Mulwana (left) with some ofFDC Party officials who visited him today


ADAM Mulwana, populary known for Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye’s 2011 and 2016 presidential campaign hit song, ‘Toka kwa bara bara, Besigye ameyingiya, towa kwa baasi yakwo tunayenda kifunguwo’ and ‘Besigye Songa mbere’, poisoned! 
His liver was affected, we are told, thanks to the medical doctors who have done everything possible to manage the situation. 
This evening, a delegation of Senior Party leaders led by Party President Hon.  Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) paid a courtesy visit to this star boy Adam Mulwana at his home in  Luwafu Parish, Makindye Division, Kampala City. 

This leading investigative news website is reliably informed that, Adam Mulwana an artist and a staunch FDC Party member is recuperating well and assured the Party President and the delegation that he can now stand on his feet. 
Mr. Mulwana was diagnosed with poison which affected his liver but he is being managed. 
The Party delegation also consisted of; Hon. William Nzoghu Mushabe the FDC Deputy President,  Hon. Kaps Hassan Fungaroo the FDC Party National mobilisation and Organization Secretary, Hon. Boniface Toterebuka Bamwenda the Party Electoral Commission Chairman, Mr. Kyambadde Wilberforce the Deputy Treasurer General, Mr. Mulindwa Walid Lubega the National Youth League Chairman, Party Staffs; among others.

The Party President on behalf of the delegation delivered the Party’s contribution towards the support and welfare of Mr. Mulwana and promised him that he will never walk alone. Mulwana once contested for councilor but he didnt make it.

According to a story published by Daily Monitor in 2021, Adam Mulwana once talked about being trailed by strange people for a mere song he did.
“I do not tell people where I stay. In fact, I have switched houses four times ever since the campaigns began,”
Mulwana would later reveal to Daily Monitor. 
He said, “I have moved my two children to another location to protect them. So I only stay with my wife. I think that way we are safer.”
On several occasions, Mulwana told media that he had mysterious men come to his home, questioning his wife about his whereabouts with no clear reason. “That is the reason I have kept moving only for them to locate me again,” he explains.
Mulwana has been moving within the musical circles for a while. He started out in 2010 as a ‘poster boy’ in the now defunct Eagles Production.
“My role was promotion. I was always assigned to erect banners and put up posters in various locations ahead of the band’s shows,” Mulwana revealed to Daily Monitor.
He remembered being deployed to every corner of the country to make sure the posters were up; a job he took very seriously until the time the band started breaking up.
The last born in a family of five was born in Buziranduulu, Luweero District. And just like his deceased parents, he was a strong supporter of the NRM government. “My father died for this government,” he repeatedly proclaims.
It is his two elder brothers, however, who died first as Kadogos in the NRA bush war. As he has been told by his maternal uncle who became his guardian after his father’s death, Mulwana’s two brothers joined the Bush War as young teenagers and were both killed in 1983.
His father, having shielded the NRA soldiers for too long was murdered around 1985 for supporting the rebels and the mother was consequently married off to a government soldier in Nakasongola. “She came back around 1988 but died in 2004,” Mulwana told Daily Monitor in an interview narrating how he fell in love with Dr. Besigye and FDC.

Here at News Editor Media, we wish Adam Mulwana a quick recovery

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