THE Mengo based opposition Justice Forum (JEEMA) Party has no kind words for National Unity Platform (NUP), another opposition Political party in Uganda, the former accuses the later of stealing their girl a one Rose Lunkuse, a student at Muteesa I Royal University. Lunkuse is contesting for Guild president on NUP ticket. JEEMA claims, she was their party member and endorsed candidate for this seat until NUP stole her from JEEMA.
Mr. Ssentongo Kyamundu, the Spokesperson JEEMA Party revealed to this leading investigative news website how NUP courted Lunkuse who had already nominated as a Justice forum candidate to throw away JEEMA and contest as NUP.

NUP had a candidate who failed to nominate by the names of Mugwanya Henry. Two candidates nominated one of NRM and the JEEMA candidate.
Sources say, NUP reached out to Lunkuse and promised her goodies if she goes to Kamwokya and be shown as their candidate. If not , they intimidated how they were going to support her counterpart a one Katana of NRM. She had to comply. “After their candidate failed to nominate, they restorted to courting our girl to instead pick NUP ticket. Such acts weaken commradeship with our partners in the struggle to liberate this country.” Said Ssentongo Kyammundu.
Asked whats wrong with a member of JEEMA being identified by another opposition party to deploy her at the battle field, Ssentongo said this goes beyond mere deployment.
“You tell our candidate to throw away our ticket and have yours. Is that what you call being deployed by a fellow forces of change? What about if they had instead rallied behind a JEEMA candidate like we have always done to other opposition political parties? As JEEMA, we strongly condemn this.” Said Kyamundu.
By press time, we had not got Kyamundu’s counterpart in NUP, for a rebuttal.

This is a developing story!

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