PHOTO: Jamil Kazibwe (left) after handing a Spear and Shield to President Museveni. Centre is iron lady Hadijah Namyalo


ON Friday September 8, 2023, hundreds of young people filled Kololo Airstrip to capacity not only to celebrate Katonga Freedom fighters or President Museveni’s birthday, but also to perform a very important function of endorsing Museveni’s 2026 Presidential bid!
In the presence of First Lady mama Janet Kataha Museveni, cabinet ministers and top men in uniform, on behalf of Bazzukulu, chief Muzzukulu Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye and youthful Jamil Kazibwe handed a Shield and Spear to His Excellency the President of Uganda as a traditional way for their endorsement of Museveni’s 2026 presidential bid.

President Museveni showing a spear and shield given to him by Bazzukulu

Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo is the Senior Presidetial Advisor on political affairs who doubles as Prrsonal Assistant Office of the National Chairman NRM.
“On behalf of all Bazzukulu (young people in Uganda) gathered here at Kololo to witness this historic moment, Mr. President, we hand you this Spear and the Shield as a symbol of power and a sign that we are commanding you to stand again for president in 2026. This spear is a sign of a weapon we young people are giving you to attack enemies against we the young people and our country at large and the shield, use it to guard us and our motherland. You are Bazzukulu’s candidate for President in 2026 and we will massively vote for you than never before.” Words used by Namyalo and Kazibwe Jamil as they hand a Spear and Shield amidst ululation by thousands of young people who came from institutions of learning, informal sector, civil servants, business class and politicians.

“We pledge to you Jjajja that we shall continue emulate from you, the struggle for the complete transformation of mother Africa. With all that, Your Excellency we are not going to negotiate as the Bazzukulu of this nation. As we fight for value addition, as we seek for empowerment, as we secure for our future for the betterment of this nation Mr. President, we are not going to negotiate when it comes to power because you owe us dear Your Excellency. We know it is not yet time for elections but Electoral Commission already released the 2025/2026 Election road map. This is the time to start, if not now, we shall never start.” Declared chief Muzzukulu Hadijah Namyalo. She informed the President. She added that, ” We have been all along agitating for you to stay on the main but now we say, you must reach your destination, as young people, let’s demonstrate that by massively voting for you in 2026, go on Jjajja, we are behind you.”
Clad in a blue suit and a black t-shirt with words, ‘Katonga Spirit’, Jamil Kazibwe told the President how their future is secured with Museveni being the Ugandan leader.
For those who may not be in the know, it is Jamil Kazibwe who launched Team MK about three years ago before being signed by Chief Muzzukulu Hadijah Namyalo to cordinate ‘Jjajja Omalayo, tukikube ku ballot’

Thanking Bazzukulu for all they did fod him, President Museveni said, “I am glad the Bazzukulu agreed with the idea to unite my 79 years of life celebration with our struggle. In this case, the battles of September 1972 and 1985 (Katonga). I want to thank all those who fought in Katonga and the battles before.”

A day later, First Lady Janet Museveni tweeted, “Yesterday, Mzee and I joined the people of Uganda, reflecting on the pivotal Katonga events of 1972 and 1985. The immense sacrifices of our troops and the valor of our fallen heroes have profoundly transformed Uganda, reinstating the nation’s dignity.”

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