WONDERFUL: Girl drinking water from one of the newly opened boreholes


FOR long, one of Busoga region’s remote Districts-Mayuge had suffered with continouous water shortages in the area even when its surrounded by a peninsula.
Latest from this area is that this life threatening crisis has been overcome going forward.
Through Nile Humanitarian Development Agency, the community in areas of Bukasero B Village among others are all praises to their Germany funders for the philanthropic gesture. This is the 3rd borehole in the area.
According to the District Chairperson Bishop Tibagendeka, his people have been battling killer diseases courtesy of contaminated water.
“With the water crisis being attended too in my district, killer diseases like typhoid, cholera won’t disturb my people anymore. No more sharing water sources with animals and family cohesion will be emboldened”, the over joyed district boss revealed before heaping praises to the humanitarian NGO.
“Lack of water in a home is a recipe for domestic challenges.With it prioritized, there’s no cause for alarm since water is life”
Area RDC, Richard Gulume Balyainho boasted that the NRM government is pro-people when it comes to service delivery.
“Due to the favorable environment in Uganda,many partners keep coming to support our people and for this,we are indeed grateful”, he observed noting that water is sometimes a source of insecurity in the area but that this won’t be the case anymore with communities getting boreholes.
On their part, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency through their Eastern Region Administrator Muzamiru Kazibwe flanked by the Eastern region Coordinator-Collins Ashaba disclosed that working with communities in dire need is one of their key targets.
“As an organization,we can’t exhaust all the many requests that come our way but through our community connectors,we assess the suitability and need for the help. And upon thorough evaluation with our team, we zero down on the beneficiary community. So our being here today is a true testimony of our commitment to elevate the living standards of the people in this district”, he said noting that as partners in development with government, they will always do the needful with availability of funds. He appealed to the community to look after their new water source by forming a committee that will manage the running of the borehole to deter misuse.
This humanitarian organization is allover Busoga and beyond supporting communities by offering boreholes, giving food items to vulnerable members of society.
In Busoga alone, over 1000 boreholes have been donated to date.

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