Abraham Luzzi in a meeting with tycoon SK Mbuga Thursday night


LATEST from Mityana, Fabiano Niwagaba the embattled District Internal Security Officer (DISO) whose leaked intelligence report is said to have sparked off chaos in the District has been finally recalled back to Kampala by his bosses.

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A new DISO will be identified and posted to Mityana to replace Niwagaba whose services in the District have been terminated due to pressure exerted by among others; Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi who is the State minister for Tourism and Antiquities and also doubles as Mityana North legislator, Counsel Joseph Luzige the Mityana District LCV boss plus  Abraham Luzzi the Mityana Municipality 2021 MP Hopeful.
According to our inside sources, “Mityana DISO Fabiano Niwagaba has been ordered by his bosses to report back to Kampala. He will be given time to go back and pick his belongings.”


“No deployment has been done. He has been put on  katebe until further notice.” Sources privy to Government security organs exclusively told this Media Website. 
Asked about the termination of Niwagaba’s Services in Mityana District, Mr. Luzzi who is said to be well conected in the pwers that be, has told us he is not aware although he congirmed to us how he had petitioned high security offices in Kampala to, ‘Call back their man.’
Luzzi said, “The day our DISO chose to hobnob with the enemies of NRM and put up lies against me and the senior ruling NRM leaders in Mityana, he dug his own grave. some of us couldn’t sit and watch him dividing us. We all started wondering what his motive was.”
“I personally believe, the assault made on our District Governor Counsel Luzige on Tuesday evenning by now detained soldiers was directly linked to Mr. Niwagaba’s incompetence and zeal to fight our senior leaders in the district.” Said Luzzi, citing a leaked intelligence report allegedly written by DISO Niwagaba pinning Hon. Kiwanda, Hon. Henry Kamya Makumbi, Counsel Luzige and Mr. Luzzi as leaders fighting Hon. Judith Nabakooba the Information minister also Woman MP Mityana district.
Luzzi said, “Reading his report, you could easily see, DISO had hatred against Mityana NRM  leaders who were voted by masses. We now demand to know, in whose Interests he was serving?”
The intelligence report indicated that Kiwanda, Luzige, Makumbi alongside one Haji Haruna Kibirige Nziiza (former NRM Chairman Mityana District) are also plotting against Hon. Nabakooba and former Minister Vincent Nyanzi who wants to bounce back as Busujju County member of Parliament now represented by Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga.
“These fights have led to the three politicians (Hon. Kiwanda, Chairman Luzige and MP Kamya Makumbi) fielding Mrs. Deborah Kyazike against Hon. Judith Nabakooba and fielding Kato Kasujja against Hon. Vincent Nyanzi in Busujju Constituency”, reads DISO’s report.
The intelligence report says, Kiwanda and other top ruling party leaders in Mityana are likely to destablize NRM in Mityana and this might cost the party dearly in the forth coming elections.
On reading this leaked report, Kiwanda, Luzige, Luzzi and other leaders pinned by DISO Niwagaba demanded that he be fired and punished for what they called, writing nonsense to his security bosses.
Angry Mityana district chairman Counsel Joseph Luzige wrote, “Eee, how can someone write such nonsense? Is your intention to finish the Movement (NRM) by wrong reporting? You are the worst enemy that intends to cause in-fighting amongst us as NRM leaders in Mityana. I am so much disappointed in this DISO.”
For Kiwanda he only wondered how DISO could write such a false report against him!

In a letter dated July 04th 2020 which was later thrown away by District leaders, John Kintu commonly known as Agrovet wrote to Mr. Luzzi whose camp is said to have leaked DISO’s report and threatened this Mityana MP Aspirant that he will be taken to NRM District Disciplinary committee.
During NRM Chairman by election,  Kintu competed with then Acting chairman Haji  Haruna Kibirige Nziiza who is Luzzi’s uncle.

Some Mityana NRM leaders

It is now said, Kintu is directly fighting Luzzi and plans to block him from winning the Party ticket for MP Mityana Municipality.
However NRM political analysts in Mityana say, Kintu wrote this letter under the influence of DISO Niwagaba who had already been exposed as working Mr. Emanuel Butebi Ssembuusi,  MP Francis Butebi Zaake’s father’s orders.
Kintu’s letter reads, “Mityana District NRM leadership led by me has learnt with total dismay that the social media articles circulating everywhere on numerous social networks and raising allegations of corruption against a one Fabiano Niwagaba (DISO, MITYANA) were manufactured by you. You must already know that this will cost the NRM in Mityana and may lead to heavy losses in the next round of elections for Mityana Municipality seat.”
Kintu told Luzzi that, “It is so disappointing that no such allegations have been raised to the chairman or any leader in the District but instead found their way to social media platforms with the help of self seekers who aim at tarnishing our Party’s name and the government institutions because of well known vested Interests.”
He said how the contents therein have attacked the personality of the office of DISO with whom,  “We are enjoined to be working with in ensuring that we deliver quality services to the Wanainchi.”
Kintu told Luzzi that his utterances naming DISO as corrupt left many of NRM party members surprised and endangered. 
He said Luzzi is unknown in NRM structures and not the official Spokesperson of the NRM party in Mityana District, as such there is no way he could have endorsed the said articles to defame an officer whose work as an intelligence personel is well known.
“The Party is yet to establish if indeed you are it’s member and if at all you are aware of our ideological foundations as NRM, if so, the District Executive Committee (DEC)will decide if your said actions warrant your appearance before the District Disciplinary Committee of the Party.” Kintu threatened Luzzi in a letter copied to Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba (NRM Secretary General), RDC Mityana, RISO Buganda Region, DISO Mityana and DEC members.

FRIENDS: NRM SG Lumumba and Luzzi at a function in Mityana

On receiving this letter, Luzzi who comes from a staunch NRM family and whose former fellow students at Nkumba University remember as  mobilizing machine that caused many of them to join NRM told News Editor Media that he has no time for such Wolokoso.
“Me I am busy mobilizing youth in Mityana to desist from actions of violence, vote President Museveni and vote NRM in 2021.” Luzzi told us.

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In response to Kintu’s letter to Luzzi on Monday evenning, Mityana district Chairman Counsel Joseph Luzige said Kintu was being misled.
“My chairman, as a member of DEC I petition you to call an executive meeting over this and DISO allegations against us.” Writes Luzige. 
He said, “I am a lawyer by profession and I know for sure that DISO’s  actions and allegations against us your members  apart from not being party actions are nonsensical and bound to cause divisions in the party and you are falling prey to that.”
“Your letter should condemn the DiSO’s action. I can never blame a radio for announcing the death of a person!!! The actual killing was done by the DISO, his actions are dividing the party.” Mr. Luzige warned.
In his wise counsel, Chairman Luzige said he believe its wrong to cause a meeting of the disciplinary committee over a document which is not NRM or authored by Party structure.
“That document helps you to know who is destabilising your people. Take charge of your party and condemn its false contents. 
You are transcending into more turbulent waters because as a human rights lawyer and member of NRM I don’t think the course you have taken is right.” Luzige said punching holes in a letter Kintu wrote to Luzzi.
He referred him to NRM Secretary General or Legal advisor before the invited disciplinary committee sits.
What shocked Mityana people, the next day is the fact that Chairman Luzige was brutally arrested by soldiers, which annoyed President Museveni, State House, top army Generals, NRM leaders and the public.
Did DISO and Kintu Agrovet have a hand in this? Story for another day.

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