why sell away your land to go to the Middle East and work as a maid?

Qn: What is your view about homosexuality?

Mwesigye: I don’t support ungodly acts. If I am elected President, I will not encourage Gays. This country believes in God. As a President, I will gladly sign the Anti-Homosexual Bill into an Act.

Qn: What is your package for Healthy Sector?

Mwesigye: I will build hospitals and put in good facilities.

Qn: And Education?

Mwesigye: We will need to increase the salaries of teachers and put up well equipped schools. We want to see that all teaching to our children is applicable. I will have to sit with the technical people.

Qn: Do you see President Museveni leaving office when you win him?

Mwesigye: Yes. I see him as a man who doesn’t want to go like former Libyan leader Col. Muamar Gadaffi.

Qn: If he doesn’t?

Mwesigye: I will keep preaching this message of era of love, I believe he will handle over power

Qn: Lastly, how much is your campaign budget?

Mwesigye: Uganda Shillings 3 billion.

Qn: Do you have that money?Mwesigye: No, and that is we are calling upon Ugandans and all good people here and abroad to contribute towards this genuine cause. Kindly stand with us by sending your financial contribution on 0784386717.


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