Hon. Kawalya addressing the people of Namungoona whose property were destroyed by NEMA yesterday.


RUBAGA NORTH legislator Hon. Abubaker Kawalya today morning rushed to Namungoona in Rubaga, where hundreds of people were yesterday illegally evicted by officials from The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and their property worth millions of shillings reportedly destroyed by heartless security officials!
MP Kawalya who was accompanied by Rubaga mayor Zacchy Mberaze, a number of councilors and other local leaders, bought food for the evicted people and also vowed to pursue this matter to Parliament. 
Kawalya wants his people compensated for the loss they incurred over what people called incompetence and injustice inflicted upon them by NEMA.
“I am going to raise this issue as a matter of National importance. We will also engage Prime minister. My people must be compensated. NEMA didn’t give them notice, they were just ambushed as if NEMA doesn’t know the law.” Area MP Kawalya told our reporter, on phone.
On Wednesday, NEMA conducted what referred to as a merciless eviction operation that combed down people’s houses and businesses amidst tight security by police officers who were armed to the teeth.
Kawalya together with mayor Mberaze and councilors 0 Councilors Wasswa Ibra Ssemanda, Agatha Mawanda and Hajat Fatuma Muguluma got annoyed by the wrath of the security operatives who conducted the operation which saw the destruction of property worth millions, hence turning these residents into beggars.
The evicted people told their Member of parliament how they erected their structures at the watch of NEMA. They are now demanding for equity in form of compensation for the damage inflicted onto them.
In response, NUP MP Kawalya said, the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, under the General Social and Economic Objectives guarantees to fulfill the fundamental rights of all Ugandans to social justice, economic development, enjoying rights and opportunities and access to clean and safe water, health and decent shelter amongst others.
He said his people were not given a fair hearing and in any way, NEMA had to warn them.
We are told, during a retreat of RCCs/RDCs and their deputies in Kyankwanzi recently, President Museveni directed them to desist from giving green light to people building in wetlands warning that,  any RCC or RDC who will be involved,  “I will not only fire you but you will be arrested and taken to prison.”
Mr. Museveni believes, floods which rese hit Bugishu subregion killing people and destruction of properties, were as a result of encroaching on wetlands. He also directed NEMA to handle. The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is a semi-autonomous institution, established in May 1995, as the principal agency in Uganda, charged with the responsibility of coordinating, monitoring, regulating and supervising environmental management in the country. 
Hon. Kawalya however said, in execution of their duties, NEMA should notify the people before evictions are carried out so that their property isn’t destroyed.  

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