PHOTO: Nabbanja arrives in Kayunga yesterday

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YESTERDAY Thursday, Prime minister Robinnah Nabbanja Musafiiri canvassed votes for Andrew Muwonge showing him to NRM supporters in Kayunga as the ruling party official candidate in the district chairperson by-elections slated for next week on December 16th 2021. The by-election comes after the sudden death of the newly elected district chairman, Owek. Muhammad Ffeffekka Sseruboga whose body was found hanging on a tree. Sseubogo was opposition NUP member.
While in Kayunga, Rt. Hon. Nabbanja strongly warned Hon. Aidah Erios Nantaba to stop confusing NRM voters by campaigning for an independent candidate Magid Nyanzi.
“Show love to President Museveni by voting for Muwonge. Let no one decide for you who to vote. Muwonge is our flag bearer, don’t be confused by opportunists.” Said PM Nabbanja.
Nantaba, the Kayunga district woman Member of Parliament fronted Magid Nyanzi as the best candidate for the seat accusing Andrew Muwonge for being Moses Karangwa’s right hand man.

Karangwa, the Kayunga district NRM chairman and Aidah Nantaba are sworn enemies, the two will never dine on the same table having fallen out over land matters in Kayunga.
Nantaba says, Moses Karangwa is a land grabber in Kayunga and that she will never support any candidate he endorses. This is why in this race, Karangwa is behind Party official candidate Andrew Muwonge while Nantaba is campaigning for Nyanzi something that has confused NRM supporters in Kayunga.
The ruling party is very much worried about such divisions saying, they may easily aid opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Harriet Nakweedde to massively win this election.
Political analysts say, tight race is between NUP’s Nakweedde and NRM’s Andrew Muwonge. Nantaba’s candidate is a spoiler on NRM side.
Prime minister Nabbanja has called upon Kayunga NRM suuporters to ignore Nantaba saying she is very confused, let them vote for Andrew Muwonge next week.

Speaking at various scientific meetings held in Galiraaya , Bbaale and Kayonza subcounties in Bbaale constituency in a bid to galvanize support for the NRM flag bearer in the Kayunga LC5 race, Prime minister Nabbanja said, “Don’t look at him as Muwonge but he is representing NRM. The total democracy that NRM brought to Uganda is one which allows people choose their leaders. If you vote Muwonge, he knows my office and will easily lobby for you. He will lobby for the development of Kayunga.”
Nabbanja was welcomed by party top officials led by the NRM vice chairman for Central Region, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi, the Director for Mobilization, Hon Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde, Emmanuel Dombo, the director for Communication, among others. 

Speaking to them, Rt. Hon Nabbanja said she was happy to return to the district that she last visited a few months ago but said she had brought good news to the people.
“We already have a contractor to work on the 89.81km Kayunga-Bbaale-Galiraaya road. China Railway Seventh Group is soon starting work on the road. The NRM government has also constructed, and refurbished for you a very beautiful referral hospital here in Kayunga. Now that President Museveni is on top and I am the Prime Minister, it is only wise that you vote for an NRM candidate who will easily lobby in order that such development continues to come to Kayunga,”Nabbanja said.
She noted that those affected by floods will soon be resettled since government has started looking for land where to relocate them.
The NRM Director for Mobilisation, Rosemary Sseninde said the December 16 by-election is a chance for the voters to correct the mistake they had made by not voting for an NRM candidate as the LC5 chairman.
“Thank you for voting for President Museveni and NRM in the general election. I now ask you to move that support to vote for Muwonge. This is the chance for people of Kayunga to rectify the mistake they had earlier made and vote for someone  who will work closely with President Museveni. This is your chance and don’t let it pass,”Sseninde said.
The NRM flag bearer in the  Kayunga LC5 race promised to lobby jobs for youth in the district but also ensure he returns the district’s lost glory by uniting all people regardless of their party affiliations, religions or tribes.
The Prime Minister will today continue canvasing votes for the NRM flag bearer in the Kayunga LC5 race as she holds several scientific meetings in Kitimbwa , Busaana and Kayunga subcounties.

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