PHOTO: Pr. Mwesige lead families to dedicate their children to God at Good News Church Bulenga. He says, Church can’t sit and fold hands when Putin is bombing pregnant women and children in Ukraine. He prayed to God to prevail over Ukraine


PASTOR SOLOMON Mwesige a renown televangelist in Uganda and head pastor of Good News Church Ministries, on Sunday led hundreds of church members to intercede for Peace and stability in Ukraine asking God to stop what he called Russian President Vuldamir Putin’s madness.
The Pontiff Pope Francis has also sounded a warning to President Vladimir Putin saying he should denounce war on Ukraine.
Speaking from a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square following his recitation of the noon Angelus prayer, Pope Francis described the Ukraine conflict as, “Not just a military operation, but a war, which sows death, destruction and misery.This war is barbaric, it’s madness, it’s failure of humanity and politics in Russia. Putin should end this war in Ukraine.” ️
At Good News Church which is located in Bulenga, about 8 miles on Mityana road, Wakiso district, Pr. Mwesige, the CEO King Solomon television commonly known as KS TV said, Church can not sit and fold hands as thousands of pregnant mothers, helpless children, the disabled and the sick are being killed by Putin’s bombs, calling on God’s Mercy for Ukraine.
Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 in what Putin called a military operation. Russian army tried to take over the country by force. The fighting has continued until today, hundreds of people killed, thousands displaced while countless others have been maimed.

“President Putin who started the war is not dying, its the innocent people on oxygen, thousands have been killed, people who built their houses have abandoned them and many bombed down by Russian President. God, this is total madness. How can Putin say he doesn’t know Ukraine as a country?” Asked Pr. Mwesige, the owner of King Solomon Schools in Uganda.
Pr. Mwesige prayed that, “God, as Good News Church in Uganda, we call upon on you, come and stop this useless war, may you preserve and protect pregnant women who are running with children leaving their fathers behind. God fight for Ukraine and all other countries having instability, let there be peace. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Amen.”

During this Sunday Service which was broadcast live on KS TV, Pr. Mwesige told the congregation that Good News Church was called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ calling on his followers to go on streets, bars and other social gatherings to deliver good news to all the people.
Reading from The Book of Acts 9:32, Pr. Mwesige noted, Jesus’s church started from the streets, most of the miracles he performed were on streets, rivers and such places where non believers gathered from.
“Most of Jesus’s work was done outside church. God is not confined in a place called church. Where are most people right now? Not outside church? Gospel and church started outside. Let us leave our churches, move out on the streets where thousands of people are, and take to them the message of Salvation. Let us make them know about Christ.” Said Mwesige who personally took on the streets last week on Tuesday to preach the gospel. Over 50 people accepted Jesus as their saviour and got saved. He prayed for the sick and touched many lives. Every Tuesday, Pr. Mwesige will be on streets, in slums and such areas, preaching and praying for people.

He revealed to his followers in Church and millions of people who were glued on KS TV that the first church in the bible is called, ‘The way’ and the people where called, ‘The people of the way’.  The word ‘Christian’ was not used until the gospel went to Antioch. The People of Antioch were the first to be called ‘The Christians’, because they were behaving like Christ.
“We are representatives of Christ not only in church but even outside church. Christianity is a life style all days, all month, which ever day, we must be Christians.” Pr. Mwesige reminded born-again Christians.
He said, Christians started fellowshiping in Jerusalem but outside, people were hungry for Christ. “James was the first pastor in Jerusalem not Peter. When James was beheaded  for serving Christ, the next day, they arrested Peter. Thank God, the power of Christ released him from jail. Phillip had escaped to Samaria from where he preached the gospel of Christ and thousands got saved. Brethren, lets not wait to be persecuted like the disciples, let us take the gospel to bars and on streets”, said Pr. Solomon Mwesige.
Talking about how he was persecuted by his own dad for getting saved and riding a bicycle from Fortportal to Kasese, from Bwera boarder to Fortportal in one day to deliver the good news about Jesus Christ, Mwesige showed church scars on his body inflicted by his father!
“Yes, I have been persecuted because of the gospel but I did not give up. I used to go to bars and preached to the drunkards , found people playing ludo, I talked to them about Christ and they pretended as if they were not hearing. However, afterwards they would say, ‘Mulokole tusabire’, literally meaning, ‘Born-again, pray for us.’ And I prayed for them. Many turned to Christ and they are serving God. Please, go out, tell someone about Christ. Let us find the sick and pray for them.” Mwesige urged Church.

He said some European countries had rejected God, taking pride in Civilization, science & technology, intellectualism, but now their pride is making them finish each other like in Ukraine.
Mwesige, the patron of Men of Purpose, a platform for all men at Good News Church, will again hit streets today , Tuesday to preach the gospel of Christ.

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