FAVOURITE: Kadaga meeting Kampala NRM leaders a few days ago


BY the end of today’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee  (CEC) elections, Kiboga District Woman member of Parliament Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu will be the most embrassed! 
All indicators by the close of business yesterday evening showed, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga was heading for a landslide victory and will be crowned the 2nd National Vice Chairperson  (Female) in today’s poll.
Insiders in NRM leaked us info on how Members of Parliament and other top party bosses dustibined Nankabirwa’s hate campaign saying it was wrong for her to blackmail the incumbent Rt. Hon. Kadaga who wants to be re-elected.
In a meeting held yesterday, a section of Party leaders distanced themselves from  Nankabirwa’s hate campaign saying they can’t substitute a dangerous striker with an amateur Persis Namuganza!
“We are going to write a big statement on the walls for the likes of Nankabirwa to read for themselves. We have rejected her hate campaign against our maama Kadaga. We will not vote for Namuganza. CEC is not for jokers, let Nankabirwa be informed.” Said a tough speaking MP from Buganda (names withheld).
Supported by his colleagues, this soft speaking MP said, “It’s sad that we the Baganda have continued to be used by opportunists to fight aimless wars! Why of all people should it be Nankabirwa decampaigning  Kadaga? Who deployed her on this unpopular mission? We will not vote for her candidate Namuganza, we have brains!”
All this started after a leaked recorded audio where Nankabirwa was talking to one Luzzi on why she has come out to decampaign Kadaga, for Namuganza.
In the Whstsapp audio Nankabirwa who is the Government Chief Whip said, “I Ruth Nankabirwa, I have told you, we need people who are committed to fighting for the party, not those that betray us, working with the opposition to undermine our party. You have been following on TV how Rebecca Kadaga conducts herself in Parliament. Let us support Persis Namuganza [state minister for Lands] to help President Museveni by working for the party.
“It’s me, Ruth Nankabirwa, this is my voice and I’m supporting Namuganza and very many people are supporting her because this is a statement we don’t want judas who want to use our party. CEC is a very important organ in NRM, I will not work with someone who disrespects CEC, I ask you to support Namuaganza because she will help us,” Nankabirwa said in her audio which has gone viral.
This irked NRM MPs in Buganda saying it’s wrong for Nankabirwa to be used in selling a candidate well knowing that she doesn’t qualify to sit on CEC.
They have endorsed Kadaga and vowed to teach Nankabirwa a lesson she will never forget.
For starters, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga who doubles as Speaker of Parliament and Kamuli District Woman MP championed the establishment of Certificate of Gender Equity in the Uganda’s budgeting process. This was meant to facilitate social and economic justice to ensure maximum steps possible with the available resources  taken to progressively achieve the full realization of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. 
Kadaga believes, Women are crucial in development.
NRM MPs and other leaders said Nankabirwa is an opportunist who is only targeting Speaker’s job calling her a day dreamer.
Speaker Kadaga has incomparable credentials which include;
● A great and living inspiration for being the first woman to establish a law firm in Uganda and indeed many ladies in the country have not only joined the profession but become great women and productively changed the lives of people in their communities.
● Kadaga was the first President of FIDA, a legal aid organization that has for decades stood for the disadvantaged women.
● Kadaga is unwavering on the issues at the heart of women including health, education, environment, female genital mutilation fight and others. The enhancement of budget for these critical sectors has been Kadaga’s number one agenda for decades.
● She has made Uganda proud both locally and internationally through her dedicated service as Speaker of Parliament, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Commonwealth Parliaments leadership, regional parliamentary groupings etc.
● Kadaga has demonstrably committed her life for the NRM and the party is proud because of her genuine resolve to advance its aspirations.
NRM and the nation at large need the continuous dedication of Rebecca Kadaga and she remains the best candidate for 2nd National Vice Chairperson Female. 
She is extremely loyal to President Museveni and her NRM Party yet she plays her cards with expertise and experience which endears her to even opposition leaning members of Parliament.
She commands support in Busoga where Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV ordered all his subjects in NRM who are voting today, to reserve this seat for Kadaga the iron lady.
Analysts say, Kadaga will win in all regions and her agents include government ministers.
NRM is moving to vote Kadaga in lieu of  her wise leadership during the article 102 (b) amendments where presidential age limit was lifted.
She has religiously worked for NRM, good at lobbying opposition, and her victory today is guaranteed.

Former presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said that Nankabirwa could be too blind because every speaker who has ruled Parliament in democratic manners has worked with the opposition.
“A speaker must be neutral but because Nankabirwa is too shallow to see this that is why she is fighting Kadaga. A speaker is different from a government Chief Whip, that is why in many countries once you become a speaker you resign from your constituency because you must be neutral. Nankabirwa has destroyed the credibility of NRM MPs because every bill they want to pass she asks for money from Museveni and Kadaga fights it always.
As a political scientist if I analyse Nankabirwa I see her as a very big barricade in NRM’s way of living in the next 20 years,” he said. Adding that told Nankabirwa will never be equal mentally or academically to Kadaga.
He also warned NRM party leaders to be careful because they are many people who worked for the party but they have been humiliated by some leaders within the party who have ill motives.


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