PHOTO: Remmy Asiteza with his loot, minutes before he was arrested


ON TUESDAY evening, Security operatives working with Uganda Police arrested two senior fraudsters in Kampala over a false and defamatory story they published on social media against Ham Towers Makerere with an intention of sabotaging, blackmailing and extorting money from its owner, tycoon Hamis Kiggundu.
The harvested fraudsters Javira Sebwami who is the founder of UGSTANDARD.COM and Remmy Asiteza of the DAILYEXPRESS.CO.UG were arrested with an exhibit of UGX 4M they had extorted from tycoon Kiggundu as a ransom to put down a false and malicious story about his mega business mall (Ham Towers), located opposite Makerere University main entrance.

According to that false story published on social media, the authors put in print lies about how traders operating at Ham Towers had called upon the National Building Review Board to immediately carry out structural assessment of this multi million Mall, for fear that their lives are in danger. 
In a story which didn’t quote any trader saying so, Sebwami Javiira and his partner in crime put words in the mouth of Ham tenants that their concern was about the multiple compression failure of reinforced concrete columns of the entire structure.
The false article said, traders now fear for their lives and wanted Kampala Capital City Authority and National Building Review Board to urgently intervene and make an assessment of this building! 
On this building is a Super Market, offices, training institutions and other mega businesses which have been operating for years without any fears!
Successful businessman Hamis Kiggundu who owns a number of buildings and business malls in Kampala said Sebwami Javira, Remmy Asiteza and others still on the run, were simply spreading hate and negativity against him with a motive of tainting and sabotaging his businesses.
“Their story holds no substance, there is no complaint and no evidence. It isn’t backed by any proof. Just mere blackmail and sabotage. There is no need for panic, we will get them.” Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu who is a lawyer by profession revealed to this investigative news website, just a few hours before the two fraudsters were netted.

Before having the two arrested, they were first contacted by Mr. Kiggundu’s aide who advised them to pull down that false story about Ham Towers and its owner from their websites since it had no facts apart from blackmailing and tainting his name and business.
The two vowed not to pull down the story until Hamis Kiggundu remits UGX 4M in cash. They threatened and coerced Hamis Kiggundu into giving them money or they hit his business empire, more.
“It’s true the story has no facts but putting it off goes at a cost. You know how economy is biting these days. Deal is, give us UGX 4M and story will be removed from our websites instantly.” Said one of the two netted conmen. Little did they know that the whole conversation was being recorded! 

Ham’s aide told them how they can’t pay for such a defamatory story. However the two kept on boasting that if Hamis wants the story off website, let him cough that ransom or he should wait for a tough part II of the story!
On being briefed by his aide about the two guys’ demands , Businessman Kiggundu approached Police who with the aid of other senior security operatives plotted the arrest of these fraudsters.
According to the plot, Kiggundu’s aide had to call the two guys showing how his boss was ready to comply with their demand.
They identified a meeting venue to receive the ransom so that Javira and Asiteza proceed to remove the story.
Security operatives were deployed around the venue and by the time Ham’s aide brought UGX 4M and handed this cash to the two conmen, the place was already marked a ‘crime scene’.
“Upon receipt of UGX 4M, Javira Sebwami and Remmy Asiteza were arrested and handcuffed.” Confirmed Hamis Kiggundu’s aide.
A case number SD REF53/29/8/2022 vide Kira Police Station was opened against the two.
At Kira Police, the two pleaded for forgiveness saying it is the economic situation which forced them to spread lies against businessman Kiggundu.

In an interview with business mogul Hamis Kiggundu, he told us how others should learn from these two arrested conmen that they their is a price paid in blackmailing,  defaming and spreading malice against one’s business.

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