Ssemaganda (in a red tshirt) joined by Bukoto Mid-West youth to clean Lwengo Hospital


THE road to the 10th Parliament for People Power’s dangerman in Bukoto Mid-West Nicholas Ssemaganda has been cleared after his endorsement by the Born Again and the Catholic church leaders who Lwengo District Political analysts say, determine the Constituency politics.
This comes at a time when Mr. Kagumba,  Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga’s candidate has considered pulling out of the race to allow the son of the soil Ssemaganda sail through without any disturbances.

OUR MAN: Bukoto Mid-West youth lift high Ssemaganda on arrival at Kyeyagalire play ground in Ndagwe to launch Ssemaganda Tournament

The incumbent Kasozi Muyomba is having sleepess nights due to pressure from within  NRM party saying he has totally failed to deliver and therefore they want him out of Parliament.
The party card is expected to be fought for by about four people.
Former MP Eddie Ssejjoba is also bouncing back for the race.

During a political meeting organised at a Masaka Hotel organised by MP Mpuuga and other senior opposition politicians to identify People Power cordinators and candidates for 2021 General elections in Greater Masaka, both Kagumba and Ssemaganda showed interest for Bukoto Mid-West MP seat.
However, Ssemaganda pulled the show and performed better than Kagumba. By the end of meeting, the best candidate had been identified. 

BOBI BLESSINGS: People power leader Kyagulanyi meeting Ssemaganda over Lwengo issues

Unlike Kagumba, Ssemaganda is a born of Ndagwe in Bukoto Mid-West, Lwengo district.

Receiving a Power Generator of Perkins type which costed him over 5M, a happy Pr. George William Kakooza of Kasensero Revival Center in Ndagwe Subcounty said God who answered their prayer should see Ssemaganda to Parliament in 2021.
“Our Lord Jesus, it’s you who brought Nicholas Ssemaganda to us just like you gave us your son Jesus Christ as a sign that you love us.” Said Pr. Kakooza while praying for Ssemaganda to win 2021 Bukoto Mid-West MP seat.
He prayed, “Just like you gave us your son to show your love to this World, Nicholas Ssemaganda has also got his seed and planted it in our church. God bless him with a long life,favour and excellence.
“Let his desire to become our MP be fulfilled and when he wins this Constituency as our next MP, we will gather as your people to testify, praise and worship you for this.” Prayed Pr. Kakooza who leads a church with membership of over 400 followers. 
Kakooza said, because Ssemaganda has been faithful and delivered his pledge to this church, may God provide for his campaigns when they kick off and fight all his political enemies. 

Pastor Kakooza and faithfuls of Kasensero Revival Center in Ndagwe Subcounty praying for Nicholas Ssemaganda after he bought a power generator for this church.

“As members of this Church, he is our candidate and we will continue praying and mobilizing for our son. He will never leave this land without leadership blessings.
We anoint him as our next member of Parliament.” Pr. Kakooza prayed in the presence of other Church leaders who appreciated Ssemaganda for fulfilling his promise to God.
Church had a need of a power generator and raised a contribution of 500,000/= (Five hundred thousand only).
When Ssemaganda a son of this village visited this Church,  he was briefed about the project of buying a generator and how much they had collected.
“We know you are a powerful businessman in Kampala, go and buy us a very good generator at 500,000.” Church asked Ssemaganda. 
He however, sent for a brand new 1st class generator from China at a cost of 5M.
Delivering it, Ssemaganda told church, “I indeed looked for the best. I ordered for it from abroad. Our church deserved the best.”
He applauded Church for the support and promised to always be available in doing God’s work.

A few days ago, Nicholas Ssemaganda met Catholic leaders at Makondo Parish. Ssemaganda was accompanied by a team of his campaigners and they shared campaign notes.
We are reliably informed, a message has been already sent and circulated to different Catholic Parishes in Bukoto Mid-West Constituency endorsing their own Nicholas Ssemaganda with whom they have very  strong attachments. 
Ssemaganda is in Catholic Church’Street good books.
The message was sent to Makondo, Mbiriizi and Namabaale Catholic Parishes. 
At Nanywa Catholic Church in Misenyi, Lwengo, Nicholas Ssemaganda is a darling. He was pivotal in the church construction. 

He has already launched activities in the constituency which has made this Nakasero hardware businessman sell like a hot cake most especially amongst the youth, women and the elderly.

Ssemaganda accompanied by his team donating mattresses to Lwengo Health Centre

Recently, Ssemaganda led a group of People power youth to carry out community work at Lwengo Health Centre which they found on a sick bed. The toilets were full, the area was over grown with bushes around the hospital, children and mothers share a ward, beds had no mattresses to say the least. They also found that the facility lacked drugs and medics abscond from duty. “All these are happenning when the area MP Muyomba Kasozi is in Kampala enjoying while in Parliament he is mute. We as the children born in Lwengo can’t allow such a personn to represent us. I have come out to replace him, our people need their share of the national cake. I will lobby for it, i will speak and be heard on behalf of Bukoto Mid-West.” Said Ssemaganda.
Muyomba is among the top MPs in the 10th Parliament who has almost said nothing now for four years.
A born of, Ndagwe village,  Kisaalira Zone in Ndeeba town, Ssemaganda launched his Easter cup tournament last year at Kyeyagalire play ground in Ndagwe. Eighteen clubs participated in this tournament. They included; 
Lwengo, Mbirizi fc, Nakyenyi, Kibulooka, Ndeeba Socer Academy, Ex International and others.
He gave each participating club balls and other requirements.
Ssemaganda is born to late Maria Gorette Nalubega and Kisakye Kalooli. His parents died while he was young andg grew up with Mzee Musenze, his grand father who was a successful businessman in Lwengo.

SPORTSMAN: Ssemaganda launching his Tournament in Bukoto Mid-West

He is a money magnet, very popular among youth, connected to opinion leaders and religious leaders in Lwengo, linked to the leadership of Buganda Youth Council(BYC) and is a sportsman.
A few weeks back, unkown people attempted to kill him by poisoning but he was rushed to hospital and his life saved.
NRM camp in Bukoto Mid-West is already in a  panic mood, People Power is set to give them a hardtime.

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