UPDF Division Court Martial for General Headquarters sworn in, commences business


FOLLOWING the arrest of four UPDF officers who were involved in an incident where they assaulted, manhandled and brutally arrested the Mityana District LCV Chairman Counsel Joseph Luzige, Army has directed that UPDF soldiers in Mityana to go back to their Base and will only come out upon request by the police.


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Army has also ruled that,  the four arrested officers (and others who will be implicated after investigations), will be paraded, tried and prosecuted by a field court-martial that will be held in Mityana.
They are; L/Cpl Simon Peter Anguria, Pte Simon Odeke, Pte Caroline Musundi and Pte Isaac Okello. 
This was communicated by three senior leaders in the Army sent by Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. David Muhoozi to make an on spot assessment and confer with both the district leaders and the district security committee.
The sent team included: Maj Gen. Sam Kavuma the Deputy Commander Land Force (D/CLF), Maj Gen Samuel Kawaga (1Div Commander) and Maj Gen. Henry Masiko the Chief of Political Commissar (CPC).

Soldiers grabbing NRM’s Joseph Luzige

In a Statement released by Chairman Luzige shortly after a Security meeting held today July 8th  2020 at the District Headquaters in company of the team sent by CDF Gen. David Muhoozi, UPDF has condemned the acts of their officers metted out on this senior civilian leader and assured the people of Uganda particularly Mityana that they condemn the assault of Lawyer Luzige and all people in the entire country. They also stressed that all soldiers that assaulted me are under custody in Mityana District.
“They have further stated that their trial and persecution shall be by a field Court martial held here in Mityana.” Reads Counsel Luzige’s statement.
He said, “The Army has also assured the people of Mityana that no more assault or beating shall take place and they have directed that UPDF soldiers in Mityana go back to their Base and will only come out upon request by police.”

Fellow Country men and good people of Mityana, I issue this statement explaining the circumstances that led to my assault by UPDF soldiers yesterday July  2020 at around 6:00pm.
I was driving through Mityana Town when I came across  a group of soldiers caining and assaulting a woman who had been carried on a bodaboda. 
She fell down, got injuries but the beating continued. Meanwhile, another soldier was forcing a certain shopkeeper to close before curfew time.
I parked my vehicle and asked them why they were beating people. I had earlier received reports that a one Wilberforce  Kakumba, one of the NRM Aspirants for MP Mityana Municipality was also beaten a few days a go during broad day light. That is in addition to the numerous complaints I got from the general public on the same issue.
The soldiers who were drank, instead assaulted me and dragged me up to the police station where their commander Lt. Col. Kakonge immediately arrested one of them. The video that circulated informed the various officers who immediately intervened.
I am grateful to State House, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)Gen. David Muhoozi, The Director General CMI, The Army Spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire, Maj. Gen. Kiwanuka, Maj. Gen. Kawagga and others including my friend Ssebina Ssekitooleko for explaining to me that those were individual actions and that the army was to prosecute them.
Under Article 183 of the Constitution, I am the political head of the district and Article 183 (2) (b) I monitor the General Administration of the district. Under Article 183 (2) (d) I cordinate and monitor Government functions including provision of security or otherwise and report to Government accordingly.
The Local Government Act Cap. 243, section 13 provides my roles which all include ensuring the General well being of the people in my District. And it is therefore my responsibility to ensure that no one mistreats my people.
I call upon the people of Mityana town to stay calm and also obey all the Presidential Directives on Covid-19. Thank you UPDF, thank you State House.

In other news, Members of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ (UPDF) Division Court Martial (DCM) for General Headquarters that sits in Bombo barracks have sworn in to serve for a one-year term having been appointed by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the UPDF, H.E Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
In a Statement released by Defence Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Richard Karemire on Wednesday, appointments came after the expiry of the last instrument in May 2020.
The Judge Advocate, Maj Moses Emitu administered the swearing in process. Members swore to try accused persons before the court based on evidence and to administer justice in line with the UPDF Act 7 of 2005 with impartiality, and no favor or affection. They also swore not to communicate or disclose on any account at any one time to anyone the court proceedings.
The Court Chairman is Col Edison Muhanguzi, the Political Commissar is Lt Col Patrick Matovu, Maj GM Bamwitirebye is the Prosecutor, and Lt AO Awiya serves as the Defense Lawyer. Other members are Lt Col Milton Simba, Maj DO Obadiah Ngobi, Capt MR Tarimpayo, Capt JE Kamayonza, and WO1 Ssekalombi Mariam. L/Cpl Wambwa Rogers Joel is the court clerk.
The DCM commenced business immediately after members completed the swearing in session. The court partially handled two cases involving S/Sgt Aliganyira M Eria charged with failure to protect war material, and Sgt Batabaire David charged with fraud, both acts being contrary to the UPDF Act 7 of 2005. The duo applied for bail but were denied after prosecution contested on grounds of security and public safety. The latter also had other pending charges in the Unit Disciplinary committee.
The Courts in the UPDF are Court Martial Appeal Court that sits in Makindye, General Court Martial in Makindye, Division Court Martial in all the UPDF Divisions and Unit Disciplinary Court at Brigade level.


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