President Museveni handover instrument of power to Speaker Oulanyah and Deputy Speaker Among


RT. HON. Annet Anita Among (AAA), the Deputy Speaker Parliament of Uganda has revealed how she agreed with her boss Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah that it was important to work together as a team to progressively steer the August House by avoiding unnecessary friction that many times make Public institutions fail to function.
In her end of year 2021 statement she issued a few hours to year 2022, Deputy Speaker Anita Among however apologised to those they have wronged in line of duty saying, “As Humans, we knowingly or unknowingly make mistakes in the things we do and these mistakes impact people. 
We want to seek forgiveness from all those we have wronged in the year 2021 and tender in our unconditional Apology.”
On how they have worked against disunity and in-fighting at Parliament, Deputy Speaker Anita Among said, “From the onset, Jacob and I agreed that it was important to work together as a team. I want to applaud my brother, my senior and my boss Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah for embracing this idea of forming a united front that has brought forth numerous achievements in a short time.”
The Bukedea District Woman Member of Parliament was elected in May last year to deputise Speaker Jacob Oulanyah in the 11th Parliament.
There is sanity and unity at Parliament and business is perfectly conducted. Deputy Speaker attributes this to the working relationship between both, floor 6 (where Speaker sits) and floor 5 (where her office is located).
Madam Anita Among’s statement reads, “Everything that has been achieved by us has been possible because of the ability to work together without confrontation.”

Only seven months in office, Rt. Hon. Anita Among says, “We have been able to oversee many things, these include; the constitution of the commission, leadership of committees and their membership.”
In terms of bills, several bills were processed including;
● Income Tax (Amendment) (no.2) Bill 2021
● National social security fund (amendment) bill 2021
● Administration of Parliament Act,2021.
● East African crude oil pipeline (special provisions) bill
● Succession Amendment Bill 
● Employment Amendment Bill

In terms of motions, several motions were passed Including,
■ A motion commending the Japanese Government through their investment arm of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the commendable contribution towards the development of Uganda.
■ A motion to commend the work of rotary clubs in Uganda.
■ Motion to honour Muwanga Kibirige and to have Wampewo avenue in Kampala renamed after him.
Also, Several private members’ bills have been considered by the House.

Deputy Speaker Among said, “We came into Leadership at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, that has made running of serious business in the house tedious.”
She said, despite of this environment, they have had to support supplementary interventions to support critical interventions including clearing the arrears of the health Workers that have been at the forefront of fighting the covid 19 pandemic and risking their lives in the process. 
Amidst the Pandemic, they also instituted a forensic audit into all the Covid related expenditures being undertaken by the office of the Auditor-General.
“A committee looking into our progress in developing vaccines as a Country was formed to oversee our approach into developing our own vaccine as a country.” Reads Deputy Speaker Among’s statement. 
Members of Parliament have been freely encouraged by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker to address concerns of their constituents on the floor and ensured that they receive answers to their questions.

Deputy Speaker says, dialogue has been at the centre of their operations, many times working with the two sides to find a middle ground, a ground that places Country first.
“We want to thank the Government Chief Whip, The leader of Opposition, the Chief Opposition Whip, all the party whips and members of Parliament for their dedication and wise counsel as we mutually  serve our country, for this we do not take for granted.” Writes Deputy Speaker.
She said, Rt.Hon. Oulanyah and her, had earlier pledged to take parliament to the people of Uganda. “I am happy to inform you that we have over the last months been across the Country interacting with the local people, listening to them and taking stock of the desires and aspirations of our people.”

This year and years to come, Deputy Speaker Among said they will continue to traverse the Country and ensure that the gap between Parliament and the people is reduced.

Having strong religious backgrounds, the Speaker and her deputy agreed to place God at the centre of the operations of the August House, that is why,  according to Deputy Speaker Among, they have had prayers conducted within Parliament in the last seven months.

Without holding back, Deputy Speaker thanked the unsung heroes in the House, the people that make it possible for parliament to run. “We can never work in dirty environments, or without parking assistants. All those people that do the behind the scenes work and keep this August House running, we love and cherish you.” Writes Rt. Hon. Anita Among.
She also saluted workers of this country for their dedication over the last 12 months and assured them of, “our commitment to addressing the challenges that they face.”
“Parliament has done its part in passing the amendments to the NSSF bill as you asked and the ball is now in the hands of his excellency the President.” Reads her statement.
In a special way, Deputy Speaker thanked security officers for the sacrifice made in maintaining peace and fighting the Covid pandemic.
To the teachers of this country, she thanked them them all for their effort to shape children of this country into responsible citizens.
“As your leaders, we know the pain that the pandemic inflicted on you and I ask all MPs to do what they can to address the fate of teachers during the budgeting process.” Said Anita Among urging fellow citizens to hold together and steer our country towards the path of recovery.
She appealed to all Ugandans to encourage each other to get vaccinated and observe the SOPs so that we can keep the enemy ‘COVID 19’ at bay.
“Let us also do our best to prepare our children for the reopening of schools and helping them overcome the trauma of the pandemic.” Appealed Deputy Speaker.

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