IT’S UNUSUAL! President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, His Majesty The Kabaka of Buganda and the Archbishop of Canterbury in UK have confirmed there presence at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe on Sunday 01st March 2020 at the Enthronement of Archbishop-elect Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Steven Kazimba Mugalu. 

During a service organised today at Namirembe Cathedral to welcome Dr. Kazimba Mugalu, the outgoing Archbishop said, “We have international and national guest on Sunday. His Excellency the president will be the guest of Honour, the 

Archbishop of Canterbury is also comming,  

Archbishop of the Angalican Church in North America he is going to lead the retreat beginning tomorrow of our Archbishop-elect and will be preaching on Sunday plus other Bishops all over the world.”

We are reliably informed, Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, will also attend.


The Provincial Mothers Union President Can. Dr. Ruth Ssenyonyi, Provincial Mothers Union Cordinator Babra Mugisha, Provincial head of Laity Mr. John Tereraho,  Mothers Union, Fathers Union. 

Today I have sat in the Archbishop Cathedra for the last time, yes, I will never sit in it again. 

And I have only three days to be the Archbishop and on Sunday I will abdicate and relinquish my episcopal authority and responsibility am looking after that, to join my wife maama Beatrice Ntagali Nalongo. 

This is a great day and thank you for comming, it’s a working day but you have come to welcome our Mugole on the hill of peace, Namirembe Hill with maama Margret and the family. We welcome you to Namirembe and what is interesting, Obs are going to be neighbours. Archbishop-elect I want to ensure you, Bishop Luwalira and maama Faith are very good neighbours. 

We are so happy that this day has come and I was at the palace this morning, I want to assure you that it’s ready for you and maama and all the family.

I want to thank the farewell and enthronement organizing committee for doing a very good job of renovating and rehabilitating the palace. In Africa and generally in Uganda, maintenance is a very big problem for us. The palace looks new, it’s shining. Thank you very much the Organizing committee, so to the Cathedral and Provincial team. Anf Curch is already ready for the Sunday function. Let us clap for the Bishop, the Dean and every one who has done so well.

As you have heard, last year on 28th August, the House of Bishops led by God elected my brother Dr. Samuel Kazimba, then Bishop of Mityana  as the 9th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

Whereas, Dr. Kazimba is the Ob of the Namirembe Bishop, he is my brother in Christ, my friend and fellowship will continue. Praise God!” 

I pray that God will use you my brother, to preach the Gospel.

The gift of humility, let me tell you, you can’t just claim it, it’s a gift from God.

And some people will see a humble man and want to play about. A humble man is a wise man.

When you are humble, you are thinking and praying and you give a decission that is well informed. There are those who are proud even among the Bishops and Archbishops, but humility is a gift, praise the Lord.

And they will see you doing great things my brother, because of your humility and because it comes from God.

So my brother, we want to welcome you and invite you to great the congregation.


Accompanied by his wife Margret, Dr.Kazimba started his speech by singing for the Lord……

“Nsaba ompe amagezi ayi mukama Katonda wange, nsaba ompe amaanyi taata ag’obuweereza, nsaba ompanirire ndi munafu atasaanira nkozesa ng’omukonogwo, neeeaddeyo okutereka ekiseera kyendimala ku nsi…  Oyanguwangako n’onnyamba, ayi Yesu, nsaba onkwatireko abantu banafu, ekisakyo kyekinammala.

What our eyes have never seen and our ears have never heard, and what we have never thought about, that is what the Lord does for those loving him.”

Am happy, on such in March 7th 1985, an Arsh Wednesday,  I accepted Jesus to be my saviour. Therefore, this is my birthday in Salvation. Tumutendereza Yesu..and up to now am still amazed! A no body, to become somebody in front of every body, without consulting any body and that is God himself.

King Ahab said,  he who puts on the armour shouldn’t boast like he who puts off the armour. I want to thank my father in faith The Most. Rev. Stanley Ntagali and maama Beatrice for the work well done. You have all reasons to boast and to thank God, I dont a reason to boast, to brag around, am just beginning. That is why we are calling you to pray for us as we begin this ministry, it’s a new calling, a new challenge,  a new opportunity for the gospel. I want to thank the Bishop of Namirembe and maama Faith, thank you. Mityana, the clergy and liaty


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