NATIONAL Unity Platform President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine is set to meet Rubaga Division Urban Council Speaker Musah Mbaziira, an  NRM diehard, over the misconduct of Lubaga mayor Zacchy Mberaze Mawula, his Deputy Rehema Sanyu Fugge and a clique of 25 errant councilors mostly NUP party members, this investigative news website can authoritatively report. 
This comes after a letter by Speaker Musah Mbaziira to NUP President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi dated March 30th 2022, requesting for a meeting over his councilors’misconduct.
Excersing his duties under section 29c (a) &(b) KCCA 2019 as amended of presiding over all urban municipal council meetings and also charged with overall authority for preservation of order in council and ensuring the enforcement of rules of procedure in the council, Speaker Mbaziira suspended the Rubaga Division Urban Council Mayor Mberaze, deputy Fugge and other 25 councillors for indiscipline and abuse of decorum in the Ordinary Council meeting on 21th March 2022 at Jevine Hotel, Nabunnya road in Rubaga Division.Mberaze and his clique walked out of this council called to honour fallen Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.
Mbaziira has already notified Division Clerk, over his decision, who we are told, has also written to the Director Legal. 
In the letter to Hon. Kyagulanyi, Speaker Mbaziira wrote, “Following the misconducts and issues of Lubaga Division Urban Council and being that National Unity Platform is the leading party in Lubaga, we have had a lot of challenges which need your immediate intervention as NUP President.”
“It is on this background that we seek for an engagement with you to get a way forward if we are to improve service delivery to our electorates.” Reads letter to Hon. Kyagulanyi, signed by Speaker Mbaziira.

Letter was copied to Shadow Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority and Metropolitan Affairs Hon. Abubaker Kawalya, NUP SG, Chairman NUP Lubaga and all councilors Lubaga.
For starters,  NUP forms the majority of councilors in Lubaga council. Out of 94 councilors, NUP has over 60 councilors.
Speaker Mbaziira vowed,  “We can’t allow would be exemplary leaders to take this council for a market. Those who walked-out will face penalties. We must respect this council and if there is any concern, kindly raise it and let members have deliberations, and we agree on what to do next. Don’t just bring here your hooliganism, if they are no longer interested in representing their voters, let them resign.” 
The walkout of happened on Monday this week, during an ordinary council convened by Speaker Mbaziira at Jevine Hotel in Lubaga. A day before, President Museveni had announced the death of Oulanyah who passed on from a Seattle Hospital in United States of America.

Like we informed you in a story we published on Wednesday, Speaker Mbaziira suspended Mberaze, Fugge and a group of councilors from council sessions.
Using his discretion under Rule 53 of the Council Standard Rules of Procedure, Speaker Mbaziira has directed Division Clerk to Council Lubaga Division Urban Council, “To communicate the above suspension to these errant members as directed under Rule 53 (7) of the Council Standard Rules of Procedure.”
In a letter to Division Clerk to council dated March 29, 2022, Speaker Mbaziira said, “During the previous Ordinary Council meeting held on March 21, 2022, at Jevine Hotel, a total of 25 councilors led by Deputy Mayor  abused the decorum of council by shouting on top of their voices, insulting fellow members, undressing in council chambers and putting on ‘PRISON ATTIRES’, ordering the exit of council members, ordering the adjournment of council, failing to fulfil the council duty of presenting the report of the deputy mayor thereby interrupting Council business.”
According to Speaker Mbaziira, Council consequently resolved under MIN. NO. KCCA/LDUC, 01/03/2022 that these errant members be suspended from both Council and Committee sessions and make an apology or a letter of expression of regret at the end of their suspension.
Speaker Mbaziira attached a copy of members suspended for further reference.

Mberaze, Fugge and a group of councilors first signed for the allowance of 210,000, took tea and eats then after, walked out in protest, a few minutes after council speaker Mbaziira asked members to rise on their feet, take a minute of silence in remembrance of departed Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.*
Our inside sources in the office of Lubaga Speaker have revealed to us that, Mbaziira is very much disappointed by Mberaze and Fugge who chose to walkout at a time council was honouring the departed Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, vowing to punish them for their misconduct.
Before Mberaze and team walked out of the council,  Speaker Mbaziira said, “I am saddened by the demise of the 11th Parliament Speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, which occurred in Seatle, United States of America on March 20, 2022. He has always fought to serve truthfully and equally despite political differences in our country.”
Lubaga Speaker said, It’s unfortunate that Oulanyah passed on before fully serving his nation.  
Mbaziira talked about Oulanyah as a very vibrant and mighty gentleman with quite abundance of character as evidenced by his legacy since the day he took office, to the day God called him. His deeds have greatly impacted the nation and shall forever be recognised and remembered.
“Let’s stand on our feet for a moment of silence and pray for our colleague and all our departed loved ones to continue resting in eternal Peace, Amen!” Said Speaker Mbaziira. He  also asked council to officially welcome new members, councilor Wasswa Edward Gulu for Kasubi and Hellen Butayi councilor representing Nakulabye.
Mbaziira expected Mberaze and his deputy to take to the floor and pay tribute to the fallen Speaker of Parliament but they instead chose to lead a protest and moved out of a council meeting.
Other councilors mostly from NUP Party looked at Mberaze, Fugge and a clique of fellow councilors in disbelief, since they were not aware of what was going on.
Fugge who led the protest after taking to the floor, sang the Buganda anthem something which has been condemned by fellow councilors. She tried to woe councilors to follow her and leave an empty council hall, but she was instead embarrassed after majority NUP councilors rejected her deal.
A one Yusuf Katabira told her off saying, “We are here to use this platform to address the issues affecting the people we represent. Now, if we don’t use this council and instead protest, then we will be playing cheap politics.”
However councilor Dennis Magomu one of those who moved out said the protest was about skyrocketing basic needs prices.
Katabira and other councilors did not agree with this reasoning. They said, “Where was the consesus? Did we first sit and agree on the walk out as opposition or NUP councilors? Who sanctioned the walkout? Was it NUP caucus? So you thought we would join such a useless protest we were not informed about? Any matter affecting our electorates must be raised on the floor, we deliberate about it, vote or pass a resolution to Kampala Capital City Authority council headed by NUP Speaker Zahara Luyirika or Parliament of Uganda.”
Those who did not move out include the 39 NUP councilors. For starters, this council has about 64 NUP councilors and they are the majority. 
Katabira who was supported by other councilors like Luyinda accused Mberaze of playing childish politics.
They gave an example of railway land where people were being evicted, matter was brought in the council and it was fully resolved.
“We did not have to protest and strip naked just like Mberaze’s team did. We are leaders, let us learn how such matters are solved. We must be orderly.” Said Luyinda. 
Former KCCA councilor Ismael Ddamba Musajjatasuliraawo rubbished councilors who say they walked out due to sky rocketing commodity prices saying, Lubaga urban council has no connection, whatsover, with the high prices or how they should be cut.
He doubted whether Mberaze or Fugge, or any of those councilors who moved out bothered to investigate and find out why commodity prices are high. 
“Did they visit any company, factory or markets to find out why prices skyrocketed? Or they were just playing cheap politics? Which impact can for God’s sake, a mere Lubaga councilor cause to the rising prices? Mberaze and team should stop hoodwinking our people.” Said Ddamba in one of his audios sent to a Lubaga South platform. 
Back to the council meeting, Speaker Mbaziira addressed council about the Uganda Urban Council Speaker’s Association General Assembly (U.U.C.S.A) a three day program which took place from January 26-28, 2022 at Ntale School in Mbarara.
It was attended by Speakers from divisions, local councils and authorities. They unanimously elected Musa Mbaziira, their leader.
Before adjourning the council, he talked about a political meeting which was held at the division premises and as a result, some councilors were arrested and sent to prison. “I would like to implore his Worship the mayor and Honourable councilors to embrace unity. If there was a noble cause for council to move onto the streets, we all had to be made aware and agree as a team. I therefore condemn the acts that transpired on that day and urge you members to avoid unnecessary politicking.”
What we are now waiting for, are the  investigations into the conduct of councilors who walked out and how they will be punished. 

List of suspended councilors led by mayor Mberaze Zacchy Mawula and deputy Rehema Fugge; Kizza Clement, Kizza Emmanuel, Fatumah Muguluma, Declucker Kamya, Ivan Katumba, Idd Nkambwe, Alex Kisawuzi, Murutadha Ndawula, Halima Nabukalu, Oscar Peter Kate, Jamil Isiko, Dorothy Nakiyingi, Sunday Damba, Asiya Nagudi, Dennis Magomu, Musa Lusembo, Ssalongo Fred Kyambadde,Richard Jjuuko Kayima, Rogers Akankwasa, Alex Kyagaba, Ronald Lukenge, Sylvia Nakigudde and Vicky Makula

A good number of NUP, FDC, DP and NRM councilors remained and council business went on perfectly.  
They are; Nabiddo Shamim, Nanyange Leah, Chief Mboowa, Nantongo Sarah, Mukasa Norman, Mpungu Muluta, Namakula Agnes, Ssempa Sulaiman, Maggie Ssemukaaya, Namusoke Leah, Nakitende Sharifah, Ampayire Sandra, Najjengo Betty and Katabira Yusuf.”
Others who did not move out are; Ronald Ssemaganda, Lubowa Bonny, Ssekitayira R., Sumayiya K, Nalubwaama E, Nagayi V, Mutumba R, Luyimba J, Sam K, Sylivia Nasozi, Nakazi B and Ssemanda Ibra.
Others are; Kasozi H, Mpiima H, Nagawa R, Nuliat M,  Simbwa Umar, Nandawula Scola, Katumba Yahaya, Nyombi Fatuma, Ssenyonjo Sulaim and Ssebunya Mark.

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