President Museveni at the demolished Ndeeba Church


NAMIREMBE Diocesan Vicar Rev. George William Kyeyune has denied media reports that he witnessed the evictions at St. Peters Church Ndeeba as alleged. Ndeeba Church demolition took place on August 10th 2020.
Talking to News Editor Online, Rev. Kyeyune has called upon God’s people to ignore such reports referring them to as  false, wholly malicious with the intention to divert church from demanding for justice over the demolished House of God which happened at midnight.
This was in reference to a Daily Monitor article by Andrew Bagala published on Tuesday August 25th 2020 titled, “New details show Ndeeba clergy signed eviction notice.”
The story reads, “Rev. George William Kyeyune was among the church officials who signed the inventory record of the eviction.”
To clear the air Rev. Kyeyune told us, “In March this year, I got a call from Mr. Patrick Wakonyi who was in charge of church development at St. Peters Church Ndeeba reporting how iron bar men together with gun wielding security officers had raided the church premises demolishing the school and kiosks found on the church land. He demanded for  urgent help as the clergy In charge of the church since he had been thrown out of his house.”
On receiving this call, Kyeyune asked Wakonyi whether Court Bailiffs had presented to them a copy of the court ruling before demolition to which he said no.
“I quickly approached Mr. Mpoza the Estates Chairman to find out whether he was aware of what was going on in Ndeeba. He said, “IAM totally green.” I then ran to Namirembe Diocese top leaders for a way forward but because they were unaware  they could not make a decision.I was there and then sent to study the situation and also secure a copy of the ruling from the Bailiffs.” Rev. Kyeyune told this Website.
By the time Kyeyune drove from Namirembe Cathedral to St. Peters Ndeeba, almost everything had been demolished apart from the church which they returned and demolished at night on August 10th 2020.
In the car,Kyeyune was with the Diocese Estate’s lawyer and another unidentified lady who is also staff at the Diocese.
On reaching Ndeeba, Rev. Kyeyune told us that, “Mr. Wakonyi came running towards our car and pointed at a muscular man, who I later came to know was Moses Kirunda of Spearlink Auctioneers and Court Bailiffs. He commanded the demolition of our school and the kiosks. Every one was in fear, children were crying and business owners were distraught. All this went on without the knowledge of Namirembe Diocese leadership.”
When he approached Kirunda, “I identified himself as the Diocesan Vicar and demanded for a copy of the High court ruling. I could not stop any demolition because apart from the church, everything was already down.”
The feared Kirunda who was guarded like a war General backed at this man of God calling him a thief. It was as if he was alerting his boys to work on him.
Sensing danger, Rev. Kyeyune said, “I have come in peace. You have already carried out your demolition and as church, we were not informed. I have only been sent by the Church leadership at Namirembe where this church falls, kindly avail me a copy of the court ruling so that We can appeal.”
Kirunda who is now behind  bars over demolished Ndeeba church agreed to handover a copy of high court ruling to Rev. Kyeyune on condition that he confirms by a signature that he has received it.
“Signing because I have received a copy of the ruling? What was wrong with that? Yes I agreed and I delivered it to the Diocese leadership. It helped us to file an appeal. Anything I signed apart from that, let Daily Monitor produce the evidence.” Rev. Kyeyune tasked Namuwongo based media house.
According to court documents, Kirunda says, “I Kirunda Moses, t/a Spearlink Auctioneers and Court Bailiffs, do confirm that on the 6th day of March 2020, I fully evicted all the occupants found on Plot no. 749 and 750 Block 7 formerly Plot No. 39. I also evicted one reverend from the church area.”
Kyeyune, a very humble and brilliant clergy said there is no way church leadership could witness demolition yet the same Kirunda boasts of throwing out Rev. Kayemba and also conditioning him to sign for a copy of the court ruling.
“All this is drama and am shocked, that a prestigious media house can publish such lies without evidence.” Namirembe Vicar told us.
A few days ago, Judicial Service Commission (JSC) officials met Namirembe officials, among them was Rev. Kyeyune.
On this he told us, “When they came here, they talked about the same allegations that I signed the eviction order. I asked them for proof. They failed. Now Daily Monitor is also spreading such lies.”
Meanwhile, Church leadership is in higher stages to appeal against the courts ruling over the Ndeeba Church matter.


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