PHOTO: Hon. Counsel Mbidde making an urgement in court today


THE matter in Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court in which controversial lawyer Mabirizi Kiwanuka accused the DP President General also Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs Hon. Nobert Mao and the DP Secretary General Mr. Siranda Gerald Blacks of being common nuisance after signing a Cooperation Agreement with NRM on behalf of DP, Mabirizi has lost miserably.
“Court has dismissed the Mabirizi case for being vexatious and frivolous”, said Minister Mao’s lawyer, Hon. Counsel Fred Mukasa Mbidde, today evening.
With able representation of Hon.Mukasa Fred Mbidde who also doubles as the DP Vice President, Counsel Ssemuyaba Justin and Counsel Ssengendo Eric through his chambers Mbidde & Co. Advocates, Hon. Mbidde successfully persuaded the presiding Chief Magistrate Her Worship Stella Maris Amabilis to overrule Mabirizi’s oral application.
Counsel Mbidde who is also MP EALA,  requested Her Worship to recuse herself from the case on grounds of conflict of interest particularly alleging Her Worship’s extended relationship with Hon. Mao, to which Her Worship Amabilis agreed with Hon. Mbidde’s submission and dismissed Mabirizi’s application.
In the Chief Magistrates court of Entebbe at Entebbe Miscellaneous Application No. 24 of 2022, under Section 42 (1) (b) 8 (3) of Magistrate’s Court Act, Male Mabirizi instituted criminal proceedings against Narbert Mao and Gerald Blacks Siranda.
According to particular of offence, Narbert Mao, Gerald Blacks Siranda and others still at large, between 20th – 27th July 2022 or soon before or after those dates at State House Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso District, holding out as President and General Secretary General respectively of Democratic Party an Opposition Political Party well aware that your 5 years term expired in the year 2020, signed a document titled, ‘Memorandum of Understanding with Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni holding out as Chairman National Resistance Movement,  a ruling political party, an Act not Authorised by Law thereby causing annoyance or inconvenience to the public.
The Presiding Chief Magistrate has instructed Male Mabirizi to diligently adhere to the legal procedures required in the initiation and prosecution of a criminal matter as a Private Prosecutor.
Specifically, the Chief Magistrate notified and directed Mr. Mabirizi that before any other step is taken on the case, he (Mabirizi) is required to produce an LC 1 letter from Entebbe State House zone chairperson confirming that indeed a crime was committed by Hon. Mao and Mr. Siranda in that location, as it is required by the laws governing private prosecution.

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