Pr. Mwesige speaking against sending our girls to slavery saying it can be tamed by bailing out collapsing businesses and ending of over taxation


RENOWN televangelist Solomon Mwesige, owner of King Solomon (KS) TV, also Head Pastor Good News Church –  Bulenga,   8 miles on Mityana road, Wakiso district has attacked Government over their unfriendly taxation policies saying they have killed business in the country and many will not recover although President Museveni lifted the Covid-19 lockdown.
Without mincing words, Pastor Solomon Mwesige has faulted the government for employing fresh graduates in Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), the National tax body whereby, some of them have never run even a small business and have no knowledge on a business that has made profits and the one operating in losses.

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He was speaking to his church members in today’s Sunday service about causes of acute poverty and and unemployment in the country that has led many of our sisters and daughters to go for what he termed as slavery in the Arab countries, looking for house maid jobs and many end up being tortured, denied food, forced into sex and others killed.
He says, government carries the blame, there is too much relaxation in financially bailing out businesses which would help to locally create jobs for these suffering girls and other people.
Pastor Mwesige said, “It’s a shame, we have unemployment in the country because of dying businesses each day that passes and financial technocrats are just folding hands. The job you create dies because of over taxation.”
He told chuch that Government is not creating jobs. It is instead raising taxes and more businesses are collapsing because of this financial blunder.
He noted that business doesn’t grow with bigger taxes, you reduce tax so that many businesses are started and then these businesses will employ people.
“They bring fresh university graduates that have never done anything and put them in charge of taxation. They even don’t know whether businesses are making profits or not. How can such a business which is overtaxed survive?” Asked Pr. Mwesige.
He urged government to check into this or else, it will kill its own people with poverty. He revealed that it is policies that make wealth. Government can make all the directives but if taxes are unfriendly, businesses will collapse calling upon Born-Agains to pray for the people in power that the spirit of God will guide them as they make and implement policies.

Pr. Mwesige the proprietor of King Solomon Schools said in Uganda, Interest rate on bank loans is at 30%, which is too much.
He said, in the United States of America, interest rate is at only 3% and in America if you fail to pay the loan, the insurance company pays it off, if you can justify that you did not squander the money. However here, Pr. Mwesige said, whether your loan was insured and you manage to pay back 80% of the loan, if you fail to pay back the 20%, they will still come and sell off your assets as authorities look on!
“These are cruel thieves dressed in suits, wearing titles ‘BANK CEO’, ‘BANK MANAGER’, etc. What type of society is this? Every day we look on as these are highly educated people mess our economy. In fact I don’t understand our education system. They read books but lack common sense on how things are done on a day to day basis.” Fumed Pr. Mwesige.
All started when Pastor told church about a voice note him and wife Pr. Doreen got from one of the church members who went to Saudi Arabia three weeks ago for a housemaid job.
She tearfully narrated how her bosses are starving her to the extent that out of 14  days,  she has only been given a small piece of small bread four times in place of food.
“So what type of slavery and stupidity is that? And I can tell you, not everything that looks like an opportunity is an opportunity, others are traps. He comes like a handsome man, a Mr. Right yet he is fraudster. We should pray that this year, we do not make such mistakes out of excitement.” A crestfallen Pastor told church.
He condemned this treatment of Ugandans and vowed to take on the labour company through which the church member was exported into slavery.
Mwesige who is an author with his recent book titled, ‘Ideas with legs’ told church that there are people who are not supposed to regarded as human beings, but animals that should be caged in a zoo, referring to the people in Saudi Arabia who are starving this young girl.

Pr. Mwesige’s latest book on market

He noted that, house helpers, gate keepers, are human beings. They should be treated with respect. He mentioned that personally his workers share meals with him.when he eats chicken, they will also eat chicken. He implored church members and the KS TV audience to treat their workers humanely not like the Saudis who treat them as trash.” He shared about a day he was shocked to see the Vice President of Uganda happily launching a certain external labour recruiting agency and lured youth into being exported as casual laborers. Unashamedly the vice president mentioned this as one of the ruling party’s achievements. The question remains, is this really an achievement?

Meanwhile, re-echoing his new year’s sermon to the people of God, Pastor Mwesige preached about the seven mantles of Good News Church this year.
Deriving his sermon from Revelation 5:12 and Hebrews 11:1-2, Mwesige talked about; Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory and Blessings as driving force for 2022.

Church members who gathered for prayers in today’s service

He asked brethren to have faith in God that whatever they desire, they have already received for faith is today but hope is tomorrow. He emphasized that Faith is a Substance, it is confidence, It is evidence of things not yet seen.
“You must have a possibility mentality, If you can see it, then you can receive it. Faith in God moves mountains. The substance is where you stand and base on to believe before you see.” Preached Pr. Mwesige reminding church that Faith without actions is dead.
“Faith will give you a good testimony or a good report. This year, restoration is coming but you must serve God and serve people.” Said a humble man of God, who pays school fees for over 200 helpless children.

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