RIP: NUP members at the grave of Ritah Nabukenya. She was knocked to death by by a security car


RUBAGA South member of Parliament Hon. Aloysius Mukasa has given his Heroes’ day message saying, genuine heroes who have made outstanding contribution towards the liberation of this country from corruption, political persecution, torture, abduction and murder of political opponents, will be given medals when National Unity Platform show NRM government exit.

In his Heroes day message Hon. Mukasa has said, “A hero is a real person who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, or strength! In National Unity Platform (NUP), our hearts will always remember heroes murdered in cold blood, those abducted, tortured and arrested in line of struggle to liberate our country!”

According to this Member of Parliament, “Heroes who were killed like Yasin Kawuma, Dan Kyeyune, Ritah Nabukenya, Frank Kalibbala, Kibalama John Bosco, Lukoma Stephen, Michael Kalinda, Elias Ejoku and many others who have gone through inhuman torture and abduction like Luzige Masuudi, Samuel Masereka, Kassim Migadde, Atiku Shaban, Alexandria Marions, Ronald Ssegawa, Joseph Ssemata plus many others will be rewarding for their outstanding contribution towards the liberation of our country.”
He talked about hundreds of political prisoners who are languishing in prison like Saanya Muhdyn Kakooza and those whose death left behind unanswered questions like Denis Waiswa and Yakubu Kiggundu!
“These genuine heroes will receive medals when the war to liberate our country is over. Yes, they are the heroes we all must celebrate!” Writes NUP Rubaga South Member of Parliament Hon. Aloysius Mukasa in his Heroes’ day message.

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