Buganda’s Supreme leader Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II and Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga who recently celebrated 9 years in office. Owek. Mayiga is very supportive to Buganda Land Board in managing and protecting Kabaka’s land.


KAMPALA businessman Hamis Kiggundu is being accused of waging a blackmail campaign against Buganda Land Board officials after he was forced to vomit over 100 acres of land he had fraudently acquired on Kabaka’s Kigo land, in Wakiso district.
When Ham Kiggundu tried to take over Kabaka’s land in Kigo by force, he faced backlash from the people of Buganda. The backlash was so intense that he decided to abandon his plans and declared before cameras how he had left the land to the Kabaka. That as a Muganda, he wasn’t ready to fight the Kabaka.
However, and shockingly, he recently made U-turn, eating a cake and have it again. In a letter he wrote to the commissioner of lands through his lawyers of Muwema advocates, Kiggundu claims the Kigo land is his, not Kabaka’s. 
Additionally, sources say, he  has resorted to blackmailing Buganda Land Board and it’s officials, tarnishing them, thinking he can win cheap popularity.
“We have seen sponsored opinion/online articles like that written by a one David Sserumaga of Ugandaonline media titled, ‘ Owek. Katikiro Mayiga Should Intervene And Save Us, Mafias Who Used To Disturb Kabaka’s Subjects Using Buganda Land Board Have Resurfaced.’ No amount of lies or blackmail can divert BLB or its officials from their mandate of managing and protecting Kabaka’s land. If Hamis Kiggundu believes this approach can save him from the embarrassment of stealing Kabaka’s land, he is day dreaming.” A top source from Mengo told this investigative news Website.
According to the said article by a one Sserumaga, it stated that Buganda Land Board officials are mafias and that the Katikkiro should reign them in and stop them from taking Kiggundu’s Kigo land. “Hamis Kiggundu and his people are probably forgetting that the role of Buganda Land Board is to primarily protect Kabaka’s land against grabbers like him. He hopes that he can bad mouth Buganda Land Board officials and that the Katikkiro will stop them from forcing him to vomit the Kigo land he has wrongly declared to be his, based on a fraudulent freehold title his company KIHAM got from Wakiso district? He is a joker!” Revealed our Mengo source who asked for anonimity.
When we approached Buganda Land Board officials for a comment on Sserumaga’s article they said,  the official spokesman openly told is, “We have no comment.” However an insider tolf this news website that they won’t be cowed by amateurish blackmail by Kiggundu’s camp, and that they will go on to ensure that Kabaka’s land in Kigo is protected against Ham Kiggundu’s machinations.
They vowed that a team of senior lawyers set up by Katikkiro Mayiga will make sure that Kiggundu’s fake title is cancelled.
It should be remembered that, on many occassions, Kiggundu’s name has been mentioned for blackmailing those standing in his way. 
There was an incident of blackmailing  the principal judge on matters to do with DTB bank. The same name was also mentioned for blackmailing Nakivubo officials who had refused to consent on giving away Nakivubo land. 
“He is basically a cry baby who thinks he is entitled to grab things and that he should face no consequences while at it. He should never play around with Kabaka’s land. Advise him.” Quoted Mengo source. 
What next? Watch the space!

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