FROM a Tv short break, Joan Lule Nakintu, the ‘Cocktail Show’ host on Top Television took it on: “Welcome back dear our viewers. Today we are honoured to have on this show, the most beautiful and intelligent lady in Uganda,  Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande.” “She also graced this country when she represented us in the Miss World pageant UK last year.” Said Joan on a show she co-hosts with Remmie, Kim and Jaqi.

MISS UGANDA 2019/2020: Oliver Nakakande

A graduate in investigative journalism from Middle Sex Community College Boston in USA, Joan commonly known as ‘The iron lady’,  turned to her guest and asked, “By the way Nakakande, you lost (in UK). How did you feel?”
This is where madness in the show started from,  Nakakande said, such a question should never be asked while Joan looked like that was her star question, she wanted an answer.
Miss World 2019, the 6th edition of the Miss World pageant was held on December 14th, 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United  Kingdom.
Previous Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon of Mexico crowned Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica, her successor. 
The runners up included Ophely Mezino from France and Suman Rao from India.
Nigeria’s Douglas Nyekachi finished fifth.
The rest is now history, Uganda Communications Commission  (UCC) suspended The Cocktail Show @ Top tv pending investigations. 

On analysing the show, Joel Isabirye says, Top TV journalist Joan Lule deserves a payrise for her bold question to Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande.
Mr. Isabirye has said, “At the risk of being vilified by a highly charged social media group, I will stand up and say Joan Nakintu Lule did nothing wrong in her interview with miss uganda. In fact on the contrary, Joan has faced unprecedented cyber bullying.”
According to the XclusiveUg, Isabirye watched the clip of the interaction between Joan and Miss uganda.
“My view from a professional stand point was that Joan asked the hard question. Miss Uganda should have been prepared by her handlers that public life will be just like that.” Says Joel Isabirye.
He said Miss Uganda should have played it down for example by answering that, ‘Winning is not about the crown, but the opportunities that are derived from it.’
“I think that is what Joan wanted from her, to look at her participation as a glass half filled than a half filled bottle. It is unfortunate, Miss Uganda was defeated by the interviewer’s intellect and she messed up everything.” Noted Joel Isabirye.

IRON LADY: Joan Lule Nakintu in Top tv studios

He asked, “Going by Joan’s hard question, what is wrong with putting it straight that someone lost and you would like to know how they made sense of it?”
Citing FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo who had to suffer significantly hard criticism from sports panelists as Uganda Cranes struggled to find its feet, Isabirye said, you need to read how sports commentators write or listen to how they speak to see the meaning of bashing. 
“Did Magogo run to social media or the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) crying? No, because he knew that this is the nature of public life.” Isabirye continued to ask, “How about those who had to bear aggressive criticism from Andrew Mwenda on Andrew Mwenda Live, did they run to social media after their interviews or UCC?”
“Or President Museveni who was roasted alive by FDC Spokesman Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, twice on Capital Gang. Did he call UCC to take action against the show moderator?” Asked Joel Isabirye.
He said, Joan Nakintu Lule should instead be given a pay rise, especially for creating such an opportunity for the show to trend.
“Since when did putting it to the interviewee that, “YOU LOST” in Miss World Pageant, when she actually did not win, become a violation of minimum broadcasting standards as those who lodged a complaint to UCC are claiming? What if Joan had instead said that Miss Uganda was not beautiful, would social media have run to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)?” Asked Joel Isabirye.
Isabirye advised that, the moment you step into public life, get ready for bashing and difficult questions at interviews. Choose which to respond to and which to ignore. However the response must be carefully thought out.
He stated that,  “Unless falsehood is spread about you, or conduct that is racist, sexist, against your religious beliefs, against your physical disability etc…then that becomes an issue….”


According to the directive from UCC Executive Direction Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo suspending the tv show pending investigations, “The complainant alleges that during the broadcast of the show ‘Cocktail,’ the presenter or host was unprofessional, failed to meet journalistic principles or ethics, and thus breached the broadcasting standards.” 
It is alleged that during the show, Ms Joan Lule Nakintu the show host was unfair, lacked objectivity and impartiality required of a presenter.
On this, Joan has already apologised.
However analysts say, all started from a good question asked by Joan and Nakakande chose to dodge it by ranting against the host.
“She must have asked the question with an aim of helping Nakakande bring out her other achievements despite the fact that she didn’t win the main crown. Miss Uganda  instead answered the question in a demeanor manner and totally went off-track only returning to the question when it is already late.” Said a reknown tv political show host in Kampala.

MISS WORLD 2019/2020: Previous Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon of Mexico crowning Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica, her successor. 

He says, “Instead of Nakakande answering Joan’s tricky question, she instead posed off with her diploma in journalim, demanding Joan’s apologize for asking her why she lost. Miss Uganda would have deflected the question and answer it perfectly.”
This high ranked tv show host in Kampala says, “I dont think Joan intended to insult Nakakande. I think Miss Uganda has issues with self estem. When asked a question about how she felt on losing in UK, she there and then told Joan how she was offended”

She came with another show host Remmie Male who our investigations show, the two are very good friends.
No wonder, Remmie didn’t calm down both parties, she instead sided with her friend Nakakande and fueled her hence the show going out of hand. 
Nakakande wasn’t briefed that the show has other hosts. She thought,  it’s Remmie Male who is hosting the show. But Joan was the show driver.  

Ruth Nambi: Do you know after the previous saga is when I knew about that lady (Miss Uganda) and she is now more popular than covid19! To you Joan Lule Nakintu, the worst became the good by increasing your following. And to make the point clear,  Top tv got a new following through this since then. Check it out!

Kevin Sseruwo: For your information, i started watching top Tv because of Joan and Jaqi and I am very sure since then, viewers increased because of those two presenters.

Alexander Paul Isiko: Joan, this is exactly the issue. You remain one of the most outstanding reality/talk show host we have in Uganda. Joel Isabirye could have forgotten to mention also Larry King Live of CNN. It was such questions to guests that made viewers look forward to view and listen to the programmes.

Diana Nattabi: During interviews just expect both negative n positive Questions not all qns will be direct to the interviewee. Nakakande should also learn how to defend and answer questions eloquently . Joan did one big mistake, shouting so hard to the Guest. The rest is not a big deal

Carolyn Carol: This is exactly what I was also telling people attacking Joan. Keep shining my girl. Infact Nakakande has to apologize

Shamim Namuyaga: Wow talking the truth is not acrime. Even though facts are bitter, facts always remain that, Miss Uganda never won Miss World, she didn’t even make it to the level of Queen Abenakyo. 

Ronnie Kwishiima: We don’t expect everything to always be positive when we get to the light…. Miss Uganda should have revised her agenda before getting angry because in the end, we are all stories.. People will criticise by all standards no matter our dignities. Joan Lule, you are too professional.

The 25 years old, won Miss Uganda pageant on 26th July 2019 in a pageant which was dominated by drama from self-proclaimed boss-lady Zari Hassan, a famous socialite the lead judge and Anita Fabiola the MC. 
When she was called up on the stage to announce the top three finalists, Zari caused a stir.
Zari demanded to have the results read to her attracting booing from the audience that lasted for about five minutes in protest of her behaviour.
She then thrust manila papers with names of the three finalists at Ms Anita Fabiola, one of the night’s mistress-of-ceremonies, repeatedly commanding her to catch them mid-air.
When Fabiola told Zari she was being disrespectful to everyone, the boss lady paused the announcement of the three finalists and went on the defensive attracting more boos from the guests.
She only stopped her antics after being told off by Ms Fabiola that this was not the place for such strange manners. Oliver Nakakande was finally announced the winner. 

● A journalist by profession, Joan Lule is a graduate with Bachelors from Kyambogo University.
● She later joined Middle Sex community college in Boston USA where she graduated in journalism.
● She also has three Dimensions Health Services MA US  for nursing thats why she can take off DNA samples. Joan is a certified nurse.
● She holds a certificate of personal development from Yale network, skills in  understanding the rights of women and girls, skills in effective communication for health outcome.
● Started her educational journey at St. Agnes Primary school, Kibuye Junior school, went to Irma Pfeifer Kajjansi for Secondary and joined St. Joseph’s School Kigando for HSC.
● She was recently signed by Christian Life Church Pastor Dr. Jackson Ssenyonga to his Top tv and Top radio media.


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