VERY CLOSE: Bobi Wine and Oscar Mbaziira


UGANDA opposition People Power Movement supreme leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine is concerned about those spreading lies against his international mobilizer Oscar Mbaziira that he was planted by security agencies to spy on him.
Bobi Wine had a meeting with Mbaziira who is a 2011 Lubaga Mayoral contestant and asked him to ignore those spreading rumours against him.
Bobi told him, “My brother Oscar, there is nothing like bad news. Never be moved because someone has written lies about you. You are a powerful and resourceful man. Always ignore and we strive on to further the struggle.”

Oscar Mbaziira

Kyagulanyi said he even has nothing to be spied about and any one sent to him as a spy, will be put to use to our advantage.
This comes after a fake facebook account was created to spread a post against Oscar Mbaziira who lives in United Kingdom that he is a State operative assigned to spy on the People Power camp.
A shared post by one Elizabeth Odoa which carries a photo of Mbaziira reads, “He is Oscar Mbaziira a government spy attached to Internal Security Organization (ISO), External Security Organization (ESO) and Chieftanancy of Military Intelligence (CMI). He has been spying and giving intelligence organs information about names of our people who were later killed. Now he has been deployed to spy and kill ‘President’ Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi.”
The post calls for more vigilance and to monitor him very closely.  
“Do not allow him to come any closer to People Power. We either win by a ballot or bullet.” Reads the post.

Shared post

However Bobi asked Mbaziira to disregard this saying such tricks have been used to disorganise People Power but in vain.
In his response Mbaziira who served at then KCC alongside Haji Abdul Nsereko and Wasswa Ziritwawula as councilors said those behind this blackmail are motivated by the desire to pull him down. Mbaziira swears that no one can manage him.
He said, “There is a clique of people in UK led by one Ssebuliba who are cooking up  those chemicals against me. They blindly think by Character assassinating me i will give up on the struggle. He asks the public to disregard them since they are Day dreamers. I am self employed no one can buy my conscience. I will never have bad intentions against Bobi.”


On his facebook page Oscar Mbaziira wrote, “Over the past few days i have been asked countless times to comment on the false allegations levied against me which have been doing rounds on social media by some people with a clear attempt to damage my personal reputation.” He continued to say that, “It’s jealous and envy pushing them to satisfy their personal vendetta. I categorically deny the allegations being made since I have never participated or worked with any Government agency. I challenge them to support their allegations with evidence or confront me other than using fake Facebook accounts.”
Mbaziira an investment consultant told us that he is deeply disappointed and will be exposing those behind these allegations if they don’t come out to apologise to him. He said, ” No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

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