PHOTO: NRM youth Chapter, Makerere University during a campfire discussion


SENIOR Presidential advisor and Personal Assistant Office of the National Chairman NRM Kyambogo Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye who doubles as National coordinator Bazzukulu has urged youth to applaud President Museveni for what she referred to as ‘harbouring a strong ideology’.
She was speaking yesterday to members of NRM youth Chapter, Makerere University during a campfire discussion on the theme “Understanding NRM ideology”.

Hadijah told Makerere University youth how hard it is to discuss the NRM ideology in exclusion of the Father of the region Jajja Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. 
She said, “Democracy, socio-economic transformation, pan Africanism and Patriotism are the core values to which NRM is founded under the leadership of President Museveni.”
She defined ideology as the set of ideas/ideals which forms the socio-economic & political theory of governance of a state.
“If it were not resilience, determination & commitment, President Museveni wouldn’t have succeeded in ushering in democratic leadership in Uganda because everyone would just imagine impossibility in motivating the 27 gunmen to believe in Jjajja even when he paid them no salary. But because they had determination of taking over government one day, they had no choice but to  believe in their Supreme commander Jajja Museveni, until the capture of leadership,”
she said. 
Ms Hadijah also said that in 2005, Ugandans moved from a single party system to multi party governance, which puts President Museveni to a practitioner of his ideology.
She further said that Jajja Museveni is democratic always while dispensing leadership. Citing an example of the inter party platform (IPOD) where political parties sit at a round table to discuss governance as opposed to radical and dramatic styles of FDC & NUP, the senior Presidential advisor said that Ugandans should follow and continue entrusting President Museveni for choosing dialogue to isolation, as discussing leadership and the future of Ugandans require sober minds than the camera dramas.
In her conclusion, Ms Hadijah Uzeiye told the NRM Makerere University chapter to consider endorsing Mzee Museveni Kaguta Tibuhaburwa to contest for presidency in 2026 since he inherited tough responsibility of a fragmented Uganda, assembled it and ushered in democracy, but he still needs more years to accomplish a few other pending responsibilities.

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