PHOTO: Ms. Namyalo giving out hybrid goats to Luweero vulnarable people


THE Head of State who doubles as Chairman of the ruling NRM Party Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni has officially launched another war in Luwero Triangle, this time not a guerilla but a war against poverty which he has vowed to fight and end successfully.
Museveni directed his blue eyed girl Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye commonly known as Chief Muzukkulu to rally all ONC army of cordinators and invade Luwero Triangle, go district by district, constituency by constituency, village per village identifying homesteads having vulnarable people, but with space, give them chicks, hybrid goats and sheep to help them end poverty.
For starters, Hajjat Namyalo is the PA Office of the National Chairman (ONC) NRM, also Special Presidential Advisor (SPA) and leader ‘Jjajja tova ku Main, sigala ku ballot’, a campaign speareheaded by youth seaking for Museveni’s return as President in 2026 and beyond.

Speaking to hundreds of people today in the three constituencies of Baamunanika, Katikamu North and Katikamu South where she delivered 12,000 chicken, over 600 bags feeds and 240 hybrid goats, a workholick Namyalo said President Museveni is fed up of too much bureaucracy in government programs put in place to fight and end poverty. Ms. Namyalo has directives from The Head of State to directly liase with village chairpersons, help her identify vulnarable families, receive chicks, goats, sheep and everything required to help them look after the project until it’s ready for them to start harvesting money.
“Today i am here to launch ONC Wealth creation campaign under office of the National Chairman NRM, supervised by the Chairman President Museveni, himself. He has given me directives to directly reach out to vulnarable poor, give them chicks, goats and sheep, give you freeds, give you veterinary officers and financial upkeep so that you don’t give excuses. Poverty must be history in Luwero triangle. We will together devise means to end poverty in Luwero. War against poverty is commanded by Gen. Museveni and it will be defeated.” Hajjat Namyalo told the people of Bamunaanika, Ziroobwe in Luweero district.
For about four decades, Luwero Triangle where NRA guerilla war was fought has suffered the ravages of poverty. President Museveni has introduced a number of programs to end poverty but have been hit so much by bureaucracy and corruption. 
This time looks like he has finally found a lasting solution to the numerous ills that bedvils poverty in Luwero triangle by deploying his Personal assistant Namyalo and a team of ONC cordinators to directly reach out all villages and deliver these items to the beneficiary.
Museveni directed that this time, all items to fight poverty must be delivered straight to the beneficiary not through middlemen or brokers. This is what Hajjat Namyalo fulfilled today in the three constituencies making up Luwero districts.
“Because public has been complaining about how slow are government programs, that many don’t benefit from such programs due to high bureaucracy and a lot of money wasted in monitoring, the president has changed his approach. He has thence given directives to the manager ONC and she has complied.” Deputy PRO ONC Dr. Tibamwenda Brenda briefed News Editor Media.

In this campaign, ONC is boosting agriculture by mainly targeting the youth and in this endeavor, Hajjat Hadijah is donating 8000 chicks and 80 hybrid goats to the various families every constituency for the start. 
In Katikamu North, each of 20 people identified by local chairpersons received 200 chicks, other 40 people received 80 hybrid goats and 750kgs of feeds that beginning with starters mash, growers mash, and finisher mash plus medication for the chicks, all delivered by Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye.
Same to other two constituencies of Katikamu South and in Ziroobwe, Baamunaanika were vulnarable families received 8000 chicks, feeds and 160 hybrid goats to boost their incomes.
In every region, a veterinary officer was identified to monitor and treat for free of charge, the poultry and goats. Those who got chicks and goats were also given transport facilitation to help them take the chicks, goats and feeds to their respective homes.
Mr. Hakim Kyeswa who is attached to ONC Media desk told us, the next stop over is in Nakaseke district next week and Nakasongola district all in Luweero triangle. Then ONC wealth creation drive will spread to other Luweero triangle districts, and other parts of the country.
“This is a successful project loking at the speed, effeciency and transparency of the ONC boss Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo and her team. People have today received chicks, goats and feeds instantly. It’s time for action.” Said Hakim Kyeswa.
He said, basically, this project has come to backup parish development model and Emyoga. Only that this one has no bureaucracy.
Hakim Kyeswa told us that, “ONC doesnt only give out projects but also do feasibility study about this program and other government progams. We capture them and other presidential pledges. This program under our able leader Hajjat Namyalo will automatically be a success, poverty will be history.”
Addressing residents in Katikamu, Hajjat Namyalo clearly stated that this is a program from the office of the National Chairman NRM, not from the NRM secretariate.

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