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GONE are the days when one lived in fear and walked on eggshells because of child birth.

First time mothers were always on tension whenever a thought of how they were going to deliver that baby they had carried in the womb for 9months or so, crossed their mind. Things were even harder during the time private and pubic transport was banned due to Covid-19 Lockdown.

However with the coming of the Guardian, all this is a thing of the past. Many mother’s will bear me witness that this service is Godsend.

Take the example of Mummy Haula who put through her call for help  at the most unexpected time. Meeting this mother physically was hard but we talked and arranged everything through the phone.

She was pregnant for 8 months, staying with her sister. Her husband had been caught up-country by the sudden lockdown where communication was very hard. She got worried about the times ahead as she waited for her baby to pop.

She hadn’t bought her  maternity and newborn stuff and all this was horrible since  lockdown came by a surprise to everyone.

When we talked, i asked her to keep calm and relax. I encouraged her to maintain her diet, have enough rest and regularly take her follic follic. Luckily she had scans and the EED (expected date of delivery) was known. This made everything easy.

We at Guardian, called the hospital where she did her antenatal counseling, booked and paid for everything. We packed her a beginner’s set of baby stuff, maternity, necessities and she was good to go.

In the meantime we prepared her phycologically for motherhood. We went through lessons like loving her body and soul and how to talk to a new born. This helped her to feel loved, cared for and brave that she will pull through that moment.

We guided her on mother care, how to breast feed, bathing the baby, colic pain care, the maternity feeding, resting, handling stress (because this happens to 85% of 1st time mothers), hygiene and everything a mother needs in the first 2 months. She was good to go.

Her water broke and we found our way to her home. 
She laid in the delivery ward as we prayed and waited for doctor to check on her progress. Luckily she had only about 4 hours left to deliver her baby. We gave her a massage and emotional support which helped her  believe in herself.

As the labor pain increased the doctor asked her pushed as held my hand tightly and boom, we heard a shrill cry of an awesome  babygirl which filled every one in the room with so much joy. Video calls were made and photos taken. The Baby was checked and  dressed for the mother to feed.

The moment of Truth came, when ban on public transport was lifted, her husband rushed home only to find good news.
He asked his wife how she made it only to be told about the Guardian.

A very grateful husband showed up at our office to thank us and clear all the expenses encountered. 
She only needed a Guardian and that’s what we do for our birth partners.

We give guidance to pregnant mothers, offer them emotional and moral support.  We also deliver newborn and maternity stuff to mothers. We save you the burden of looking for quality baby and new mother stuff as we deliver directly to your hospital bed. Our service is credited for having a personal touch.
Birth partner services: In the moment of delivering a baby, we assign mothers a  skilled  assistant who will physically and mentally help you get back to your feet. Our assistants offer Pro-care services for the baby, assist the mother learn the best breast feeding practices and baby care.
We give day care services, hospital booking and transportation from home. At the time of giving birth, every woman needs to go pampered, feel loved and cared for. This is a package you will only get at Guardian.

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