THE Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among has commend Members of Parliament more so the Budget Committee for the devotion throughout this process.
In her communication today morning before Hon. Opolot Patrick Isiagi the Budget Committee presented a report on the Annual Budget Estimates for FY2022/23  as mandated by the constitution, Speaker Anita said, “Hon. Members, as you are aware, we are at the tail end of the appropriation process for the budget of the FY 2022/23.” 
“As you may recall, as a House, we began with the consideration of the National Budget Framework Paper FY 2022/23-2026/27 in late December 2021 pursuant to Rule 144 (1) and 145 of the Rules of Procedure. This was followed by the consideration of the Ministerial Policy Statements in March 2022 pursuant to Rule 146 of the Rules of Procedure and the tax Bills pursuant to Rule 150 of the Rules of Procedure, which we concluded.” Noted Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament.
She reminded Mps that today, the House is embarking on the supply pursuant to Rule 151 of the Rules of Procedure and that members shall crown it with the passing of the Appropriation Bill, 2022 pursuant to Rule 152 of the Rules of Procedure.
“As you are aware, the power of the purse is one of the legislature’s cardinal roles in articles 155 and 156 of the Constitution, sections 13 and 14 of the Public Finance Management Act and rules 148, 151 and 152 of the Rules of Procedure and it is through the appropriation process that this power is most exercised.” Speaker Anita, said.
Hon. Opolot is now presenting a report on the Annual Budget Estimates for FY2022/23 as mandated by the constitution.
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