SELFLESS Nakaseke South Member of Parliament Paul Ssemakula Luttamaguzi who this week wrote to Speaker of Parliament authuorizing her to deduct a sum of money from his monthly salary to fight against Covid-19 spread, is indeed a generous young man.

Latest from Nakaseke, this opposition MP has today cut over 200 bunches of Matooke from his gardens and he is going to give them away to hungry bodaboda riders, taxi drivers and conductors in the townships of Semuto, Kapeeka and Nakaseke who are no longer working after the presidential directive.

Luttamaguzi is also giving out sacks of cassava and UGX 500,000 (Five hundred shillings only) to each of the over 20 bodaboda stages in his constituency.

The give away function is today at 10am in Nakaseke.

Speaking to the News Editor Online,  Hon. Luttamaguzi said, “These days, our people are experiencing the most hard moments  just like it was during the NRA bush war which left Luwero Triangle and Nakaseke in particular in acute poverty.”

“This Saturday morning i have decided to cut bunches of bananas from my gardens at camp Luttamaguzi to give them away to my friends the Taxi drivers and conductors operating at Semuto, Nakaseke and Kapeeka stages in Nakaseke South.” Said Hon. Luttamaguzi.

He says, “Each will take atleast two bunches of bananas, half sack of cassava and each taxi stage will receive UGX 500,000/=, for the moment.”

Also each bodaboda stage in township of Semuto, Kapeeka and Nakaseke will each receive 500,000 this Saturday. 

 “I have decided to first help these groups because their gardens (jobs) were closed by the directives of President. We can’t sit by as our people are dying of hunger. United we will stand, and surely we will overcome this situation.” Noted MP Luttamaguzi.  


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