WHAT NEXT? Will President Museveni save Nabakooba from what DISO alleges?


FABIANO NIWAGABA, the Mityana District Internal Security Officer (DISO) is in hot soup over his leaked intelligence report implicating Tourism and Wildlife Antiquities Minister Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi who doubles as Mityana North legislator for plotting against information minister Judith Nabakooba.
Nabakooba is the woman member of Parliament, Mityana district.

HOT RACE: Kiwanda will tussle it out with Kibedi Nsegumire in Mityana North

According to the leaked report, Kiwanda alongside Mityana South MP Henry Kamya Makumbi and counsel Joseph Luzige the Mityana district LCV Chairman allegedly want Hon. Nabakooba out of Parliament so that they remain the only NRM bulls in Mityana and position themselves for ministeral positions in the next cabinet reshuffle.
The intelligence report indicates that Kiwanda, Luzige, Makumbi alongside one Haji Haruna Kibirige Nziiza (former NRM Chairman Mityana District) are also plotting against former Minister Vincent Nyanzi who wants to bounce back as Busujju Country member of Parliament now represented by Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga.
“These fights have led to the three politicians (Hon. Kiwanda, Chairman Luzige and MP Kamya Makumbi) fielding Mrs. Deborah Kyazike against Hon. Judith Nabakooba and fielding Kato Kasujja against Hon. Vincent Nyanzi in Busujju Constituency”, reads DISO’s report.
According to DISO Niwagaba, all this is likely to distablize NRM in Mityana and might give People Power’s dangerman Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake and other opposition figures a landslide victory.

INFILTRATED NRM CAMP? Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake

The intelligence report says, Kiwanda and other top ruling party leaders in Mityana are likely to distablize NRM in Mityana and this might cost the party dearly in the forth coming elections.
Kiwanda and other leaders pinned by DISO Niwagaba now want him fired and be punished for what they call, writing nonsense to his security bosses.
Angry Mityana district chairman Counsel Joseph Luzige has written, “Eee, how can someone write such nonsense? Is your intention to finish the Movement (NRM) by wrong reporting? You are the worst enemy that intends to cause in-fighting amongst us as NRM leaders in Mityana. I am so much disappointed with this DISO.”

LCV BOSS: Counsel Joseph Luzige
Screen shot taken from Mityana NRM forum

For Kiwanda he only wondered how DISO can write such a false report against him!
Via Mityana NRM platform, Kiwanda, Luzige, Nziiza and other leaders pinned by DISO’s report have spat fire and if party supreme leaders do not intervene to save their Party in Mityana, Zaake’s dominance will indeed be felt come 2021 polls.

Drafted in November 2019, the report addresses Political Affairs in Mityana district.
DISO’s report reads;
The political situation in the (Mityana) district remains generally calm except political rivalries amongst NRM candidates.
In Mityana North (represented by Kiwanda) there is hostile rivalry between Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi and Muhammad Nsegumire Kibedi (an NRM figure who wants to contest Kiwanda).
In Mityana South (represented by Makumbi), the rivalry is between Hon. Henry Kamya Makumbi and Apollo Kazungu the district council Speaker.

FOUGHT BY NRM: Vincent Nyanzi

In Busujju Constituency, it’s between Hon. Vincent Nyanzi (former area MP) and Haji Nuhu Kalyesubula. Both want NRM ticket to tussle it out with popular David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga (the incumbent).

FROM LEFT: Hon. Makumbi, Hon. Zaake and Hon. Kalwanga at the burial of Yoweri Musumba (Kalwanga’s father)

Then there is power struggle and fighting for ministerial positions by the LC5 Chairperson Joseph Luzige, Hon. Kiwanda and Hon. Makumbi.
The three are fighting both Hon. Nabakooba and Hon. Vincent Nyanzi.
Each of the three is fighting to catch the eye of President Museveni for political appointments.
More confusion is created by the funder/sponsor of People Power, the father of Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake who uses ‘NRM cadres’ like John Kabango the NRM Chairman of Mityana Municipality, Kayiwa, Bigambo (NRM Chairman Tamu Division) and Haruna Mabirizi to destablize NRM.
They are with NRM in the day, and with People Power at night.
The confusion was brought by (then) Acting NRM chairman Mityana district Haji Haruna Kibirige Nziiza who among the four candidates fighting for the flag of NRM candidate for Mityana Municipality, favours his son Abraham Luzzi. He doesnt want him to follow the due process. 
Others are; John Mary Bugembe, Kakumba and Charles Sserugga Matovu (Munnakyalo). Nziiza want Luzzi to run as NRM sole candidate. He doesnt want him to go through NRM Primaries leaving the three other contenders very furious.
Nziiza is now, calling the office of the RDC and that of the DISO biased and therefore belonging to opposition. This is because as Security chiefs, we asked his son (Luzzi) to present his academic documents to rule out disqualification.
We also rejected the issue of sole candidature. Thirdly,  we advised Luzzi camp not to rent on ZAAKE PLAZA (located innMityana taxi Park) where People power offices are located. This was to avoid physical political fights.
We also advised Nziiza’s son Luzzi not to use Hon. Francis Zaake boys to avoid infiltration.
Apart from the above, the rest of the conflicts can be managed because we have been mobilizing youth in the district especially in Mityana Municipality and Busujju Constituency and there is positivity.  Youths are now actively mobilizing themselves against People Power’s Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake  and Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga (Busujju MP) all of People Power Movement.
Comments: The (then) NRM Chairman Hajji Nziiza needs to be tamed for he is busy chasing away people from the party and other NRM candidates because of his abusive language and recklessness.

LEAKED: Page one of the three pager intelligence report

On the intelligence report, DISO attached RDC’s letter to NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba detailing causes of conflict between the (then) NRM Chairman Haji Nziiza with security chiefs, RDC and DISO. 
Another document attached was of the Minutes taken during a meeting of October 31st 2019 between NRM leaders and RDC discussing the same conflicts.

Commenting on the leaked DISO intelligence report, Nziiza who was recently voted out of NRM chairman’s office and replaced by businessman John Kintu commonly known as Agrovet asked what was DISO’s motive in tearing apart Mityana NRM leaders.
Nziiza said, “It’s sad that as NRM, we have reached this level. Really, if DISO can write this against Haji Nziiza, Kiwanda, Luzige, Makumbi, and others on the list like Kabango (NRM Chairman Mityana Municipality, Bigambo (NRM Chairman Tamu Division), if he loves NRM, why didn’t he invite those leaders to settle issues on a round table?”


“Ok, if I am the problem, what crime did the others on the list commit? Don’t make yourself a saint, making others devils.” Said Nziiza in a recorded audio posted on Mityana NRM Forum. 
The former acting NRM Chairman of Mityana district is a reknown NRM National mobilizer although he claims, there are people who are trying to say that he is not. Nziiza is also a councilor representing East Ward in Mityana Municipality Council.   
He revealed that he has been working for Hon. Nabakooba and preaching her gospel but there is a clique led by one Sserumaga who are reknown supporters of Namabidde against Nabakooba, now hoodwinking the Information minister that she is their darling. 
“To my surprise, today we are seen as Nabakooba haters.” Noted Haji Nziiza. He said, during NRM District chairman elections, “I was fought by every one, but I kept quiet. I lost but have never revenged against any one. I am asking you, to tell every one that we have been hating Nziiza for nothing because that man only speaks the truth.”
In an election held at Saza grounds in Mityana, Nziiza was beaten hands down.
The winner Kintu is a businessman and proprietor of Agrovet Institute, Mityana School of Nursing and Midwifery, owns Coffee Factories, Chunks of Land etc. He however says, His woes were brought by people like the DISO.
“You said I insulted the office of DISO. That was false. I only told the president what was going on, you turned against me that I was fighting you. Don’t make yourself too NRM while branding others rebels.” Nziiza told DISO.

When Nziiza met President Museveni

He requested Hon. Nabakooba, Hon. Kiwanda and Hon. Makumbi, to call for an urgent meeting that will bring NRM supporters together and settle suchmatters in time. He advised that their is need to apologise to one other and walk as a team. He prophesied that If that is not done, we are bound to see a divided NRM during elections and the party will surely lose.”Now we are tearing each other but you are all quiet, just making strategies to help you keep your positions. Come 2021 I will only campaign for those who have something to add onto president Museveni” Warned Nziiza who commands support most especially among the Banyarwanda living in Mityana. 

Because his name appeared in DISO’s intelligence report, Abraham Luzzi who intends to contest for Mityana Municipality MP slot  in the coming elections said he is also very sad on reading this leaked report.
“How can Mr. DISO reduce us to crumbs? You can now see why we have been realising factions and strife amongst ourselves day by day.” Said Luzzi.

NRM TICKET BATTLE: Luzzi wants to unseat Hon. Zaake

“DISO, the deal given to you by Butebi (Hon. Zaake’s father), will be exposed. You are hired to weaken my camp and every one supporting me. You are fronting Bugembe a weak candidate who will be easily trounced by Zaake but we are closely monitoring you and you will be defeated.” Luzzi who is said to have leaked DISO’s intelligence report to NRM teams in Mityana, vowed.

MENTIONED: Tycoon Emanuel Butebi Sembuusi, MP Zaake’s father

Wilberforce Kakumba said, “DISO is a disgrace to NRM. This is what we have been telling you. More is still coming, just watch the space. DISO became one man’s campaign manager.”
John Kabango said, “Does some one think all the mentioned individuals who are leaders of the party can be fooled by one man the DISO?”
“Please! If so , it means then that the problem is not with these individuals but the people who voted them. And if you have the capability and the capacity to do your job,then you have a big task Mr. Right sir.” Noted Mr. Kabango wishing him well. 
“Am sure your accurate investigation will yield positive results for your party and hope it will make you get promotion to a higher office after all u deserve it. Be blessed.” Kabango wrote.

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