DEMOCRATIC Party 2021 loser for MP Rubaga South Eugenia Nassolo faced a great disappointment in her life on Saturday, following the refusal of National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament and other top party officials to attend her graduation party that she held at home near Buganda Royal in Kakeeka-Mengo. She graduated from Makerere University. The shocking story behind Nassolo’s degree will be given another day. Today, allow us concentrate on her graduation party!
Nassolo invited over 20 NUP MPs and other top leaders from the Kamwokya based political party, but non including the chief guest Barbie Itungo (Hon. Kyagulanyi’s wife) attended! 
On realising that her function is boycotted by the opposition National Unity Platform leaders, Nassolo rushed to FDC’s Ssalongo Erias Lukwago who alongside a few councilors mostly from Rubaga North bailed her out to save her from shame before her other invited guests.
Speaking to some Members of Parliament who turned down Nassolo’s invitation, they revealed to this leading investigative news website why they couldnt attend this graduation party saying she errored when she did not invite the area Member of Parliament Hon. Aloysius Mukasa. 
One of the invited NUP MPs from greater Masaka who turned down the invitation told us that, “You cant just go to a colleague’s constituency and attend such function when he is not aware! After receiving Nassolo’s invitation, i consulted Hon. Mukasa only to tell me how i was just giving him news about the function. I had to turn down the invitation.” 
The NUP MP massively defeated DP’s Nassolo in 2021 elections. She ran to court but withdrew the petition on realising that she had a very bad case agaist the peoples’ member of Parliament.
Investigations shows, Nassolo had set up an ambush for NUP MPs and other top party leaders when she invited them to her graduation party in the absence of area MP Hon. Mukasa to potray that legislators as well as NUP top leaders have ganged against their own Aloysius Mukasa for Nassolo! 
“Nassolo wanted to use her graduation party to hoodwink Rubaga South people how their MP had been sidelined and herself endorsed for the 2026 bid.”
Revealed one of Nassolo’s confidants who requested anonymity. Her game plan did not work.

Like all of you saw, Nassolo’s function had no chief guest. Fact is, she had dreamt of having Barbie Itungo, Hon. Kyagulanyi’s wife as her chief guest. 
Since she is not in Kyagulanyi’s good books because of her being a double sided politician, Nassolo approached a certain journalist (names with held) to help her reach Barbie so that she is invited to her graduation party as a chief guest.
We were reliably informed, Nassolo made juicy offers to this Ghetto journalist if only he could convice Barbie to put in an appearance. However all attempts to have Barbie failed. Neither did she attend or even delegate someone.
Those close to Mama Kampala know she doesnt attend functions which are not sactioned by her husband.

After failing to get Barbie for her graduation Party, Nassolo went for NUP National Mobilizer, also Kunga Uganda boss Fred Nyanzi, the brother to President Kyagulanyi.
She called Nyanzi begging him to attend her function. We cant tell why Chairman Nyanzi also turned down Nassolo’s invitation and didnt send a representative.

Just like it was expected, less than 100 people turned up for Nassolo’s graduation party! 
In attendance was Rubaga and Makindye mayors Zacky Mberaze and Ali Nganda Mulyanyama (both were in DP with Nassolo), a few councilors mostly from Rubaga North and other people.
She had invited Buganda Kingdom top officials but none attended. 
The organizing team told us, Nassolo booked food for 1000 people but only about 100 turned up, a bigger number refused.

FDC Vice president Buganda region also Lordmayor Kampala Ssalongo Erias Lukwago arrived at Nassolo’s home at around 6pm an our to close the function. He came in at a time of serving meals.
The usher wanted to lead Lordmayor direct inside the house where Mberaze and Mulyanyama were being served from but he refused over what analysts say, he never wanted to dine from the same table with Mulyanyama who wants to unseat him from City Hall come 2026.
Lukwago chose to sit outside in the tent to be served near a certain female councilor.
When called to address Nassolo’s guests, Lukwago attacked NUP Kampala Members of Parliament apart from Hon. Shamim Malende and other NUP leaders accusing them of not attending court sessions of Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana and Kawempe North MP Muhammad Ssegirinya.
The FDC politician mentioned how there is a big political vaccum in Rubaga in what some of those who attended the function intepreted as decampaigning NUP MPs.
Things didnt go well for Lukwago as a certain KCCA councilor tasked him to mention a few things he has done in Kampala before attacking NUP MPs who have not only given back to their constituents but also are visible on the floor, performing well in Parliament.
You have been Lord mayor since 2011. What is that one thing you have done for Kampala people apart from singing ‘rule of law’. Does your rule of law bring food on the tables of suffering Kampala people? Vendors are being arrested every day and tortured by KCCA enforcement, you who is proudly working, what have you done? Leave our MPs and concentrate on what you have to do.” Said a KCCA NUP councilor.

Although the MC kept on inviting guests to bring gifts for the graduand, none brought her gifts apart from FDC’s Lukwago and other few people.
Asked why she had not brought a gift for7 Nassolo, one of the leaders present told us without mincing words how Eugenia Nassolo is too mean, it was time for her to reap what she has been sowing. You cant believe it, only Lord mayor Lukwago, gave her a gift.

Efforts to speak to area MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa proved to be futile as he is in South Africa where Pariament sent him together with other legislators for Parliamentary business.

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