PHOTO:Bazzukulu from Northern Uganda endorse Museveni Sole candidate for 2026 Presidential elections


YOUTH from across the nine districts making up Lango region in Northern Uganda have endorsed ruling NRM supreme leader Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the 7th term as President saying, he is still fresh and Ugandans need him more than ever before!
Northern Uganda youth believe, the NRM mass party and Uganda at large,  
where it is now, requires not just a driver (President) but one who is experienced, exposed and steady, a driver who measures to no one except President Museveni who they prefer calling Jajja Museveni, to drive the yellow bus and lead Uganda.
The youth who gathered at AMILTON Hotel in Lira City on Tuesday claimed that under the leadership of H.E Yoweri Museveni, young people are neither identified by where they come nor languages they speak but by the common aspirations.
Weeks ago, Bazzukulu Ba Museveni in Kampala, Masaka, Mitoma,Teso and other parts of the country were the first to endorse Museveni for 2026 polls. Lango youth said on Tuesday, they add their voice to fellow youth country wide to endorse Museveni for president.
Nicholas Nuwagira the Vice Chairperson NRM youth league for Western Uganda welcomed Lango youth aboard and said, young people need an elder whom they look up to and that elder (Yoweri Museveni) is the Jjajja to all the Bazzukulu, none other than ‘the Father of the region’ as referred to by Kenya’s President Samoi Ruto.
Abdul George who mobilised Lango youth said he got encouraged and convinced when he saw the youth in other Sub-regions endorsing President Museveni and felt, Lango region was being left out.
“I rang Ms Hadijah Uzeiye the newly appointed Personal Assistant Office of the National Chairman NRM and also coordinator Bazzukulu.”
Abdul George told this News Website.
For starters, Ms Hadijah Uzeiye is championing the the endorsement of Mzee Yoweri Museveni Kaguta for 2026 President among the young people and her campaign is a success as thousands of youth country wide are already speaking out in support of the endorsement.
Hadijah Uzeiye says young people are indebted to President Museveni for the progressive and accountable leadership, inheriting a fragmented Uganda whose sectarian leadership was based on religion and tribes which had nothing to do with service delivery like reliable, affordable electricity, improved health service, free education and good road network .
The Lango youth under the leadership of Abdul George in their endorsement, urged all youth from the neighborhood of Acholi & West Nile to follow the suit and enable ‘Jjajja’ Museveni accomplish a few other things not limited to leading Uganda into the money economy, exploring Uganda’s oil, building a refinery and securing oil pipeline for the benifit of a secured future.
The endorsement attracted the National Vice Chairperson NRM youth league Mr. Achile Twaib, Mr.Oguti Sebastian who is the deputy dean of RDCs and DRDC Lamwo district, Mr.Odong Robinson the chairperson NRM youth league Abim district, Ms Acio Pasquine the National Secretary Students’ Affairs and many other leaders.

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