Shocking Details About A Cooked Fake Rape Story! 


ALL started when coordinators of People Power in Lubaga South rejected Siraje Kifampa, Forum for Justice (JEEMA) party 2016 Lubaga South MP loser and instead endorsed money magnet Aloysius Mukasa for the job in 2021!

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At first, Kifampa’s clique thought, since People Power supreme leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi had endorsed and single handedly awarded Hon. Asuman Basalirwa JEEMA president the only seat this Political party has in the 10th Parliament, he was going to be an automatic endorsement for Lubaga South MP seat.

Little did Kifampa and his mercenary Abdulnoor Ssentongo Kyamundu the JEEMA spokesman know that Lubaga South was a very different case, Hon. Bobi Wine wanted a dangerous substitute to unseat ‘rebel’ Paul Kato Lubwama yet Kifampa was unfit for the job.

TROUBLED MAN: Kyamundu Ssentongo, JEEMA Spokesman

By the time Kifampa knew that People Power had instead endorsed poweful businessman Aloysious Mukasa for the job, it was too late for the JEEMA man.

However, Kyamundu assured his paymaster how he would turn the gun against Bobi Wine and People Power, if they went ahead to promote the Aloysius Mukasa Lubaga South MP project.

No wonder, he manufactured a fake rape story and circulated by this very JEEMA party Spokesman Ssentongo Kyamundu, with the intention to malice Bobi Wine, taint People Power and pull Aloysius Mukasa through the mud.

Playing a game for political masqueraders,  Kyamundu contacted some opposition politicians on Whatsapp and begged them to help him circulate his hate message against People Power, Bobi Wine and his blue eyed boy Aloysius Mukasa.

Most of those he reached out to, however  rejected the deal, asking him who he was working for by blackmailing Hon. Kyagulanyi and People Power.

On talking to the alleged raped girl, what we found out is laughable. We will come back to that later!

After a successful mission in Bugiri Municipality where Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi delivered a win to JEEMA Party,  Abdulnoor Kyamundu attacked People Power leadership for claiming this victory.

He in fact picked a war with JEEMA Party President Asuman Basalirwa for paying allegiance to Hon. Kyagulanyi saying, “It was not him, we worked for this victory.”

To Kyamundu, People Power did not deserve salutations for their Bugiri Municipality efforts. Thanks to Hon. Asuman Basalirwa, he ignored this motor-mouthed man!

Him and Kyagulanyi are like brothers and will never underestimate the role he played in Bugiri Municipality by elections. 

It was a Wednesday Morning when a certain powerful MP in People Power top hierarchy  hosted Mukasa at his residence in Nalumunye for a confidential meeting which lasted for about 2 hrs.

We were later informed, this meeting was Scheduled by none other than Hon. Bobi Wine. What the two leaders discussed in camera,  will be a story for another day.

But briefly, Mukasa was given notes on how to connect to People Power foot soldiers in the Constituency. Among them was Julius Katongole, then interim Lubaga South People Power cordinator.

A few days later, Aloysius Mukasa was hosted alongside JEEMA’s Kyamundu on Star Tv during a Saturday morning political talk show.

JEEMA President Basalirwa and Mukasa are good friends

When the show host Mr. Kisubi introduced his guest Mukasa as one from People Power,  Kyamundu almost stormed out of the studios objecting that, ‘This man Mukasa is not one of us. We don’t know him in People Power.’

Kyamundu must have blindly thought, People Power was a branch of JEEMA which he Speaks for!!

A soft speaking Mukasa who by then had not realized Kyamundu as a mercenary hired by fading politician Kifampa to fight him, cornered him by eloquently informing viewers what People Power is. Mukasa tasked Kyamundu to elaborate on the process that is followed for one to become a registered member of People power.This JEEMA man froze for lack of  a satisfactory answer. Poor Kyamundu was made to eat his words!  

Led by Chairman Fred Nyanzi, a team of Kyagulanyi’s trusted men and women invited Aloysius Mukasa for a meeting. 

We are told, this selected team was deployed by Hon. Kyagulanyi to identify able leaders who want to contest for political offices in 2021.

Chairman Nyanzi is the cordinator of the Informal sector in People Power and a brother to Bobi Wine.

When Mukasa perfectly laid his game plan on how to claim Lubaga South, Nyanzi liked his ideas and since then, the two have become inseparable.

A group of Lubaga youths met Hon. Kyagulanyi at his Magere State House.

Lubaga North was led by Hakim Saula Kizza while Lubaga South was led by Julius Katongole.

They asked Bobi to guide them on who to support because almost every aspiring candidate identifies with People Power.

In his wise counsel, Kyagulanyi said, “People Power is not a political party.  It is a van  carrying agents of change. We don’t mind, either those agents come from NRM, DP, FDC, UPC, CP JEEMA or Independents. We are ready to work with everyone who genuinely wants change.”

“That candidate who commands support from the voters, who has structures and truly supports people power, will be our candidate. So tell those candidates to be on ground, we shall go with what people say.” Said Kyagulanyi.

Now Kifampa who thought Kyagulanyi would endorse him, was hit by the Ghetto gladiator’s response. Kyagulanyi  made it clear that he would only support a candidate who is on ground, fully endorsed and recognised by voters and a genuine supporter of People Power. These conditions will automatically  throw political  jokers like Kifampa who only make their presence felt during Juma Prayers out of the equation. 

A meeting was scheduled by Chairman Nyanzi for Bobi Wine and Mukasa to meet.

Mukasa was excited when Hon. Kyagulanyi said, “Well done Comrade Mukasa. We get reports about how you are selling People Power in Lubaga South. We badly want that Constituency and I will do everything possible to win it. Go on, eat all zones and parishes, carry the liberation message, teach people to fight for their rights.”

Mukasa shared with  Hon. Kyagulanyi  about who he is and why he offered himself to contest for Lubaga South.

He said, “Mr. President, at my youthful age am a rich man.  I own businesses and employ hundreds of youth. Am not in politics for a job but to serve Lubaga South people. I am here to be a bold voice for Lubaga People as we fight for a corrupt free Country, for good governance, democracy and justice.”

Kyagulanyi told Nyanzi, “Work closely with comrade Mukasa, he is the calibre of leader we want.” Our cameras got Kyagulanyi and Mukasa in a one on one meeting.

On July 23rd 2019, a team of Lubaga councilors led by FDC’s Hajjat Rehema Ffugge (Busega) endorsed Aloysius Mukasa at a function graced by Hon. Bobi Wine at Magere.

In fact, it is this Hajjat on Mukasa’s team to cordinate Imams and Mosques in Lubaga South, a job she has perfectly done. 

At Bobi’s home, Hajjat Ffugge said, “We come from different political parties but we pledge before you Mr. President that we will stand behind Hon. Aloysius Mukasa in 2021 to win MP seat for Lubaga South Constituency.”

A day Lubaga South councilors endorsed Aloysius Mukasa for Lubaga MP

Other councilors present were; Rose Kigozi Nalubwama (Mutundwe), Samuel Nsereko (Najjanankumbi), William Busuulwa (Mutundwe), Akim Kisekka (Lubaga), Kayima (Nateete), Musa Lusembo (Ndeeba) among others. Lusembo was Kato Lubwama’s chief campaigner.

Since then, Bobi Wine brought Aloysius Mukasa closer and delegated him on different assignments.

Last year, information leaked on how Kyagulanyi sent a message through Aloysius Mukasa to eminent persons like  former Buganda Premier Owek. Daniel Muliika and former Lubaga North MP Prof. Waswa Lule.

Just a few months ago, he delivered a mother message to His Eminence Cardinal Wamala.

Aloysius Mukasa when he met His Eminence Cardinal Emanuel Wamala

On very many occasions, Mukasa has been featured seated next to Hon. Kyagulanyi.

He is a darling to People Power commanders led by Nusfa Nakato and Spokesman Joel Ssenyonyi.

During Hoima by elections,  Bobi Wine security detail blocked Eugene Nassolo who wanted to forcefully penetrate through the circle and sit near Bobi Wine. For Mukasa, he would instead be protected.

He is among the few leaders who fearlessly don People Power berret, printed calenders with both his and Bobi photos and circulates them in all Lubaga South zones.

The winning of Alhaj Abubaker Kawalya as KCCA Speaker did not come on a silver plater. You all know how he was fought by a section of opposition fellas. People Power command centre in Lubaga directed Aloysius Mukasa to do everything possible so that Kawalya sails through.

He headed the media department and also reached out to all Lubaga lord councilors.

Kawalya got a block vote from Lubaga. Thanks to People power, Lubaga Chapter.

When Lord councilors headed by Speaker Kawalya visited People Power Headquaters in Kamwokya

Mukasa later led a group of KCCA lord councilors who included Faridah Nakabugo, Ismail Damba Kisuze Musajjatasuliraawo and others, to accompany Speaker Kawalya as he was visiting Hon. Kyagulanyi to pay allegiance.

After realising that Mukasa was unstoppable, JEEMA’s Spokesman Ssentongo Kyammundu now resorted to plan B. 

He used different forums to blackmail Mukasa as an NRM bankrolled by Gen. Salim Saleh.

On a certain platform where Kyamundu was spreading that false gospel, a Bobi supporter reminded him that People Power has regional coordinators like Hon. Banabas Tinkasimire, Hon. Nambeshe and Hon. Gafa Mbwatekamwa who are even in Parliament on NRM ticket so he should stop his stale news.

Mukasa supporters were not moved even an inch by Kyammundu’s hate campaign. 

In Plan C, this JEEMA spokesman resorted to malicing and blackmailing Bobi Wine, Aloysius Mukasa and People Power,  showing it as a political movement. Ofcourse this excited NRM architects like one Gad Kwikiriza seeing this as a chance to hit People Power!

Kyamundu’s target was to show the public that people power is not worth leading this country saying it is bankrolled by Aloysius Mukasa who according to him, raped a woman.

In Kyammundu’s dossier titled ‘PEOPLE POWER STRONGMAN MAN RAPES A BOBI FAN’, he intended, through his cooked fake story to blackmail People Power by insinuating that their leaders are rapists.

Of course, rape allegations are always created by political amateurs and failures, thinking they can bring down successful politicians.

However, no sane politician or even voter took Kyammundu’s fake story seriously because the dots failed to add up.

On different Whatsapp platforms like Masaka DP Forum, Uganda Journalists Forum, Think Tank, DP Lubaga Constituency Forum and others, members were seen telling Kyamundu to go and take his medicine since they felt he needed to have his head scanned.

Kyamundu  poses a threat to his small party which went in State House for IPOD deals with the ruling NRM. For Kyamundu to think he can bring Hon. Kyagulanyi and People Power down through black mail is political suicide.

In Part II, we will bring you details of how JEEMA’s Kyamundu cooked a rape story against People Power’s 2021 Lubaga South MP favourite.


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