PHOTO: From right; MPs Dennis Ssekabira, Abubaker Kawalya, Brenda Nabukenya, Muhammad Ssentayi and Micheal Bukenya during Mission House fundraising at Namirembe Cathedral on Sunday

● Rubaga North MP donates more UGX 3M towards Namirembe Diocese Mission House completion 
● LOP Mathias Mpuuga, other MPs; Michael Bukenya, Dennis Ssekabira, Muhammad Ssentaayi, Brenda Nabukenya, Gorreti Namugga, David Kabanda, Hanifer Nabukeera, Kayemba Solo, John Mulimba and others show solidarity to area MP Kawalya at Namirembe Cathedral Convention and Mission House fundraising
● Buganda Land Board boss Simon Kabogoza Muwanga, minister Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo, Hon. Beatrice Nyakaisiki Byenkya, ex-Minister Nyombi Thembo and Tycoon Gaster Lule Ntakke’s generosity excites Bishop Kityo Luwalira


YESTERDAY Sunday May 8, 2022, Rubaga North legislator Abubaker Kawalya led fellow members of Parliament to Namirembe Diocese mega Convention and later to a fundraising function for the completion of Mission House, on the invitation of Namirembe Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira and Diocesan Secretary Rev. Ssegawa.
The theme of the convention was: “You shall be my people and I will be your God” Jeremiah 30:22. It was organised by The Mission Department of Namirembe Diocese.
Speaking to the Anglicans who filled St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe to capacity, without mincing words,  Hon. Kawalya said, “Who ever wants to give our coffee to a foreigner Ms. Enrica Pinetti is joking! We will not allow that to happen. I call upon all of you, support the fight to save our coffee. Government signed a bad agreement, which we have strongly rejected. Please, join us to fight this deal.”
Kawalya, a former Speaker of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), in the presence of Buganda Lukiiko Speaker Owek. Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule told the congregation that, Buganda Kingdom’s Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has done a commendable job in rallying Kabaka’s subjects to plant more coffee through ‘Emmwanyi Terimba’ campaign, wondering how can government sign such an agreement without consulting Katikkiro and coffee growers in Buganda and other regions of the Country.
Kawalya said, “You all know how our Katikkiro has been traversing the whole Kingdom calling upon Kabaka’s subjects to plant more coffee, then next day, government without consulting Owek. Mayiga, signs such an agreement giving our coffee to a foreigner and it expects us to agree with it? No way!”
As the area member of Parliament, Kawalya requested the congregation to rise up and resist this coffee agreement saying it was brought in a bad faith and has many loopholes.
Hon. Kawalya decried the skyrocketing prices saying people should leave the comfortable zone to demand for an urgent solution.
He said all this in the presence of two State ministers Owek. Joyce Juliet Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo (IT & National guidance) and John Mulimba (State minister in charge of Foreign Affairs).
Kawalya used this function to thank Rubaga North people for overwhelmingly voting him and proudly said, “I won at all polling stations in the constituency. Thank you for entrusting me with your votes, you will never regret.”
The day started with a service and had three preachers.
The first one was Ven. Can. Godfrey BK Buwembo from Nateete Archdeaconary
He talked about some parents who these days are confused, thinking about school fees for their children but asked them not to fear because God himself said, we will be his people and he will be our God.
“God knows what bothers us, he knows our needs, he knows all about us, he knows all the situations we are going through because he is the God and does everything in the Universe. He sees all attrocities you commit against fellow people .”He reminded the congregation. Those who torture people, God is seeing you so tread carefully. Jeremiah, in the Bible says, ‘When we acknowledge God, he will heal and renew us.’ ” Preached Ven. Can. BK Buwembo.
Another preacher The Very Rev. Jonathan Kisawuzi Ssalongo, who is the Dean St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe preached about giving to God and the importance of the Mission House.
He said, “When you find God’s treasury and he teaches you giving, tell me any one whose business collapsed for giving back to God? Yes, he or she can make a loss but still, the business booms again because God is the provider. Those who wisely chose to give back to God, they have received more blessings.”
Ssalongo Jonathan Kisawuzi asked, “Who of you young girls visits your boy friends and when you are leaving, he gives you exact transport, can you go back there? But most of us when we come to the Lord, we are slow in giving back know to God.”
He told church that when Mission House is completed, and it starts bringing money to the Church, it will help the Bishop to have source for contributions because people always ask, what do we gain from the Cathedral. 
“How do you feel when Bishop contributes 5M on behalf of the Diocese? As Diocese, we need source of income so that we can fund different projects. My lord the Bishop, Mission House needs to be completed quickly so that, work done so far is not be in vain due to the ongoing down pour.” Ssalongo Kisawuzi noted.
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira read from the book of Mark 8:25-27 and urged every one, “To see things in a right way. One who has God is capable of seeing things and understands whether what he or she does is wrong or right.”

Later, Kawalya was invited by Diocesan Mission Secretary Rev. Samuel Muwonge to lead fellow MPs in fundraising for Mission House.
Before announcing his contribution of Shs 3M, Kawalya, who last year delivered bags of cement for Mission House, invited fellow MPs to contribute. Who gave what;
● Hon. Dr. Michael Bukenya (NRM – Bukenya Constituency) gave UGX 3M
● Hon. Brenda Nabukenya (NUP – Luweero district woman MP) UGX 500,000
●  Hon. Dennis Ssekabira (NUP – Katikamu South) UGX 500,000
● Hon. Muhammad Ssentayi (NRM Bukoto Mid-West) UGX 1M
● Hon. John Mulimba  (NRM – Samia Bugwe Constituency) UGX 1M
● Hon. Maria Gorreti Namugga  (NUP Mawogola) UGX 500,000
● Hon. Hanifah Nabukeera (NUP – Woman MP Mukono district) 300,000
● Hon. Kayemba Solo (NUP – Bukomansimbi South) 500,000

● Hon. Minister Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo – UGX 3M
● Hon. Nyombi Thembo – UGX 2M
● Gaster Lule Ntakke – UGX 10M
● Omuk. Simon Kabogoza Muwanga – UGX 2M
● Owek. Florence Bagunywa Nkalubo – UGX 1M
● Owek. Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule – UGX 500,000
● Hon. Beatrice Nyakaisiki Byenkya – UGX 1M and many others

At the end of the function, Rev. Muwonge who heads Mission department in Namirembe Diocese announced that they had collected about UGX 92M cash and over UGX 50M in pledges.
He said, their target for the next phase is UGX 200M.
“I want to thank my Lord the Bishop of Namirembe, the Diocesan Secretary, the Dean and all people of God who have contributed towards Mission House. We have moved a long way but still need more funds. May God bless you abundantly.” Said Rev. Samuel Muwonge.
The function was coloured by different gospel choirs which included Gospel Elite Crescendo and Cathedral Choir.
Bishop Luwalira is expected to lay a stone on Mission House in September this year. In the same month, Mission department will hold another Convention from 11th to 18th. It will involve sports gala and praying for students who will sit for their final examinations at the end of this year.

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