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BODABODA riders in Njeru, Kituntu Subcounty in Mawokota South, Mpigi district have sent their Member of Parliament John Bosco Lubyayi to President Museveni to lift the ban because they are dying of poverty and loans.
In a consultation meeting held at Njeru Church of Uganda in Kituntu Subcounty attended by Rev. Nicholas Malende the  Parish Priest Njeru Parish and attended by over 50 leaders from seven villages making up Kituntu Subcounty, Bodaboda riders said, “It’s enough, the President should allow us to work”.
“As our representative in Parliament, we are sending you to the President Museveni, tell him we are dying of poverty we are no longer working. Let him lift the ban on Bodabodas, enough is enough.”
Bodaboda riders petition MP Lubyayi.

A bodaboda man in Kayabwe, Mawokota South today defying Presidential directives

They said since the president declared a National lockdown and banned public transport, they have been grassing and their families are struggling.
“Most of us are having loans with different companies where we got these bodabodas. They added us more grace period but still time is running out. Allow us to go and work just like you did the taxis, buses and other means of public transport.”Said Bodaboda riders who were part of the meeting held under Ministry of Health guidelines.
The Area, MP who doubles as Mpigi district NRM chairman sympathised with bodaboda riders and assured them that being their voice, he will address their issues to the Head of State.
“You all know me i have been very supportive of the bodaboda industry and recently I bought two new motorcycles for Kayabwe stage plus other bodabodas for Bukasa stage.” Said MP Lubyayi.
He reminded them that, “The NRM government knows very  much the importance of Bodabodas and how this industry has lifted the lives of our people. I am going to deliver your message, we will request the president  to look into that matter.”
Hon. Lubyayi is moving village to village, parish to parish, Subcounty to Subcounty consulting residents and their leaders over different issues in the country. 
At Njeru, the MP was also petitioned about continued closure of schools and places of Worship, people want the president to open them since Covid-19 has been weakened.
Residents want President Museveni to soften on especially candidate classes so as not to lose their final year.
MP Lubyayi said, as members of Parliament we even reached an extent of asking the Education ministry to atleast allow one teacher to every15 students in a class.
“As Parliament, we wanted schools to open and we send back our children. We wanted schools to function, teaching and non teaching staff to be paid well.” Lubyayi told residents in Kituntu Subcounty.
He said, “We even wanted to pull closer final exams for candidate classes, they sit them and go home in time so that they don’t lose this year. However, the Ministry of Education under the guidance of Ministry of Health advised schools to first hold on so that we save lives of our children. Good the Covid 19 cases have gone down, we will push on again.”

Hon. Lubyayi meeting Kituntu leaders today at Njeru Church of Uganda

The MP told residents from the villages of Kitakyuusa, Bukasa, Wattuba, Njeru A, Njeru B and Kawoomya that he has lobbied for them over 2M to 5M to every Development group each having not less than 30 members.
“The office of the Prime Minister under the Luweero Triangle portfolio has earmarked funds to provide support to Micro Projects during the 3rd Quater of Financial Year 2019/2020. So we have the money to support groups.” MP Lubyayi told exited residents.
He asked them to form development groups among themselves if they are to benefit from this project.
The Kintuntu meeting was mobilized by John Bosco Kagimu.
Lubyayi talked about the extention of electricity to Kituntu Subcounty and asked residents not to be misled by political gamblers who have raided the Constituency.

Lubyayi contributed in cash 500,000/= (Five hundred shillings only) to the construction of Njeru Church of Uganda Parish Priest house.

Hon. Lubyayi giving out hoes to different groups in Ggulu village

Lubyayi later met groups of residents in Ggulu and Mbizzinnya in Buwama Subcounty where he donated 100 hoes.
Yesterday, Hon. Lubyayi facilitated the release of over 62 Mawokota South residents from Kitalya Maximum Prison arrested for disobeying presidential directives on Curfew.

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