COMMONLY known as ‘Hassan de mayor’, young man Hassan Kasibante was on Thursday this week appointed by President Museveni as a Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and posted to Obongi District, West Nile, Northern Uganda.
Political analysts say, Hassan Kasibante, a former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party hardworking youth, is one of the best signings ever, made by His Excellency the President in the appointment of RDCs.
Until recently, Hassan Kasibante, a jovial and friendly youth was serving as Personal Assistant to IGG Beti Olive Namisango Kamya. In fact, he is her longest serving Personal Assistant.
Known for his superb mobilisation skills and being down to earth, there is no doubt that Hassan Kasibante will perform to pure satistifaction in Obongi district.
Hassan received his first public recognition as Hon. Beti Kamya’s personal assistant in 2006 right after Kamya had won the famous contest of the Rubaga North MP seat on Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket. He became popular the day Beti kamya was spat by the FDC party on the position of her will.
Hassan then mobilised and arranged an informal congregation to attack the FDC headquarters, an event which earned him remarkable political popularity in the region. 
The departure of Beti kamya from the FDC party was the point of breeding a new party, The Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) and in this party there was no boss above the two, Hassan being Beti’s right hand throughout the days of the UFA party. 
Insiders say, ” When Beti Kamya discovered that Hassan was a dependable youngman, very honest, hardworking and loyal, She did not want to leave him behind.” For starters, this is the boy who almost did all the donkey work when Hon. Beti Kamya contested for President in 2011.
He would excuse himself from the campaign trail, run to different radio talkshows to promote his UFA candidate, then get unto a bus to catch up with his boss and morale boost Hon. Beti Kamya’s campaign rallies.
Friends who donated funds to fuel Kamya’s campaigns, would assign Hassan to go and pick the money. Ask Hon. Beti, she will tell you, this boy didn’t steal even a coin! 
Him and a one Baker Byayi (now in NUP), were in charge of media desk for Hon. Beti, organising press conferences and booking for her radio and tv shows.
Shortly after 2011 General elections, things were not all that good financially for Beti Kamya but Hassan made sure her boss and UFA party activities get media coverage.
Sometimes Hassan would organise a press conference for Beti at UFA headquaters in Kabuusu and the party could hardly raise transport refund for journalists! With Hassan’s convincing tongue, journalists played it cool and some footed all the way to their workstations.   
Later on, when Beti Kamya received several position appointments in the central government and on all these favours, Hassan has always shared a piece as the Personal Assistant of Beti Kamya. 
A few hours after the appointment of Beti as Kampala minister, Hassan called one of his friends and told him how his chances to remain Beti’s PA were very slim!
“I am worried, she might give the job to one of her well educated family members. I am finished!” Hasssan told a friend.
However, very early in the morning of the next day, Hassan received a call from his boss Beti Kamya, the then newly appointed Kampala minister instructing him to urgently liase with journalists who were thronging her Lungujja residence for a maiden interview.
“Where are you Hassan, don’t you know that we have been  appointed by the President as Kampala minister? Hurry up, come at home and handle these journalists.” Hon. Beti told Hassan Kasibante.
Because of the excitement, he even forgot to put on shoes, instead jumped on a bodaboda from ku Munaku in Kasubi where he was renting a muzigo, to Kamya’s Lungujja home. 

While she served as Kampala minister, Beti did not leave this boy behind. She was always there for him and when he lost his dad, Beti and then State minister for Kampala Benny Bugembe attended the burial. Even when President appointed her Lands minister, she moved on with her PA.
When Beti was elevated to IGG last year, she didn’t leave Hassan behind. She moved along with him and he has been doing a recommendable job.
A very humble young man, incorruptible and workaholic, his excellent service as the personal assistant to Hon. Beti Kamya couldn’t let his several talents go unnoticed. Such as his super strategic mind and unmatched oratory skills.
No wonder Mzee and the minister of Presidency Hon. Milly Babalanda identified this resourceful young man and appointed him RDC Obongi district.
When this news website reached him to find out how he feels about this apointment, Hassan Kasibante had this to say, “I want to thank His Excellency the President for giving me this golden opportunity and i am ready to serve my country with one heart. I will make sure that all government programs are perfectly monitored, I am taking the anti-corruption message to Obongi district.”
“I will make sure that the Parish model funds work for the people of Abongi and will foster peace and security in the district. We will make sure the environment in the district is attractive for business.” Revealed Hassan Kasibante, who is well conversant with local government politics. He once contested for councilor representing Lubya at Lubaga district.

News Editor Media wishes to congratulate Mr. Hassan Kasibante for this appointment. We wish you good luck and will give you full support as you serve your country.

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