PHOTO: Minister Anite posing for a photo with the manufacturers of new cheap cars in Uganda


PRIVATISATION and Investment Hon. Evelyn Anite has unveiled Uganda’s modern fuel efficient car making unit at the Automobile Group Uganda Company Limited. Congratulations NRM government for this step taken!
Speaking at an inspection tour of  the country’s biggest business park in Namanve, Minister Anite lauded the company for availing the country with a timely product that not only reduce the volume of used  imported cars in the country but also make fuel friendly cars.
“We welcome this initiative because it directly answers the challenge that we have as a country on fuel costs,” Minister Anite said.
She added, “Besides providing jobs for our people, this will also go a long way in helping our country in reducing on the high volume in very old and yet expensive imported cars in Uganda. And you find that most of such cars are emit gasses which are a big threat to our environment.”
She also revealed that the development is part of the country’s initiative to promote home generated products and services which are manufactured, promoted and sold under the ‘Buy Uganda, Build Uganda’ initiative. 
The BUBU drive is among others meant encourage the uptake of domestically made products as a means to promoting local talent, curing the long standing challenge of unemployment in the country also tone down levels of immigrant workers.
In his remarks, the Company Director Mr Anthony Liu revealed that the cars manufactured at the plant will not only be fuel efficient, but  also installed with state of the art equipment meant to reduce on carbon emissions thus sustain quality air in the country.
“We are going to sell our cars just as the sane rate of those that are at used car prices. For instance the pick-up double is just USD35,000 (Ug Shs125 Million) at zero mileage,” Mr Liu said before revealing that “we have already made 32 large trucks and 32 pick-ups.”
Mr Liu also revealed the cars are built on well researched technology that will not only ensure that the country gets economically viable cars but with a long span as well.
“So because we have very trustable technology, in the future we want to make the country’s cheapest brand new cars in Uganda and the region of East Africa,” Mr Liu said.
Additionally, the company also manufacturers air filters, cabin, oil and fuel filters under its subset strand known as the Uganda Filtration Technic Company Limited located at the Mbale Industrial Park.
Also Manufacturer air, cabin, oil and fuel filters under the company’s unit Uganda Filtration Technic Co. Limited located at the Mbale Industrial. Under the same strand research unit purposed to take on more Ugandan students enlarge knowledge base on the same.
The filters, among others, prevent the engine from premature abrasion, moisture, dehumidification, and no affection to air inhalation. 
The same branch of the company, research unit is set up to mainly absorb more Ugandan students as a means of widening the pool of experts in the line of work in the country.
“We may not be able to make most of the spare parts here but we believe we can make glasses, tyres. We look out for any Ugandan factory that has these materials and once they are tested to be fit for the cars we make, then we will definitely take them up,” Mr Liu said.
The company already intends to roll out the product to other parts of the country. Currently, the company has a branch nested at the Mbale industrial Businesses Park which manufactures filters that are fitted and used in the same cars.
These include Vigus 5 SWD pick-up trucks which are all designed to suit the conditions and terrain in East Africa and the African continent as well. 
Among the long term plans that the company has include accommodate intern students from both vocational institutions and University in the areas of Information Technology, computer science, mechanical engineering among others. 
“When these come, we train them in all the sectors and through the entire production line of the cars,”Mr Liu said before adding: “This is meant to expand the knowledge base in this area so that the same can be used in other factories.”
He further stated: “We trust that once we train as many Ugandans as possible then, the same labour force can be embraced and applied in local companies like the Kira Motor vehicles.”
With the launch of this development, Uganda joins the counterparts in the East African Community which among others includes Rwanda and Kenya that have since engaged in high-end initiatives and programmes to quench the thirst of ever growing demand for modern and brand new motor vehicles.
It is worth noting that most of the countries in the region have had a high reliance on second hand cars and have also had an adverse effect in the countries that they have been bought and used.
About the company, cars
Automobile Group Uganda Company Limited currently imports most of the spare parts from overseas for the first line of production. It however has plans to equipping native workers to learn and apply the same knowledge skills that can later be applied on producing spare parts for same within the country.
The company is to be headquartered in Uganda as central station so that it can make and churn out cars for ever growing thirst in the East African region.
Among the major products made by the company is the Vigus 5 4WD pick-ups both the single and double cabin versions. These come with one of the lowest fuel consumptions whereby with 8 litres, one is able to cover at least 100KM. The truck is gutted with Disc brake with ABS + EBD. Manual transmission 5 forward + one reverse. It has a sitting capacity of 5 persons within the double cab with an extended trunk for one’s extra goods or commodities.
All the cars manufactured under the plant are installed purify air quality. Specifically purify harmful gases, remove odors, reduce odors, reduce bacterial growth and also ensure that the car’s interior had a constant supply of fresh air.
Having the studied the Ugandan market and established that some of fuel station have adulterated fuel, the makers of the said car have filters that incase a driver unclean fuel, the dirt and water and filtered before releasing clean fuel into the engine for combustion.

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