LATEST from Obwakyabazinga bwa Busoga, the Kingdom has distanced itself from a document making rounds on social media titled: ‘Public Notice and declaration’, dated 3rd January 2022 in respect to matters of Kyabazingaship.
This Public Notice and declaration is said to have been made by a certain clique calling themselves Hereditary Saza Chiefs Royal clan of Obwakyabazinga bwa Busoga claiming they moved a vote of no confidence in HRH William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, thereby removing him as the Isebantu Kyabazinga of Obwakyabazinga.
This clique went ahead to declare Edward Columbus Wambuzi Mukoki the Zibondo of Bulamogi as the new Kyabazinga. 
The Kingdom has however branded this as a joke of the year!
According to a statement released by Dr. Joseph Muvawala the Katuukiro of Busoga, 
His Royal Highness William Wilberforce Nadiope Gabula IV is the King and firmly on the Kyabazingaship throne.
Owek. Muvawala has therefore implored the general public, Kingdom partners, friends of Busoga and all peace loving Ugandans to disregard the said Notice and treat it with the contempt it deserves.
The official Kingdom statement reads, “His Royal Highness William Wilberforce Nadiope Gabula IV, the legitimate Isebantu of Busoga Kingdom as duly elected on 24th August 2014, enthroned on 13th September 2014 and duly Gazzetted by the Government of Uganda on 24th, June 2019 under General Notice No. 649 of 2019, is firmly in office and performing his functions as enshrined under the Obwakyabazinga Bwa Busoga  Constitution and the relevant national laws.”
“The purported dismissal and election of a new Kyabazinga is false, illegal, misleading and intended at creating confusion and disunity in the Kingdom which all peace loving Basoga and Ugandans should shun and condemn.” Reads Premier Muvawala’s statement. 
It has been copied to H.E The President of Uganda, The Kyabazinga of Busoga, The Rt. Hon. Speaker of parliament, Permanent Secretary ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development, Chiefs royal council, Speaker Busoga Lukiiko, Isabakunganhia clans council, Minister of presidency and the Inspector General of Police.
Katuukiro has clarified that, The Kyabazinga once elected under the Constitution of Busoga and the Basoga culture, He reigns untill death.
He has said, the organs of Obwakyabazinga to it; the Busoga Lukiiko, the Cabinet, Clans Council, Abambedha Council, Chief Royal Council among others are duly performing their mandate and there should be no cause for alarm. 
The Kingdom has in the past seven years since enthronement of HRH the Isebantu Kyabazinga, registered tremendous success in areas of cultural promotion, unity, education, health, strategic partnership among others and there it will continue to build on for the social, cultural and economic benefit of our people. 
The Kingdom has thanked the Government of Uganda, the people of Busoga and partners that have been strong pillars in these efforts.
“Obwakyabazinga re-assures the General Public that these temporary developments just like several others before, shall be dealt with and managed. We encourage every one to remain calm and observe law and order.” Reads statement which is signed by the Busoga Kingdom Premier. 

The News Editor Investigations desk is working on an exclusive story about the invisible hand behind a clique fighting Kyabazinga. What is the deal about and why they want Busoga destabilised? We will leave no stone unturned. Watch the space.

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