PHOTO: Rubaga South MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa and other Members of Parliament sitting on the Equal Opportunities Committee today morning visited Kabwohe Health Centre IV in Western Uganda, finding it in a sorry state


TWO National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament sitting on the Equal Opportunities committee of Parliament have shunned committee meeting organised in an NRM office full of President Museveni and other NRM candidates’ 2021 campaign posters, after organizers allegedly failed to get a ‘suitable’ venue for a meeting.

Opposition NUP MPs Hon. Aloysius Mukasa (Rubaga South) and Hon. Dr. Christine Nandagire Ndiwalana (Bukomansimbi North) walked out of the meeting in protest, saying they can’t be trapped into doing Parliament business from an NRM office fearing that photos can be easily taken and used by agents of State to discredit NUP leaders.
“Let’s have our meeting under a tree shade if you don’t have another hall but not in an NRM office. If you can’t change the venue, sorry, we are out of this place. Committee didn’t come to assess situation in NRM offices. President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi directed that we must always trade carefully as we conduct business.” Said Hon. Mukasa as he was walking out of the meeting hall. He was followed by Hon. Christine Ndiwalana.

However, other committee members including those from other opposition political parties remained behind and the meeting went on.
All this took place yesterday in Buhweju district, Western Uganda where members of Parliament sitting on the committee of Equal Opportunities had travelled to visit and assess situation in hospitals and engage district leadership on service delivery.
When the committee reached Buhweju, the district leadership had organised to have a meeting with the MPs in an NRM office which the two NUP MPs strongly opposed and moved out.
Today morning, the committee travelled to Shema and are visiting Kabwohe Health Centre IV. They spent a night in Bushenyi.
On their return at the end of this week, they will give a conclusive report about their findings.

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