AMAZING things on earth will never cease to happen!!
Ruling NRM Party National Youth cordinator Eng. Joseph Mukasa Ssewava has shockingly narrated how at night God appeared to him in a vision and sent him to spread the good news about Ugandan President being the consecrated God of Africa with super natural powers!
This comes ahead of today’s Presidential address, where the Head of State is expected to update the country about the battle on Covid-19.
“Uganda is going to be a tourist country because of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Those who hate President Museveni will die and perish. Because if you disobey President Museveni, you will be disobeying God. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is God of this country, the God of Africa.” Reveals Ssewava who claims to have got a vision at night.

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Ssewava says, from what God told him, in a vision, there is no doubt, Coronavirus pandemic will be defeated in Uganda and Africa at large because the Black continent has a God in President Museveni whose power comes from that of the Heavenly God.
“In the Vision, Heavenly God told me, President Museveni who is the God of Africa will defeat Coronavirus just like he defeated Hiv/Aids, Ebola and Polio. I was told to spread the Good news everywhere that Museveni is the new Messiah. He came to liberate Uganda, Africa and the whole world.” Says Ssewava in a recorded audio shared to all NRM platforms.
“Today, the whole world is on its knees because of Coronavirus. But who can not see that the Prophet Museveni is around and doing wonders in his Country. In Uganda, Covid- 19 cases are few and the victims are miraculously getting healed.” Said Ssewava. He continues to say that Uganda is the only country which does not need police to put into action Presidential  directives. 
Opposition People Power Movement has however blasted Joseph Ssewava calling him a joker, seeking for cheap popularity.
People Power’s Aloysius Mukasa who eyes Lubaga South MP seat in 2021 has said, “Calling Mr. Museveni God is a blaspheme. It makes me question Joseph Ssewava’s personal definion of GOD. Let him desist from referring to his personal wishes as God’s vision. Advise him to stop that madness.”

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Mr. Aloysious Mukasa recently won an opinion poll for the in coming Lubaga south MP beating incumbent Kato Lubwama who got only one vote, Eugene Nassolo also one vote, lawyer Xavier Katabalwa got one vote and Samuel Lubega Mukaaku nil!
“In his narative”, says Aloysius Mukasa, “I see nothing justifying in terms of facts and records. Let him be informed that as always this regime has failed with its curing approach. The best approach always, is prevention.”
Aloysious Mukasa says no God will fold his hands as leaders like Francis Butebi Zaake, are innocently tortured by his Angels. 
Speaking to News Editor Online, Ssewava has said that it is up to those disobeying God’s message, as a messenger he has done his role.

In the audio recording, Ssewava says;
“Ladies and Gentlemen who are listening to this audio, it is 5:30am. I have got a vision and got the following words to go and spread the message that President Museveni is a Prophet, he is a Messiah, He is the God of Africa, so Coronavirus will not kill us because we have our God with us.”

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Ssewava a reknown Musevenist says, If you have been following President Museveni since 1986, he came after seing a vision and was sent by God himself. 
“Not only in Uganda or Africa, but in the whole World, President Yoweri Museveni is the most admired leader and wherever he goes, every one yearns for his handshake. President Museveni is a tourist attraction, in the whole of Africa, our president is the most prestigious tourist attraction.” Says Ssewava according to the vision he got last night.
A 35 yrs old youngman, Ssewava in his audio says since 1986, God sent President Museveni to deliver Uganda, to liberate Africa and the whole world, only that Whites took long to understand President Museveni.
“But here in Africa, Africans understood him at the word go. He started by fighting Polio Pandemic amidst opposition that children should not be immunised but he persuaded the masses and Uganda is a Polio free Country.” Acknowledges Ssewava.
He says Museveni fought Tuberculosis, fought ignorance by giving free education to Ugandans, from there, he fought and defeated HIV/Aids that was killing our people, him and our beloved maama First lady Janet Kataha Museveni created awareness. 

Ssewava during a Kabaka birth day run last year, excited by a staunch Besigye supporter

In the recorded audio Ssewava says, “Those days, having Aids was looked at as an  abomination and you would be stoned to death if people realised that you have Aids. But because we had a Prophet, our Messiah who was sent by God to liberate Africa, President Museveni wisely launched ABC (Abstain, Be faithful or Use a Condom) campaign to tame the virus.”
He noted that, in Africa, Uganda was the first country to talk and sensitize masses about Aids. Whites started coming to Uganda out of admiraion for President Museveni.
He initiated the anti corruption campaign walk and the trek in Luweero triangle where  Prophet Museveni was showeducated the youth that you can walk miles.
He says, today, youth are walking to villages, some of the girls are even walking half naked.
Ssewava talks about Jesus Christ saying people took long to understand Jesus. 

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He gives a story of King Herod who was seated at his home in the palace and his men came running with good news about a man who was coming with a multitude of people waving palm trees as he entered Jerusalem. 
Herod directed his men to go for him but they refused saying, he is very popular, loved by his people. 
He asked, who he was, and they answered, ‘King of Judah.
He again directed them to go arrest him, but they replied, ‘Sir, it is impossible.’
“Ugandans, some people are like King Herod, they will take long to understand how powerful president Museveni is, But I want to tell you, open your eyes and see.  We have the God of Africa, he is in Uganda. God bless you, am happy I have delivered the message.”


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