KAMPALA Capital City Authority Speaker Alhaj Abubaker Kawalya has called upon regulatory body Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to review the sanctions put against community radios commonly known ‘Ebizindaalo’ to be used in community sensitization against deadly Covid -19 pandemic. 

In a Statement released on behalf of the Council Authority he heads, Speaker Kawalya said masses should be educated about the National cause of fighting the spread of Coronavirus and that community radios are very vital in this service.

“This is the time to apply all measures to make sure the message against Covid -19 reaches all our people. As the Authority of KCCA, we call upon UCC to review their sanctions and clear community radios. This is a voice for our communities. And areas without Bizindaalo, government should improvise.” Said Speaker Kawalya.

Prince Kassim Nakibinge (middle) hosting Speaker Kawalya (in red kanzu) and Authority councilors

On Internet charges,  Kawalya said, “In the same vein, the Internet Services Providers are urged to provide special education packages to allow continued learning by students.”

“The Council beseeches schools to put in place initiatives to continue educating children through Social media including WhatsApp and YouTube.” Said Speaker Kawalya, who eyes Lubaga North MP seat in the next General elections.

The statement reads: In my consultation with Honourable Councillors, the Clerk to the Council and the Health Authorities, i issue the following message in addition to the government’s measures to prevent the onset of Coronavirus in Kampala Capital city.

KCCA SPEAKER KAWALYA’S FULL STATEMENTFellow Kampalans, as you are all aware, Coronavirus is here with us and many activities remain banned and closed until further notice. 

All Educational Institutions in Kampala have closed; congregational prayers suspended in Churches, Mosques and open air all done in the interest of our peoples’ health. 

Also banned are mass meetings such as the workshops, conferences, election related assemblies, introduction ceremonies, wedding meetings, weddings, stag parties, funeral wakes, bar parties, motor rallies, beach parties and sports – including football matches.

Therefore, the Authority Council advises that all of us act swiftly come out to fight the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 in our city.

All employers whose businesses are still open are urged to set strict health and preventive measures to guard against the spread of coronavirus in their workplace. 

All non-essential services such as bars shall remain closed. Only essential services like duukas, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies and banks shall open, praying the situation doesn’t worsen. 

While restaurants and shopping malls remain open, businesses are also encouraged to deliver meals, goods and services to customers in order to avoid crowds.

The Authority Council supports the additional measures taken by the Directorate of Public Health Services and Environment by providing washing amenities such as soap, water and buckets at the car parks, bus parks and other points of entry to public spaces. 

We also encourage all proprietors of business especially those in high risk jobs with hair salons and vegetable markets to be aware of symptoms of Covid-19.

Such as high temperature, coughing, sniffing and sneezing by customers to provide similar conveniences including sanitisers to the public.

The Council recognises the businesses that have come up to support initiatives to combat coronavirus by reducing mobile transaction fees and those that have repurposed their production lines to make hand sanitisers. 

We also call upon other corporations to offer the much needed assistance in their line businesses.

The banks are urged to cut interest rates for their borrowers because production is certain to reduce which will affect the purchasing power of workers. 

Therefore, our call to everyone is to view the Coronavirus pandemic in an interconnected way in if we should mitigate its impact on Kampalans.

We implore fuel companies to reduce the pump prices of diesel and petrol so that transporters are able to deliver staple foods such as matoke, maize, millet and beans. 

On our part, the Authority Council will meet in due course to review the risk management plan for Coronavirus that is in place and suggest additional emergency measures or even by-laws concerning the same. 

Such assessment will include measures which KCCA has undertaken to safeguard the people in quarantined shelters, protection of the homeless and street children, the use of communal water sources such as water wells, protected springs and water taps. 

It is hoped that by devising pragmatic solutions to alleviate Coronavirus, the Authority Council will have impact on the way the public complies with the recommended guidelines such as social distancing.

Last but not least, we as Kampalans need to come together for the health of everyone by taking care of our personal bodies and behaviour around everyone else. 

Let us remember to sneeze into our elbows, keep social distance and avoid the shaking of hands with each other. 

Let us remind our children to avoid loitering, read their books and do some simple physical exercises while at home. 

Let us also be careful by safely assisting those in need – our family, neighbours and friends who may be at risk – by calling the Ministry of Health on these toll free numbers – 0800100066 or 0800203033. We need to follow these public health guidelines to avoid exposing the community to worse danger by Coronavirus.These measures shall remain in force until further notice.


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