EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Rev. Samuel Muwonge leads Kitalya Prison inmates in prayer after accepting Christ as their savior

●  Diosecan Mission Secretary Rev. Samuel Muwonge’s preaching leaves hundreds of inmates following Christ
● Namirembe Diocese sends a team of lawyers to Kitalya. Why and who led the team
● Read what is in the letters Kitalya Prisoners sent to Bishop Luwalira and the inter-religious Council


ON WEDNESDAY this week, over three hundred inmates at both Kitalya min max Prison and Kitalya Farm Prison gave their lives to Jesus Christ after listening  to a wonderful message about reformation and repentance preached by Namirembe Diocesan Mission Secretary Rev. Samuel Muwonge and the Mission Team.
Rev. Muwonge was delegated by Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, Bishop of Namirembe Diocese Church of Uganda to deliver the good news about salvation and also Easter packages so that the in mates would equally enjoy the happiness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
According to the earlier preparations, all was set for Bishop Luwalira to visit Kitalya inmates and spend a day with them, preaching and praying for the sick but at the last minute, some thing came up and the Humble Bishop delegated Rev. Samuel Muwonge.

Accompanied by Lawyers from the Diocese who authorities at the two prisons cleared to engage inmates for legal advise, Rev. Samuel Muwonge and the Mission Team were received by the leader of St. John’s Church of Uganda Kitalya Prison on behalf of Rev. Ssebina Ssekiziyivu.
St. John’s Church of Uganda falls under Namayumba Parish. St. John’s Church Kitalya oversees three churches. One is located inside Kitalya Farm Prison, another one in Kitalya Min Max Prison and third is one outside the two prisons where Mission Team from Namirembe were first received.
Mr. Kennedy Ariak, the head welfare Kitalya Farm Prison thanked Bishop Luwalira for the deep love he has towards prisoners at Kitalya saying, every Easter and Christmas, he sends them meat and other basic needs, but most importantly, the word of God which brings relief and leaves them less burdened.
He said, “Rev. Muwonge, send our regards to our Lord the Bishop of Namirembe and the Diocese at large. We want to thank the Diocese for thinking about Prisoners and in a special way thank OC Kitalya Farm Prison for allowing the word of God to be preached here.”

Before he was urshered inside BOMA (Prison premises), Rev. Muwonge who travelled with members of the Mission team first conducted fundraising for window glasses of St. John’s Kitalya church of Uganda.
The lay leader took Rev. Muwonge through development projects they have taken so far which include cementing church floor, getting electricity and now they are remaining with fixing in glasses.
Present were; Cpl. Blessing Mugisha (Chairman Laity St. John’s Kitalya), Ariak Kennedy (Welfare, Planning and Development), Rosemary Nalongo, Pasika Ajwanga, Ongom James, Ayet Joyce,  Mbabazi among other leaders of St. John’s Kitalya Church of Uganda.

To manage time, Rev. Muwonge divided his team into two, one sent to Kitalya Min MAX Prison which has over 3000 inmates and another team entered Kitalya Farm Prison.
For those who have never visited the two prisons,  it’s just a stone throw from Kitalya Farm Prison to Kitalya Min Max Prison. Each team had lawyers who engaged inmates.

Rev. Samuel Muwonge led a team that went to Kitalya Farm Prison while lay leader St. John’s Kitalya Church of Uganda led the mission team which went to Kitalya Min Max Prison.
Kitalya Farm Prison, acccording to Prison records that day, had a total number of 1369 inmates. Of these, 609 were on Committal Remand while 763 were Convicts.
Gathered in tents ready for the service, hundreds of inmates were filled with joy on receiving Mission Team from Namirembe Diocese.
Facility Officer in Charge (OC) Andrew Kenneth Byekwaso together with other authorities urshered in Rev. Muwonge and his team.
Service started with praising and worshiping songs. Inmates present were seen singing and dancing for the Lord amidst sounds of drums and many were heard praying to God to give them another chance so that they areally released from the Prison.
Songs like: ‘Cast your burdens un to Jesus’, ‘This is the day the Lord has made’, ‘I will sing Hosana’ and others were played and the whole place was filled with the presence of God.

Preaching to hundrers of Kitalya inmates, Rev. Muwonge told them, “I have been sent by Namirembe Bishop Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira to wish you a happy Easter but most importantly, he wants you to believe in Salvation and give your lives to Jesus because that is why the son of God was crucified for our sins, for all of us to be saved.”
Amidst total silence from inmates, Rev. Muwonge a renown evangelist reminded Kitalya prisoners how blessed they are, because they are still have the breath of life. 
“There are those dying now, some were buried yesterday while some are already in the casket ready to be buried. Although you are in prison, God has spared you from death because he loves you.” Said Muwonge who was visiting Kitalya for a third time to deliver the word of God.
He told inmates that the two times he visited this prison, “I testify to God that some inmates I preached to, were later released and we are praying with them at Namirembe Cathedral. Believe in Jesus who was crucified, you too can also be delivered from this Prison and you go back home.”

Mission Team had among others, Mr. Kizito, Kenneth Ssemogerere, Munsimetta Moses, Samuel Ssempala, Ester Nankumbi,Wilfred Nsereko, Jjajja w’abaana Lwanga, Nabankema and Mumbere.
Others were; Jesca Mukalazi, Moses Matovu, Solomon Mulumba, Stella Nakirijja, Christine Matovu, Enoch Mpuuga and Daphine Nakandi.
Rev. Muwonge preached about God who sets free those in Prison. He went on to emphasize the unchangeable God who loves beyond measure and wants all of us to believe in Salvation. 
Reading in the book of 1 Corinthians 1:18, Rev. Muwonge said, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”
He explained to the Kitalya Prisoners how Jesus is considering them worth that is why the son of God had to shed blood for their sins to be washed away.
“Some people are selfish but God is not to you and me. His son died because he wanted to save those who love him. 
God wants to have a relationship with you. He is not like man who changes, for him he doesn’t, his love is genuine. Believe in his son Jesus Christ, make him your friend, even in such a situation as what you are facing now, He is a friend who won’t forsake you.” Rev. Muwonge asked Kitalya prisoners who replied by asking him to pray for them, many repented and got saved. 
He talked about some people who think those in prison are the worst sinners reading them an extract from  Psalms 55:22 which says, ‘Cast your burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.’
Rev. Muwonge asked Kitalya prisoners to give their problems to Jesus, he has all it takes to solve them.
He warned them never to give satan a chance because his acts leads them to destruction.
“Ephesians 4:27 says don’t give Satan a chance. Many of you are here because you fell in Satan’s trap, he tempted and you gave him a chance. You are even asking yourself, ‘But why did I do this?
Never allow Satan to use you.” Said Rev. Muwonge adding that, “Even when you are still here, run away from sin, so that you don’t get other files. Respect security officers and ward leaders, abide by the rules and regulations governing this place, always be humble and prayerful, God will release you and you will return to your home, your family, your office, go back and serve God. Accept to be used by Jesus, he will set you free.” 
Mission department donated 100 Bibles both in English and Luganda, sacks of Sugar, Rice, Soap, sanitary pads and Bishop Luwalira bought them meat for Easter.
Rev. Muwonge urged inmates to read the Bible because there is message of hope, love and faith.
After the sermon, hundreds of prisoners put up their hands asking Rev. Muwonge to pray and lead them into salvation. 
“We have accepted Jesus as our saviour, pray for us Reverend.” Inmates who didn’t want to move away even an inch during service, cried out.
He asked them to stand up and almost the whole gathering took on their feet to confess Jesus Christ.

The head of Welfare Kitalya Farm prison asked Namirembe Diocese Mission Department to buy for them tents from where they will be gathering for service and Bible study.
“We don’t have where to pray from. These tents we are using today,were got  from our friends of other religions. Kindly buy us some tents now that the number has grown bigger.” Said Kennedy Ariak.
Rev Muwonge promised to reach out to people with good hearts to make  contributions towards buying tents for Kitalya prisoners.

Church began in August 2020 under the audience of Kitalya Min Max Prison Administration by the Grace of God, everything has moved well up to today.
Church is headed by warden Mbabazi Thomas Johnson,  Kyaligonza Muhoozi, head of Laity and Bill Nahabwe vc secretary Ntale Ronald, Steven Jjemba is Mission coordinator and Jackson Ssewanyana as Elder of church and Mark the choir master and church warden.

Your Lord the Bishop, we humbly request Mission Department to provide us the following:
● Hymn books that can guide us in prayer
● Bibles both in Luganda and English
● Church Diary 2022 (Church calender) to follow the norms of church as far as the norms of Church of Uganda are concerned.
● Books to help us in Bible study&
● Send us some ministers to pray with us always due to the fact that God has given us a second chance
● Brothers who want Confirmation 
● Help us with table clothes used on Holy Table, and the wall and also Robe for the Cate chisel
● By doing that you will have fulfilled the Scripture in Mathew 25:35-40

Kitalya inter-religious committee has written to Inter-religious council Kampala and asked Rev. Muwonge to deliver the letter.
They have also requested for;
● PA system
● Holy books e.g Quran and Bible 
● Key board and Guitar
● Set of drums
● Guide and prayer books for all religions
● Stationary e.g books,  ream of papers, pens
● Soap, razor blades and other cleaning materials
● Supplements like powder,  milk, silver fish, Glucose, soyabean, wheat flour, Rice, cooking oil, maize flour, millet flour


  1. Muhammad Kimuli (Moslem) – Chairman
  2. Samuel Mulwana ( SDA)- Vice Chairman 
  3. Dennis Kashamba (Catholic) – Gen. Sec
  4. Kyaligonza Muhoozi ( Anglican) – Treasurer
  5. Denis Kyamanya (Catholic) – Coordinator
  6. Godfrey Kabagambe (SDA) – Advisor
  7. Favour Tumusime (Born Again) – Publicity 

For contributions to support Mission Department Namirembe Diocese, call or send money to phone numbers 0779305521, 0706305521 (all in names of Muwonge Samuel) or Account No. Namirembe Diocese Fund. 1039201123150 Equity bank. God bless you.

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