JUST three days to his enthronement, former Makindye Ghetto boy, now The Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Steven Kazimba Mugalu is already swimming in the Archbishop anointing after being ushered in State of the art Archbishop palace today morning!

From a very humble background, thanks to Mum Jessica Nanyonjo who single handedly raised him in the Ghettos of Makindye, Kazimba will be enthroned ninth Church of Uganda Archbishop on Sunday! God is so amazing!

Maama Margaret Naggayi (right) Archbishop -elect Dr. Kazimba, Archbishop Ntagali and Rev. Kezia Vice Vicar at the entrance of Namirembe Cathedral today morning

Speaking to God’s people today morning in a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe, Dr. Kazimba said, “In our new Godly assignment we request for your support. Not support in fighting a war but in prayers.”

Bishop Luwalira welcomes Archbishop-elect Kazimba Mugalu


Arriving at Namirembe Cathedral, Dr. Kazimba was accompanied by wife maama Margret Naggayi and his long time friend Rev. Can. Captain Titus Baraka.

Rev. Can. Titus Baraka is the former Provincial Mission and Evangelism Secretary. Both have roots in Mukono.

Dr. Kazimba heads Words of Hope Ministries Uganda while Titus is the Chairman of the Board.

Amidst chants from the faithfils, Kazimba walked all the way from Nakulabye on Hoima road where his car dropped him, to Namirembe.

At the entrance of the Cathedral, he was happily welcomed by his brother, the outgoing Archbishop Dr. Stanely Ntagali.

They both walked to Church and here, were received by Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, Namirembe Diocese Bishop who led them into church service.

BROTHERS: Archbishop Ntagali receiving Archbishop-elect Kazimba

Later, Kazimba hosted his guests at the Archbishop’s Palace.

Archbishop-elect Kazimba was consecrated Bishop on 26th October 2008 and served as the Bishop of Mityana Diocese for almost eleven years.

He was born on 15th August 1962 in Buikwe Najja to Besweri Kaddu and Jessica Nanyonjo. He was born again as a Christian in 1984.

Archbishop-elect Kazimba did his diploma and undergraduate degree in theology from Uganda Christian University, Mukono, and received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan (USA).

At the time of his election, in addition to his responsibilities as a diocesan Bishop, Archbishop-elect Kazimba served as the Chairman of the Provincial Board of Household and Community Transformation, as well as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Ndejje University, Chair of the Committee for HIV and Public Health for the Interreligious Council of Uganda, and Chair of Words of Hope Uganda Radio Ministry.

About his calling, Archbishop-elect Kazimba says, “Since I have known Christ, I want Him to be known by word and life in the power of the Holy Spirit.” He has a passion for empowering others and developing the church, a subject he has written about in his 2015 book, Empowering the Laity, published by Words of Hope, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).

Archbishop-elect Kazimba is married to Margaret Naggayi Bulya, a strong Christian and Intercessor. They both come from humble backgrounds. “God has raised me from a hut to a state house, from nobody to somebody, from shame to fame, from grass to grace and from nowhere to somewhere,” says Archbishop-elect Kazimba.

Archbishop-elect Kazimba is a popular preacher at large conventions in Uganda and internationally.

The Kazimbas have four grown sons, two grandchildren, and have also cared for and raised more than 20 other children.


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