EALA Legislator Susan Nakawuki who is remembered for getting involved in sex scandals when she was a member of Parliament for Busiro East in the 8th Parliament has been rejected by ruling NRM supporters in Mawokota South Constituency on whose party ticket she intends to stand!
Nakuwuki who ran out of her matrimonial home that she shared with then husband Emanuel Magoola Matovu to another man shortly after she entered Ugandan Parliament, her interests in Mawokota South Constituency look to have hit a dead end.
The NRM political party is unwilling to give her a ticket. Mawokota South voters accuse Nakawuki of being inconsistent, not dependable, dishonest, a serial liar and they say she is not a performer. According to a document leaked to the News Editor Media, supporters of NRM, a darling party in Mawokota South and Mpigi district at large have called FDC to come for their lost member, for they don’t have her ticket.
“We hear about rumours that Susan Nakawuki wants NRM ticket to contest for Mawokota South MP in 2021.” Reads the NRM supporters’ document, adding, “We are advising her to try else where. In Mpigi, leaders in our party are tried and tested first. Apart from reading about how Nakawuki has been changing men like clothes and shifting from Constituency to Constituency, she has no track record in NRM.”
All political indicators show, NRM is maintaining their danger man Hon. John Bosco Lubyayi Seguya who is the reigning Mpigi district NRM chairman.

Hon. Lubyayi (right) receiving chief guest Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kuteesa during St. John Bosco Buwama Catholic Church construction fundraising function. Kuteesa contributed 10M and 100 Iron sheets

Suzan Nakawuki started her political journey in 2006 when she was elected Busiro East MP on FDC ticket.
Her campaigns were bankrolled by businessman Magoola Matovu, the father of her first children.
Before that, Nakawuki had introduced Magoola to her parents in Nakabago,  in Mukono district. She told Magoola that was her parents’ home.
A few years into this marriage, Nakawuki divorced her husband and ran off with another man.
On realizing that Busiro East will not vote her back to Parliament in 2011 due to her unexemplary conduct and failure to represent her constituents, Nakawuki shifted to Masaka Municipality where she contested.
FDC did not give Nakawuki a ticket so she decided to contest as an independent in a Constituency where she was less known.
From day one, Masaka people refused to be fooled. They rejected Nakawuki’s bid, performing the worst in the race of five candidates, an election won by Hon. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba.
Voters there regarded Nakawuki an opportunist and a stranger with no attachment to Masaka.
After this embarrassment, Nakawuki vowed never to return to Masaka politics.
In 2012, she went for East African politics as an independent and elected EALA MP until 2017.
During this time, she snatched another man one John Chrysostom Nsambu who had also lost 2011 elections in Bukoto East in Masaka.
She introduced him to her parents this time in Buganga in 2014. Nakawuki has two children with this second man. 
For starters, Nsambu, Nakawuki’s new catch insulted His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda when this faded politician said he will never pay allegiance to Kabaka, because they are both men with red blood.
This angered Kabaka’s subjects and they shunned Nsambu when he contested on NRM ticket during Bukoto South by election won by then DP Secretary General Matia Birekeraawo Nsubuga (late). Up to date, Buganda people have never forgiven Nsambu.
In 2017, Nakawuki was voted again to EALA and her term will end in 2022, a  year after Uganda elections.
This means, she is still EALA MP for two and half years.
Quoting articles of East African Legislative Assembly Election Act 2011 (section 7) subsection 3 a,b,c,d, Mawokota South voters ask, “Now will she represent two constituencies,  Mawokota South and EALA? Let her concentrate on EALA, she shouldn’t waste her time here.  We will not vote for her.”
Nakawuki has been MP for 15 years.
Changing parental homes from Nakabago in Mukono, to Buganga and now to Mawokota where she doesn’t have even a boy’s quarter, voters say they can’t be duped by Nakawuki. They advise her to return to Busiro East or Masaka Municipality.
“How can you alledge that you were born in Mawokota after telling a different story to the people of Masaka Municipality and Busiro East? Asked Fred Mulindwa.

GENEROUS: Hon. Lubyayi handing over a brand new Bajaj motorbike to Kayabwe, Nkozi Hospital Stage boda boda riders.

Lubyayi’s supporters say, their man is still around and will resoundingly sail through and be handed the party ticket. Let’s watch the space!

In Part II of this story, we will into camps of all Mawokota South 2021 MP contenders. For comments on this story, you can also send us an sms on 0792 735159


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